15 Best Word Press Themes of 2019


Picking the WordPress theme that is best suited for your website is quite CHALLENGING.

You need a theme that is attractive and has features that will make it easier for you to develop a website as you have intended.

You need a theme that will make your website user-friendly for your target audience so, they are more likely to convert.


If you have picked a theme without considering all these factors, then you could lose a lot of your potential customers because, according to Adobe, 59% of global consumers crave beautiful design over simplicity.

But that’s not all ..

The process of choosing the right Word Press theme for your website gets even more challenging when you consider the nature of your business.

For example, an eCommerce business would need a theme that is suitable for on-line stores and also has a blog.

An agency would require a theme that is suitable for multi-faceted businesses.

There is NO SINGLE best Word Press theme in the market.

Instead, the best Word Press theme is the one that is best suited to the nature of your business and hence your website.

To find such a theme, you could spend hours searching on some theme store.

However, to save you time, we have CURATED the list of most popular Word Press themes out there for all kinds of businesses.

These Word Press themes are hand-picked considering their popularity, reviews, features, and nature.

Let’s DIG IN!

1. AvadaAvanda-WordPress-Theme

Avada is the swiss army knife of Word Press themes. It is the #1 selling Word Press theme of all time. There is a reason why Avada powers more than 400000 Word Press websites.

Avada is a MULTI-PURPOSE Word Press theme that can be used to quickly and easily create a website.

Whether you have a news website, ecommerce store or a simple blog, Avada can be mold into almost any kind of theme you desire.

Creating a website on Avada theme is really easy because of its innovative Fusion Builder, a built-in drag and drop visual builder tool. It gives you complete control over the customization of your design with its 55+ modules.

You can customize everything or anything in the theme, including typography, icons, design, header, footer, format, etc. Even without any coding knowledge, the control of your entire theme is on your fingertips.

If you want to create a page in just a few minutes, you can select from 275+ pre-made beautiful and fully-functioning designs. Their library also includes 45+ full-functioning website design that can be used to create an entire website in just a few hours.

2. Divi


Divi is perhaps one of the most popular and widely used Word Press theme in the market. With 500,000+ active users, Divi is the top choice for many Word Press websites. It is created by ElegantThemes, one of the most renowned theme creators.

What makes Divi great is the Divi Builder tool that comes with it by default.

Divi Builder is a DRAG AND DROP page builder tool that makes creating new pages on a website easy. You can easily create dynamic pages with rich graphical content and animation by using their page builder tool.

If you don’t want to spend time on creating your own layout, then you can choose from 20 pre-made layouts available on Divi Builder library and customize it according to your needs.

You can customize almost everything in Divi. From layouts to colors, fonts, navigation, footer, icons, and more.

It also comes with various modules that make creating any type of website possible. It is truly a multi-purpose theme that can be used to create ecommerce stores, blogs, service websites or even a web app.

3. Ultra

Themify Ultra

Another big name in Word Press themes market is Ultra, a powerful multi-purpose theme created by Themify.

Ultra is everything you need it to be. Whether you need to create an ecommerce website, service website, news magazine or anything else, this single theme can be used for all types of websites.

It is ultra easy to start with Ultra on your website. Just use their import option to import any of their 15+ demo themes to your website for quick website creation. Of course, the demo theme is fully customizable just like their other 60+ pre-designed layouts.

Ultra is ULTRA-RICH when it comes to STYLING OPTIONS. Apart from their pre-designed layouts, you also get to choose from 15+ header/page styles, 5 single post layouts, 6 header background styles, preset typography and color options, and toggle-able options.

Ultra gives you complete freedom and control over your theme with its drag and drop builder. As a bonus for purchasing the Ultra theme, you will also get 12 builder add-ons valued at $100 for free.

4. Astra


Astra is a great theme for creating fast and lightweight websites quickly and easily.

You can quickly set up a website with Astra theme using any of its pre-built demos on one-click. The demos are totally customizable, which means you can easily mold it to match your requirements.

Since this is a multi-purpose theme, it can be used to create almost any type of website. With over 200,000 websites powered with Astra theme, it is considered as one of the most popular Word Press themes.

