How To Be Your Best Helpful Version While Maintaining Social Distancing?

A statement written on the blackboard in white with a red heart says, “look out for each other from distance”. it refers to helping each other during the current coronavirus outbreak.

Thought of ways to help others during coronavirus outbreak, yet?

Let’s play an imagination game.

Think of hell!

What comes to your mind?

Chaos, mess, havoc, misery, devastation, blood, thirst, hunger, probably anarchy too!

In a word, UNBEARABLE.

Whoa! A little too much to handle for your poor little brain. Right? 

How about imagining heaven instead?

Oh, that’s beautiful, structured, serene & tranquil, clear, divine, FULFILLING.

Simply put, the most sought-after!

Now that we are stuck at homes, the stress of hell feels somewhat familiar. Interestingly, the beauty and the desire of heaven also feels more intense.

Let’s break it to you: coronavirus outbreak gave the world a choice to decide its future. 

It is in our hands whether to make this world heaven or turn it into a living hell for ourselves and others.

Here’s the thing:

If we see outbreak as a challenge, each of us has to win individually, well here comes anarchy and chaos. We are heading to hell shortly. 

Now, try and see it a little differently. 

See it as an assessment of your character and conscience. 

There you go. Just the heavens, you pictured!

Long story short, we are in this together! We have to come out of this together too. 

But how do we do that?

The only way to let that happen is to be your best helpful version.

Next question: How to help the less privileged ones during the coronavirus outbreak while staying safe ourselves and maintaining social distancing?

This is how:

Practical ways to be helpful during the coronavirus crisis?

If you asked yourself this question, you are among the creed longing to see the world a better place during and after the coronavirus outbreak.

That is just the right question to ask right now, especially when the virus is posing to be a constant threat! In fact, you are not the first one to think about it, as the BBC claims. 

So, we have compiled a list of 40 different ways people in different capacities can help the community. 

Guess the best part?

You can keep social distance or observe other safety measures while opting for one of the ways.

So, let’s get right into practical ways to help people in need during coronavirus outburst.

1. Educate yourself and stay abreast with the latest research

When you face a situation, you likely research to understand the situation and different outcomes.


Because you can analyze the outcomes only when you understand the situation. 

With a better understanding of the situation at hand, you’d know just the right actions to take with the desired outcome and lesser damage.

See the timeline of the coronavirus outbreak in this report by Aljazeera. For instance, compare China’s first phase of chaos with the period of informed decisions, better control, and prevention.

But what has staying informed and educated got to do with helping others?

We are getting there.

2. Look after yourself. Stay healthy, positive and strong

Now, you can’t expect to teach others what you do not practice yourself. Moreover, you won’t be able to keep others healthy and strong if you are not so yourself.

Your health is your top priority! And if that calls you to observe no social contact, so be it. If that means not helping others in ways that you can, put your health before others.

And, that takes us right to the next point.

3. Educate others. Keep busting the rumors, so they don’t shake other’s faith & health

While you educate yourself, make it a point to spread the knowledge to others (or it is useless).

Soon as the world began to see coronavirus as a huge threat, myths started doing rounds out of ignorance (and evil minds of some).

Unfortunately, these rumors and myths are a source of stress and ill-informed decisions leading to more damage.

Remember, many people do not have access to the same resources & knowledge as you. For many, it is a privilege that they can’t afford.

That puts additional responsibility on you—the responsibility to educate them and share the right information while keeping yourself safe.

A cartoon figure with a question and another cartoon figure answering to the fact. It refers to helping each other during the current coronavirus outbreak

  • If you are out, tell those kids roaming around how they are breaking laws and putting themselves in danger. 
  • At a store, you can remind the grandma in the line that her health calls for observing social distance (and discuss how staying home is not an option?). 
  • At home, use the phone and internet as a source to educate maximum people. 

4. Be more helpful at home

“Charity begins home,” they say.

The global slump in businesses does mean slowing down office activities too. Moreover, you are saving the daily commute time to and from the office as well. The workload has somehow decreased for sure!

So, while you have time, spend more of it with the loved ones. Take more time out, helping with household chores. Your family sure is under stress. A little more affection, a bit more consideration could help with the anxiety.

