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A table full of business tools and resources, including a laptop, cellphone, diary, coffee cups, calendar, files, a watch, and a table plant.

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools and Resources-II

Marketers swear by the fortune they earn; CONTENT MARKETING IS A HELL OF A PROCESS! (Spoiler alert: That partly explains what gets them interested in looking for the best Content Marketing resources all the time.)  But what makes the process so great?  Results, i.e., brand awareness, bonding with prospects, conversion & growth, and an infinite […]

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The 3 ‘F’s that Will Make Your Content Go Viral

The 3 ‘F’s that Will Make Your Content Go Viral

If content is King, viral content is the queen that pushes him to success. Going viral in today’s day and age isn’t hard. A single video that hits your audience in the feels, makes them laugh out loud or takes them on a very nice walk down memory lane will do the trick. But that […]

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Illustrations of several tools and resources for Content marketing along with a symbolic representation of results

The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools and Resources

CONTENT MARKETING Do you think it is just a compound word?  Oh, please, read again! Here’s the deal: We will happily get down to its nooks and crannies for changing your perspective if you stay focused — gear up for reading the best Content marketing resources today. Content marketing is the process guilty of making […]

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Top 5 Web Analytics Tools for Content Marketers

Insight into everything to do with your website is a must if you want to leave a mark on your consumers, especially as far as your content is concerned. And the reason is simple. You need to have clear visibility into the details of your website traffic. From who is being driven to the website […]

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Keyword Research: A Guide to Improve your Google Rank

People around the globe search Google 1.2 trillion times a day on average (Multiply that with 365 if you may, but the strength of the fact is quite evident from per day stats too). The numbers are on the rise, year-over-year. (Source: Google Search Statistics) (Please don’t assume that we wrote this blog in 2012. However, […]

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Artificial Intelligence – A Content Marketer’s New Ally

What do you call it when machines start performing tasks mimicking the intelligence of human beings? The Robot Invasion. We’re just pulling your leg – or are we? ‘Robots’ might not be taking over the world anytime soon but they are taking over many business processes and proving themselves worthy. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is finding […]

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