What’s great about Astra is that it can be SEAMLESSLY INTEGRATED with WooCommerce and other popular Word Press tools, like BeaverBuilder, Elementor, Divi, Visual Composer and more.

By using these tools on a website, you can create a powerful website with fast performance without having to write even a single line of code.

What makes Astra fast is its use of Vanilla Javascript, instead of jQuery. It has less than 50Kb of size and loads a default Word Press site in just 0.5 seconds.

Since Astra is an open-source theme, you will find a plethora of pre-built layouts. The source file is available on Github.

5. OceanWP


With over 1 million downloads, OceanWP is one of the fastest growing Word Press themes.

It is lightweight, fast and fully customizable. You can create a website in just a few minutes by importing any of its pre-built demos.

All the demos and pre-built layouts available for OceanWP are fully customizable from header to footer. You can change colors, typography, header and footer style, add animation and more.

OceanWP theme can be used to create just about any kind of website. It can be integrated easily with WooCommerce to create fast and powerful ecommerce websites as well.

You can EXTEND IT’S FUNCTIONALITY by using its extensions or by integrating it easily with popular tools, like BeaverBuilder, Elementor, Birzy and more.

What is amazing is you can get all of that at no cost. OceanWP is totally free to download and use on your website. If you like the theme, you can support it by donating money.

6. X Theme


X Theme is one of the most popular Word Press Themes on ThemeForest. It is created by a popular theme development agency, Themeco, and comes with their very own page builder, Cornerstone.

With this front-end page builder, X theme can be easily customized to your liking even if you don’t know HTML or CSS. You can create an entirely custom layout or customize the demo website themes or pre-built layouts available in its library for quick website creation.

X Theme comes with a plethora of features and functionalities that will help you create a powerful and dynamic website. Since it’s multi-purpose, X Theme will work for any kind of business including ecommerce stores.

It can be integrated easily with WooCommerce so you can quickly and easily create a beautiful ecommerce website with complete control and freedom to change anything you want.

You can extend the functionality of X Theme by integrating over 20 premium extensions that are available for free for the theme purchasers.

7. BeTheme


With over 150000+ sales on ThemeForest, BeTheme is another popular WordPress theme in the market.

BeTheme is a multi-purpose theme that comes with 400+ pre-built websites. This means you can choose from their huge library and install any theme you like in just a single click. This way you can set up an entire website of your own without any need for developer or designer.

If you want to create your own layout, then you can choose from their pre-built layouts, headers, navigation and more. You can create your custom website on BeTheme easily.

All the layouts and pre-built websites are completely customizable with their Muffin Builder. It’s a drag and drop visual builder that makes creating website possible without any coding at all.

Even with all these features and cool stuff, BeTheme is lightweight and fast. The entire theme package will only take around 6MB of your server’s storage space. It also comes with some premium plugins that are available for free, including Slider Revolution, Layer Slider, and WP Bakery.

8. Hestia


Hestia is a beautiful theme that is based on Material Design guidelines and it’s available for free.

It has a premium version as well that gives you some premium plugins as well. The fluid animation and clean interface of the theme makes it user-friendly and best for mobile users as well.

Hestia is a multi-purpose theme that is suitable for all kinds of websites, including business sites, blogs, magazines, and others.

You can easily and quickly set up an ecommerce store using Hestia as it is compatible with WooCommerce. You can create and customize the layout in the theme as you like without any coding or designing skills.

Hestia can be integrated easily with popular page builder tools, including Elementor. Hestia, together with page builder tools, gives you complete control and freedom to change things as you like with just drag and drop.

One of the most highlighting features of Hestia is the live customizer. You can customize your theme and preview the changes in real time.

9. Enfold


Another popular and one of the best-selling WordPress themes on ThemeForest.

Enfold is a retina ready multi-purpose WordPress theme with responsive layout. The theme is optimized to create a fast performing website in just few minutes.

Enfold comes with a huge number of pre-made demo themes for various types of websites. These demo themes can be installed in just a minute. They are fully customizable, which means you can edit anything you want and create a website that is best suited for your need.

Enfold is can be easily integrated with WooCommerce to create beautiful and powerful ecommerce stores in just few minutes. You can also create a multilingual website to serve your international audience with WPML integration.