5. Approach the needy personally to get them exactly what they want

You might know your next-door neighbor hasn’t been doing quite well financially, lately. You also have an idea that the tour guide you used to greet in the elevator every day doesn’t have any more tours to guide (but groceries to buy and bills to pay).

When you know exactly the people who need help, no need to go out in public looking for those in need. This compassion doubles for your safety as well.

6. Buy a meal voucher for needy at a local restaurant/food shop

In good old days, you might remember seeing homeless, beggars, and hunger-stuck faces outside the food cabins and restaurants. The hunger games are on, now more than ever.

What is a better way to feed the poor than sponsoring a free meal for one of them?

No, you don’t have to wait up for one to show up. Just pay, and they’ll use it once they see the one in need.

7. Sponsor food banks and other free food services to feed those in hard luck

Food banks and other such services are a great source of reaching a broader audience to help during coronavirus pandemic.

8. Pay for the grocery at a grocery store for anyone out of resources

How do you like the idea of buying a gift card at a grocery store?

You’d see the relief in eyes on the other side of the counter because they get to deny groceries to many, every day. Keep in mind, some of us are even struggling to get our toddlers a cup of formula milk.

9. Stay indoor

While staying home is a precaution to be safe, you are not the only one you’re saving doing so.

For many of us, staying at home is a luxury still not many can afford at the moment. If going outside is a luxury for you, help the less fortunate ones with no other options stay safe in their situation.

10. Order online

Ordering online is not only a means to keep yourself and your family safe from the dangers of more exposure. This also means helping that delivery guy keep his job because, well, his boss still has incoming orders to be delivered.

11. Arrange for dropping neighbor’s grocery

You know how Weasleys are more susceptible than you are when their immune systems have always been better friends with the evil microscopic bugs. Doesn’t that ring some bells?

Yes, you are on a mission to help those in need during the coronavirus outbreak. And your neighbors wait next door!

Whether you pick your essentials yourself or have them ordered online, carrying a little more won’t hurt anyone. 

12. Create new, safe job opportunities

Are you an entrepreneur? What could be a better time to exhibit your entrepreneurial skills when you want to help coronavirus victims. The world awaits you and your passion.

Get creative. Think of a job that has the potential to pay their utility bills while keeping them home. 

Think, refine, create, launch!

Congratulations on saving as many families as the number of workers who started earning with your innovative idea.

13. Allow your employees to work from home wherever possible

Cartoon depiction working from home. A person is sitting on a chair with the laptop in front of him on a table. There’s a window behind the table and a cup on tea right next to the pencil container on the table. A cat is sitting next to the chair with a ball and there’s a clock on the wall next to the person.

Your media team has no point coming to your home-office for a meeting. Getting them to work from their homes is nothing out of the ordinary.

What is extraordinary is you going the extra mile to come up with ways to allow remote working to those whose roles were never considered fit for this model.

14. If working from home is not an option, give your employees paid leaves

Your house help certainly can’t work from home. There are many other roles too that have to commute to work. However, they love their families as much as you do. They also need to keep them safe.

However, many of them are not running the whole world that they can’t use a break. Nor are they earning a fortune to leave you poor if you pay them without working for this once.

While on the mission to help others during the coronavirus outbreak, those we know deserve our attention first. 

15. Maximize the safety and protection of all your employees if they must come to work

While we need protective masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, soap & clean water, and a safe environment to work in, ourselves, our subordinates are no less human.

If working remotely is not an option, working without precautions and safety shouldn’t be either! 

If you can’t allow them to work from home, provide them with protection as much as you need for yourself.

Do be extra generous with the salaries this time because they are coming to work for you while many others are getting paid staying at home.

16. Do not go hoarding food, tissues, medicines, masks, and other essentials

The amount in your bank account is your license to stockpile everything you can think of if you have to stay at home for another year.

And there goes compassion and the heavens we are trying to build around us. Doesn’t this call for picturing the hell again because, well, that is definitely coming up next.

Well, buying only as much as needed or according to the grocery situation in your area is the next “Goddish” thing to do in the current situation.

Just think of all the innocents dying of hunger or diseases for not being able to buy the supplies? Why? Because there wasn’t enough stock left for them at the stores while they lay unused at your home.

