5 Techniques to Generate ‘Clicks’ on Your Facebook Ads

how to increase clicks on facebook ads

The use of social media platforms has become one of the most reliable marketing tools for many start-up companies globally, which is suffice to say that it has had a real and measurable impact on a business’ bottom line and for a very good reason.

There are over 2 billion (yes, that’s a “B”) monthly Facebook users, and among them, 1.199 billion spend 40 minutes to an hour each day on Facebook through their mobile phones. What does this tell us? The world is online.


Getting started is literally ‘easy as pie,’ but how do you make sure that your brand or campaign gets more clicks on your Facebook Ad?

When building a business, the worst action is no action, and your biggest problem, specifically on social media is being invisible and not being talked about.

Let us put it this way, even a negative comment on your brand is a start because this simply means two things; that you are part of the conversation and someone is paying attention, and you (probably) are targeting the wrong audience.

You can capitalize on the opportunities that ‘a negative comment’ presents to your business and devise innovative ways to develop and grow your brand output on social media, which in turn protects and grows your reputation.

So how to get more clicks on Facebook ads?

The key is to optimize on an already built-in clientele and start with a plan that has goals and an organizational framework to keep you on track.

Remember, even though you are doing all the ‘legwork’ on your keyboard, consider changing your marketing, networking and conversational, approach as you would in person, only this time your potential target audience is on a much larger scale because your goal is to make money, so you need your clicks to be relevant and specifically, those that convert into revenue.

Consider perfecting these 5 following techniques

a. Target Audience

If you are already using Facebook as your social media marketing platform with little or no success, then your biggest challenge here is low traffic, which means fewer customers and lower profits.

Facebook is a massive, market waiting to be tapped and the thinking behind it is the more customer insights you have, the better you’re equipped to deliver meaningful messages to people.

Research shows that on any given day you have;

– Maximum age user on Facebook is 65 and the youngest being 13 years old

– Maximum number of Facebook users in college is over 200 students-

– You have over 25 countries and 250 cities of people on Facebook

b. Facebook Audience Insights

Use Facebook Insights, which is a new, innovative tool designed to help marketers learn more about their target audiences demographics, page likes, purchase activity, and behavior.

So if for example you want to sell the latest beauty product, using Audience Insights, you can get anonymous information such as how many people on Facebook live in your radius, such as their age group, gender, their interests and tastes, their past purchase history and behavior – whether online or in-store as demonstrated below.

This way you are at liberty to look at trends about your current or potential customers across Facebook.

c. Creative Headlines

While you have a huge Facebook market, it’s ultimately up to you to do the convincing when your ads get in front of the right people. To do so; your headline needs to be compelling, inviting and have an instantaneous clickable effect on your audience. Facebook recommends that Ad headlines fall between 25-40 characters in length to maximize engagement.

This can only be achieved if your headline is;

– Customized and highlight a specific benefit

– Clear but not easily glossed over

– Concise, easily understood and value-oriented

– Use a declarative statement by asking a question on your headline to inspire customer curiosity

– Give a command in your headline that requires action

– List a benefit

– Leverage lists by using a positive superlative to drive interest

Check out Some Clever Headlines Here

d. Perfecting Facebook Copy

According to Consumer Acquisition, brand images and mind blowing headlines are responsible for over 70 – 90% of ads performance when it comes to Facebook marketing.

This is because the customers’ eye is drawn more to the image than they are to the print but that doesn’t mean that optimizing on your ad copy should take a back seat as both the image and copy can be used to optimize different levels of prospective clients harmoniously – say coupon or bargain hunters.

The key here is to place the message on the Ads where they can be seen. It’s noteworthy to mention that Facebook only allows you to use an image where the copy takes less than 20% of it.

This is because FB uses a grid overlay when approving your image. Content Strategist advice is that you feature just one product in the image or use a plain, white or blurred image background including an accurate reflection of your brand.

e. Brand Awareness

In order to create authentic and lasting brand awareness, avoid an over-kill of promotional messages. Your brand’s social audience represents a group that is already highly engaged, invested and interested in your product.

We are visual creatures for starters, and 60% of customers want content from brands that they can see; from product images to live videos, in order to promote sales, highlight the specs of the product and answer customer’s questions where necessary.

So if you are going to use these mediums, you need to nail it from the get-go Use a professional photographer or videographer if need be! Research shows that people respond better to eye-catching colors such as orange or red, images of attractive people smiling and having fun.

Avoid cheesy ‘stock photos’ because a picky customer can smell it from a mile away. They may be convenient and inexpensive to use but not necessarily ‘click-worthy.’

Therefore it is of great importance that the images you use, speak volumes on your brand’s behalf as soon as your customers click on them.

Do you have any tips on how to increase clicks on Facebook ads? Share with us in the comment below.

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