5 SEO tips from 5 top content marketing influencers

No matter the field you belong to, acting on advice from the pros is a sure-shot way of reaching the top.

Content marketing and SEO is no different.

SEO can seem daunting to beginners but it is pretty basic once you get down to it. And no one explains it better than the experts we mention in this blog post.

Read on as we share with you 5 SEO tips from 5 top content marketing influencers!

1. “View SEO and content marketing as partners, not either/or adversaries.”

– Joe Pulizzi (Content Marketing Institute)

If you are a part of the content marketing world, there is absolutely no possibility that you’ve never landed on Content Marketing Institute for some research.

And this SEO tip from the brains behind the platform, Joe Pulizzi, is a keeper.

SEO and content marketing must go hand in hand if you truly want to get your message across to the audiences.

No matter how stellar your content, you will not be able to lead people to it if you do not indulge in proper search engine optimization.

Conversely, you may have a spectacular SEO strategy with just the right keywords and backlinks that your competitors would kill for but if your content isn’t worth it, it is effort down the drain.

So make sure that your content marketing and SEO strategies are inter-related. This will let you create content that people want to consume and then make sure those people (and others) actually see it!

2. “Encourage other trustworthy sites to link to you.”

– Neil Patel

Inbound links are a staple when it comes to SEO content marketing.

And Neil Patel, content marketing guru, encourages us to work on getting other sites with high traffic and that people trust to link back to our sites.

What does this do?

Simple – it diverts traffic from the other site to yours.

But there’s a catch. You will ONLY be able to use this strategy if your content is up to the mark.

You don’t want to lead potential customers to your page, only to have them disappointed because they didn’t find what was promised or what they were looking for.

3. Steal Your Competitors Best Keywords

– Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the CEO of Backlinko and you can tell from the name that this guy knows a thing or two about SEO.

So when he gives you SEO advice, you want to take it.

Even if he is encouraging you to steal. *winks*

You and your competitors have something in common – you have similar products and services and, hence, a similar target audience.

What is working for their target audience will, thus, likely work for yours.

But that doesn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, mean that you go ahead and copy their work. All you need, to rank as high or even higher than them is the keywords you know they rank for.

Want to learn more? Here are some tools that can help you do that:

The 8 Best Tools for Finding Competitor Keywords

4. “Gain search authority with volume, value, and variety.”

– Michael Brenner

Volume. Value. Variety.

Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, calls these the 3 Vs of content marketing. And boy are they Very important!

Let’s talk about each of them.

Volume – For search engines and people to recognize you as an authority on a topic, you need to produce a large volume of content.

You want to show people that you are knowledgeable about all aspects of your area of expertise, as well as provide them with value. Which brings us to the next point…

Value – Your audience should gain something from consuming your content – it shouldn’t just be filler.

Pointlessly creating content for the heck of creating content isn’t the key – you need to provide your customers and potential consumers with value.

Variety – There shouldn’t be repetition in the content you create. But that’s not all.

While you shouldn’t be talking about the same things over and over again, you shouldn’t be using the same content types repeatedly.

Text, images, video, audio, the opportunities are endless. Mix things up a little and keep your audience engaged!

5. “Titles Titles Titles!”

– David Rowse

David Rowse of Problogger has some of the best SEO tips for beginners and the experience alike when it comes to ranking on search engines.

And one of the most important ones is to focus on the title of your blog post.

Your title is the deciding factor between whether a reader will click on it or not – you need it to attractive enough that they do.

Some tips for creating stellar titles include the following:

  • Use your main keyword in your title.
  • Restrict your title to below 65 characters (so that all of it shows up in search results)
  • Use numbers (“5 tips,” “7 hacks,” etc.) as readers are attracted toward list-type formats.
  • Be CREATIVE! Think out of the box and practically MAKE your readers click on the title.

Stellar titles do have to paired with great content though, so focus on that element too!

To sum things up…

We have implemented all these tips as far as our content is concerned and we’ve see noticeable differences in how we rank and how people view our content.

The pros are pros for a reason – they know what they are talking about.

And you will only benefit if you listen!

Are there any other SEO tips you have learned from the leading content marketing influencers that you have found to be effective?

We would love to hear about them! Let us know all about them in the comments section.


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