Caring about the supplies also means less of going out to shop and more of social distancing.

17. Give a hand to the front-line healthcare workers with Free online advice

Even some of the healthcare workers can not enter the front line for a multiplex of reasons. If you are one, fret not!

While those in hospitals don’t have time and energy to educate the world, you can do just that. 

Show the world the whole situation correctly and tell them the right way to deal with it. Words would feel more impactful coming out of your mouth if you have the correct position to speak them. 

18. Support your family and friends. Stay in contact

While you can not go out and meet everyone, that is one more opportunity to help more of the friends and family in need.

Stay in contact with those who need more support. Be it the friends on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to the current stress or the family diagnosed positive for the infection. Give them a reason to smile every day and relieve their anxieties. 

Help them get stronger!

19. Volunteer online to teach your skills

While you certainly feel worthless sitting at home, this is just the right time to be more valuable, helping those who could use a little help.

Provide free up-skilling courses via the internet or mobile. 

We have compiled a list of digital marketing courses for small businesses to keep their business rolling through this hard time. You could do as little as sharing your secret cupcake recipe or as much as sharing all the upgrading secrets in your profession.

20. Provide protective supplies to anyone in danger

You are not responsible only to keep yourself, family, and the employees safe. Your responsibility extends as much as you are blessed with health and finances. 

Order safety supplies and donate to a nonprofit. Or get out yourself with safety measures. Find the ones with no safety supplies (like regular commuters to work, homeless, etc.), explain the importance of safety, and share your gifts with them.

21. Fund a local business that can’t stand the outbreak

This probably would be the most compassionate thing to do.

When you all set to sponsor or support a small local business, you are actually adding your part in supporting a chain of families associated with it. This ranges from the owner, employees, suppliers, manufacturers of the supplies (and their employees), as well as the consumers.

Go a step further and help them on a front they’re lacking. Like we created a digital marketing must-do guide for businesses that have no clue about how to run during the current outbreak.

22. Make a contribution with local and international causes, charities and nonprofits

The Washington Post has put together a great post of resources that still need our attention, now more than ever!

Reach out to as many as you can and spread your love, globally.

23. Donate blood

While observing social distancing, unfortunately, we have somewhat forgotten those in need of blood every other second.

However, Director, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) Peter Marks has declared blood donation utterly safe in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, as the preventive measures for the spread of infection are already in place at the donation spots. 

24. Suggest the needful – doctor, psychologist, online courses, etc

While you are not in healthcare yourself, you certainly know someone who could help with the stress or a medical condition.

When needed, generously refer people to those who can help.

25. If you are a shopping store, go online

When you are the shopping store owner, the best way to help your community is by offering online shopping, if you aren’t already! 

Go a step further, delivering for free. That’s how you’ll keep hundreds of families safe, reducing their chances of social contact.

26. Use your skills, passion, and experience to entertain different age groups

When people are at home, they tend to spend time with sources of entertainment. In this time of stress, however, the entertainment needs a personal touch. 

Whether you are a storyteller, a humorist with a massive fan-base, an acrobat, a well-known sportsman, or any artist, bring what you have got to the world. 

27. Don’t forget animals

Coronavirus-social distancing and stays at home have resulted in a danger to animal lives in the cities. The animals are either abandoned or being killed out of the fear of infections. The stray animals dying out of hunger is another heartbreaking story.

But do not forget, they are as alive as you are. Don’t be cruel to them or put them in the same fearful situation you are in yourself. A little kindness never hurts.

Keep some water and fresh bread out in the open for birds and some food for the dogs and cats. Tie a container around a tree in your neighborhood at a low level with food for animals and birds. The public places that were visited by people, especially to feed animals or birds, are deserted. Those animals are starving. Pay them a visit with food whenever you find that safe. 

28. Don’t be extremist. Spread love 

Humanity is in danger, and everyone is equally vulnerable. The last thing we need right now is hatred, racism, or any kind of extremism.

Go out of your way to help anyone and everyone in whatever is needed. Show care, and spread love. Get inspiration from anyone doing the same

29. Help those who are helping you stay safe

For the sake of healthcare staff, stay indoors as much as you can. Follow their instructions if you are infected or suspected. Be extra generous with the tips for the people delivering your supplies at your doorstep. Don’t put the law enforcement agents and police in extra hassle and exposure. If you are a business, offer them your products or services for free. If you are a suspect, don’t go out in markets where people are open to serve you. Provide them with safety supplies and prepare them food.

