2 New Facebook Messenger Bot Updates

how to create a facebook messenger bot

Facebook Messenger Bot is one of the most powerful new methods of internet marketing today.

Messenger Bots enables you to create great sales funnel that will bring in sales directly within Messenger and deliver messaging sequences to your friends or people in your list.

Keeping that in view, it’s important that you know what’s the latest happening in the space.

Facebook chat bot also allows you to have automated conversation with users on Messenger using AI and send downloads like content upgrades and resources via Messenger.

But, what exactly are Facebook Messenger Bots?

Messenger bot refers to a piece of software that utilizes artificial intelligence to converse with you.

You can say that a Facebook Messenger Bot is just like an app, but its interface is a conversation instead of a menu.

Though, most bots are using menus with preset phrases.

Since its launch, thousands of Messenger bots surfaced on the market, serving a variety of use cases, including checking the weather, scheduling or booking flights, and diagnosing medical conditions.

What are the Benefits of Facebook Messenger Bots? What can they do?

Facebook bots provide a lot of benefits from a business point of view.

A fairly common use of Facebook Messenger bots is customer service.

It serves as a way to help customers in a more personal way that integrates the voice of the brand and its values.

By answering the most common questions it helps increase the business hours without much hassle.

Businesses are also using bots to help their customers research and deliver content to customers.

Some companies enable transaction and provide specialized services through bots. In addition, brands are now using bots for awareness campaigns.

With the growing needs of customers and users, new upgrades on Facebook Messenger Bots are happening regularly.

From time to time, there are amazing changes on Facebook bot that boost user experience.

Early this year, Facebook launched a way for users to find new Facebook Messenger bots to interact with.

This addresses the discovery issue that has plagued the hundreds of thousands of developers of the platform.

One of the biggest parts of the news is the launch of Discovery tab.

The new tab on Messenger allows people to view their recently used bots, see trending experiences, search for certain bots and browse different bot categories.

Apart from Discovery tab, below are notable new/improved features:

1. Referral Parameters

Facebook adds more referral parameters to the back-end bot systems to allow the brands to gain a better understanding of how the users come to their bots.

And also about where they come from. As a result, developers will gain a better understanding of the traffic flow, which helps them build better workflow.

These parameters also allow businesses to design even more focused bot interactions.

For instance, if a user clicks through your Facebook Messenger bot from a certain ad, you can create a welcome message tailored to the offer in that specific ad.

2. New Ad Options

To help businesses on Messenger create more awareness, Facebook adds a new News Feed ad unit that allows brands to connect potential clients directly to the Messenger team.

Advertisers and Facebook marketers can now reach people in their News Feed and then direct them to Messenger.

Those who adopt this feature have used News Feed advertisements to open conversations in Messenger to increase awareness of their brand.

The whole set up is straightforward and easy.

From there, you have the ability to communicate directly to customers or connect them to a bot.

Effective Ways to Use Bots

If you are new to chat bot Facebook sites, you might feel like you’re walking in the dark.

It is a smart idea to be familiar with the do’s and don’ts before you jump in. Keeping that in mind, here are some things  to remember when using bots in general:

1. Think of an Effective Strategy to Use

Do not build a bot merely because other brands and businesses have done so.

Always keep the needs of your customers above anything else. And also, how they can benefit from your service.

Once you know what exact need that your bot will be serving, only then you can make a move and get started.

2. Determine and Test What Works

Learn how your customers are using bot in order to provide a better experience.

Your goal should be to constantly improve and refine bot experience for your customers.

3. Consider the Journey of Your Customers

Consider where your bot could actually fit in with your customer’s buying journey.

Your bot does not have to be a sales tool. You can use it to help your customers browse your catalog and to answer any questions they might have.

It’s Time to Take Advantage the Use of Facebook Messenger Bots!!! 

An increasing number of customers now turn to social media messaging like Facebook Messenger to contact businesses with inquiries, complaints, and comments.

Although there are tools that will help manage the influx of messages from customers, they are not so intimate. And most of them require human labor.

Facebook Chat Bots allow you to automatically provide immediate responses to your customers.

All you need to do is to make sure that it is properly tailored to your business. It should be able to address the questions that your customers might encounter for them to have a convenient journey to your website.

A Bot can immediately answer questions regarding product pricing, availability and company’s privacy policy.

This frees up your customer service team for them to deal with more serious questions.

Certain Facebook chat bot can also provide automated services to simplify the process.

Remember, the easier you make it for your customers, the more sales you will be able to generate.

Therefore, Facebook chat bots are highly valuable. If you will use the latest Facebook Messenger bots properly tailored for your business, the more benefits you can reap.


Make sure to remember the 2 new recent Facebook bot updates and start making a difference in how you conduct business:

1. Referral Parameters 

You can customize the message that you can provide your client based on the specific ad where click through.

This can allow you to have better workflow or system in handling your customer queries.

2. New Ad Options

This is a really good option if you want business or brand awareness.

Facebook added a new News Feed ad unit that can allow brands to connect potential clients directly to the Messenger team.


Continue checking out new Facebook Bot Updates and never get left behind.

Improve your business by making use of the latest bots that won’t cost you big amount of investment!


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