Enfold has great documentation and video tutorial library that makes it easy even for a beginner to configure the theme and troubleshoot the theme issues.

10. Sydney


Sydney is another Word  Press theme that is available for free and has a premium version as well.

It is a multi-purpose theme that makes it suitable for all types of websites.

Sydney is a multilingual theme. You can create a multilingual website to serve your international audience easily with this theme.

Customization is really convenient in Sydney. You can preview the changes you make to the theme in real-time because of the live customizer.

You also get ready-made templates to be used on the website in Sydney. You get more templates in the pro version than in the free version. All the templates are completely customizable from header to footer, colors, typography, and everything else.

Of course, Sydney can be integrated completely with WooCommerce as well so you can create powerful and beautiful online stores.

11. Allegiant


Allegiant Word Press theme is suitable for corporate or small business use. It comes with various widgets that make it easy to create a business with a portfolio, testimonials, and other sections.

It has pre-built blocks for various purposes that are common on a business website, including team member section, services display, client logos, etc. You get complete control over each and everything of the theme, including the layouts and the widgets.

Allegiant has a free version, but it has quite a few limitations. The Pro version is completely compatible with WooCommerce.

12. The 7


The 7 is a multi-purpose and one of the most popular Word Press themes on ThemeForest.

With over 140k+ sales, The 7 is a popular choice for many types of websites, including blogs, SMB websites, portfolios and more.

The 7 is highly compatible with WooCommerce and can be integrated with it in just a single click. You can create a powerful online store or a website with various functionalities with the widgets and premium plugins that comes with this theme for free.

You can get started with The 7 quickly and easily by instantly installing any of its 40+ pre-built themes. All the themes are fully customizable to give your website the look you want. You can even white label the theme to make part of your brand.

You can integrate it with any page building, like WP Bakery that comes with it for free, and create a dynamic website with rich UI with just drag and drop. No coding required.

13. Newspaper


Newspaper Word Press theme is probably the most popular and preferred choice for instantly creating a blog or a magazine website.

This theme has all you need to create a blog or magazine website that gives visibility to the content and improved readability of the articles.

Newspaper comes with 50+ pre-built demo themes that are suitable for various types of blog, magazine or newspaper sites, for example, lifestyle, tech, business, personal, traveling and more.

All the themes are fully customizable from header to footer and each and every element.

If you want to create a custom layout without any coding, you can do that as well.

Use tagDiv, a page plugin built to be used with the Newspaper theme.

You can drag and drop the elements easily to create a website on your own.

14. Shoppe


Shoppe is a Word Press theme that is designed especially to be used with WooCommerce for creating user-friendly and conversion optimized ecommerce stores.

Getting started with Shoppe is really because it comes with 40+ regular layouts and 20+ shop landing page layouts.

These pre-built layouts can be installed in just a single click to create your own online store. All the layouts are fully customizable, including each and every element.

Shoppe comes with various functionalities that can improve the shopping experience of customers. Some of the features it includes are AJAX cart, quick look lightbox, wishlist, product share, zoom, gallery slider, ajax quick search and more.

Upon purchasing Shoppe, you get access to 10 bonus addons that are valued at more than $100. Apart from that, you also get Themify’s page builder plugin to create your own layout easily with just drag and drop and no coding.

15. TheGem


TheGem is a high-performance and responsive Word Press theme with retina ready UI.

It is a multipurpose theme that is suitable for any type of website. It has over 200 pre-built templates that can be installed on your website in just a single click. This way you can create your own website in just few minutes. All the templates are fully customizable.

You can create your own custom template in TheGem as well.

It comes with Visual Builder for free that can be used to build your own landing pages with just drag and drop elements. There is no need to code anything.


Regardless of which WordPress theme you choose for your website, it is essential to consider how it will impact the UX and brand impression.

When you are selecting a WordPress theme, you must also think from the development perspective regarding how easy and quick it will be to develop a website using the theme.

The purpose of most of the WordPress theme in this list is to make it easier for even a non-technical person to create a beautiful and functional website. All of the WordPress themes in this list is perfect for any business.

Do you have any favorite WordPress theme that you want to share?

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