Think of all the ways you could be of help to those who are helping you.

30. Help the first time remote workers to settle well with the new office mode

If you are an experienced remote worker, your tips and tactics could help the first time ones fight the stress and handle work better. 

We approached remote workers from a variety of backgrounds to share their tips with everyone. You can use your social presence to contact a wider audience.

31. Keep the surfaces you touch clean

You are not the only one touching your doorknob. And the next delivery person to contract an infection from this knob would be on you whether or not you brought it. Keep any surfaces at home or in public places coming in contact with you or others clean. 

32. Count Corona positives (and patients with other diseases/infections) humans

Being positive for a vicious virus doesn’t make someone any less human. They are still alive and have the same rights as you do.

Love them and show care in whatever way possible. That doesn’t have to involve a direct interaction. 

33. Be responsible outside your living premises as much as you are inside

If you do not have family outside your premises, others passing by do. Not doing anything in that space that could put other’s health at risk or doing something to lower other’s risk is maturity. 

And we need to mature out now before we are wiped off the face of the earth.

34. If you are infected, be extra cautious & responsible

The least you want to do is ignore your health. You want to be helpful to others, and that’s taking you places and meeting you people, understandable and appreciated. But you want to do all of this after being a suspect (or positive); foolish of you that does more harm than help. 

Even if you are not helping out, be wary of spreading the infection in any way.

35. Provide your food & medical supplies to the hospitals for free

Hospitals have massive staff on duty, and most of the supplies keep running out given the scenario. However, in the current situation, medical centers are either running out of funds or do not have arrangements for the supplies because they are short around the world.

If you can, arrange these supplies for hospitals, better yet for free, whether or not you are in that business.

36. Be more courteous

People are stressed out. The scenario is nothing you won’t call unusual. It’s slipping out of hands more and more each passing second.

Be a good depiction of your lifelong lessons and manners. Say more of ‘Thankyou’ and ‘please.’ Be more polite and do not hesitate to apologize. Sometimes, small actions and words have the power to lighten up someone’s say.

37. Come up with practical, cost-effective solutions

Earth wearing a white mask, while 3 corona viruses in red standing next to it.

If you are anyone who could be innovative with the medical supplies ranging from the ventilators, masks, sanitizers, what are you still waiting for? With the spread of the pandemic, we are growing short of supplies and financial ability to keep producing them in bulk. Put your degree to work and design innovative, cost-effective solutions that are workable. 

If you are into medicines, extend the scope of your research to come up with the cure and prevention. We also need to keep working until we have instant coronavirus test results or tests that are cheaper, so we can facilitate more people at a given time in a given budget.

38. Don’t just follow what the government says. Go an extra mile in safety & care

But do not only care for yourself. Think of those who are out for you and do whatever you can to keep them safe, happy and healthy.

39. Be protective, but don’t be ruthless and inhumane. Volunteer

As the pandemic is spreading, old houses and other organisations providing support are short of help. Sure, you can’t go help in a hospital unless you are a trained professional, but many safe volunteer activities do not need professionals.

Do not just send charity, send yourself too – but with precautions and proper safety measures.

40. Inspire and motivate

Be the first responder who is trained and prepared to help himself and the others. Do not jump to help when it can be dangerous for you. Help in the ways that are safe and inspire others to do the same. 

Even if it is just a small thing, such as sending a smile, it matters. 

Just a reminder back from the childhood: 

Little drops of water

Little grains of sand

Make the mighty oceans 

and the pleasant lands

Wrap up

You might not be able to help everyone or in more than one way. But that’s alright.

As long as you can help someone in any capacity, do not delay. 

Having helped them last month is no excuse to not support this month or week. After all, we are still eating three times a day, every day. So is that they need too.

Even if you can help a little, don’t let a microscopic virus stop you from helping humanity in need.

Let us leave you at this with a positive note by Disney, that’s known to rescue and push you to work:

With one little action

The chain reaction will never stop

Make it strong

Shine a light and send it on

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