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Understanding Content marketing [A simple guide for beginners]

Marketers around the world have taken a U-turn. YES, that’s right. They gave the turn a fancy name too. It’s called Content marketing. To understand the turn (and the term) better, turn back the hands of time. Here’s the story you might remember! You must remember how the businesses used to get on your nerves […]

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3 Content Marketing And SEO Traffic Hacks for Drawing Quality Traffic

DRIVING TRAFFIC to your website can be next to impossible. As a newbie, it can be the hardest thing to do. But do you want to know the good news? It ISN’T impossible! (Spoiler alert: Our SEO traffic hacks are a jackpot for new and old businesses alike.) All you need is to familiarize yourself […]

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How does sharing Free Content work for marketers? [Content Marketing]

Your content is your king (and has future importance more than your imagination). This king requires Herculean efforts to be created, and you go all out to create the best of it. If this language sounds alien to you, either you are not doing it right or have worked your way around with a better […]

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What to Expect from Your Content Marketing Agency

93% of marketers today make use of content marketing in some form or capacity (source: Content Marketing Institute). 93 percent! There must be some reason why practically everyone is doing it, right? Well, there is one: IT WORKS! Content marketing, when done right, helps you build brand awareness, increase sales, and enhance brand recognition among […]

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Does the ranking depend on the length of an article? [A review]

The fast-paced digital world would always startle you with its fast-paced updates.  Sometimes, it feels like Google uncle is breathing down your neck as he calls the shots. Dear uncle changes his algorithms faster than models change their clothes. Not surprisingly, some of your content doesn’t perform as per your expectations (you know the opposite […]

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Content Marketing for eCommerce – 3 Strategies to Get Started

A customer lands on your website. They’re interested in some products and decide to explore your store. They add some products to the shopping cart and wheel it to checkout. You just made your first (of many, hopefully) sale to them. Now go back to the first step and imagine that never happened – if […]

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