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9 cards with terms related to internet marketing, written on them.

SEO & Content Marketing: What’s the link?

What is the relationship between SEO and Content Marketing?  Are there any differences between SEO and Content Marketing? What are the similarities? What exactly is the relationship between the two, if any? How are they both connected, really? Did you ever find yourself pondering over these or other such questions? Does the relationship between SEO […]

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how can i increase traffic to my website for free

3 tips to increase traffic for your beauty business website

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘beauty business’? Cosmetics e-commerce store? Correct. Promotional website for a local salon? Correct. Beauty appliance review site? Correct. Spa website? Correct! We think you’ve guessed by now that this list can go on and on. Beauty businesses can include anything […]

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best content marketing tools

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools and Resources-IV

Market-o-sphere is a beautiful place to be at. Well, most of the time (if your product has a market, your marketing strategy is spot-on, and it becomes your strong suit). It upgrades to being MAGNIFICENT when you upgrade to Content Marketing. Let’s stay motivated with this pep-talk, so we can upgrade to see the results. […]

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content writing tips

9 Content Writing Topic Ideas That Will Never Fail You

When you begin to write about a particular niche, tons of ideas come to your mind. A couple of weeks later, most of those blogging ideas have either evaporated into thin air or you realize you can’t work on them for one reason or the other. Whether or not someone understands it, the concern is very […]

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Content Marketing Takeaways: An image highlighting the strategy as an important an important part of the subject

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools and Resources-III

A quick recap: In last week’s blog, we discussed some Content Marketing tools to help you find killer content ideas, make collaborations easier, and speed up the process. Let’s get a buzz out of some stats today before we jump to the topic. A Demand Metric infographic reveals that marketers spare more than 25% of […]

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local seo for small business

5 Small Business SEO Tips from 5 Top Content Marketing Influencers

No matter the field you belong to, acting on advice from the pros is a sure-shot way of reaching the top. Content marketing and SEO are no different. And as a small business that may not always have the means to devise and employ extensive strategies, you need small business SEO tips that work. And […]

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