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Would You Like To Know The Secrets In Skyrocketing Your Revenue?

Here’s how to transform your visitors into more money (without wasting your precious Ad Spend). Plus, how to correctly set up your business and quadruple your Conversions

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We Specialize in Quadrupling
Our Clients Revenue

We’re not here to ‘Wow’ you with big fancy words and our knowledge of Digital Marketing. It doesn’t matter how much do we know – what matters is your end of month revenue numbers.

And good news… We’re experts in transforming your traffic figures into dollar figures.

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"I have never yet seen a campaign he wasn't successful with"

Natasha Courtenay-Smith

Canz Marketing

"I am always impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication of CANZ Marketing. They are truly a team of experts in Facebook Advertising. I highly recommend them."

- Jula

Canz Marketing

“If you’re looking for a reliable and knowledgeable marketer who can help you take your business to the next level then Zarar is your guy! Within 2 months we saw a 3.3X return on ad spend...”

- Priya Thatte

What are you here for?


Don’t know how to navigate the unfriendly Ads Manager? No problem. We do the heavy lifting for you. All you have to do is smile at your end of monthly revenue.

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Search Engine

Our SEO services can help you get higher rankings, quality traffic and more results that are measurable.

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Tired of looking at that blinking line in your word document? Don’t worry, we’ve written bulletproof email sequences that have helped clients sell more to their customers with less effort.

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Relieve yourself of the frustration of deciphering the Google Ads Backend. Let us optimize your keywords and magnetize visitors to your website.

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The CANZ Marketing Promise

Skyrocketing profits into your bank account, more raving customers craving your next product release and no more painkillers for your marketing headaches. When working with us, we promise:

Canz Marketing Promise

A bespoke strategy for your E-commerce business, that is optimized to flood your store with visitors that convert into money

Canz Marketing Promise

Your business will be paired up with our most suitable consultants, that have experienced victories and defeats in your niche – no more worries of hiring under qualified ‘gurus’!

Canz Marketing Promise

As soon as we shake hands and agree, we’ll take the reins and ensure that you love every second of our contract – from testing to the massive profits rolling into your pockets.


We Don’t Accept Everyone.

If we did, we’d be like everyone else – giving cookie-cutter solutions and focusing on hitting our ‘monthly’ numbers instead of smashing records with our client’s revenue. That’s not how we roll.

Our main focus is to make our client’s a generous $100,000/year (minimum). That’s why we ONLY take on 5 clients a month. We focus 200% of our energy on those 5 clients, so we can take their profits, and soar them through the skies.

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