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facebook age demographics

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads (Demographics & Ages Ranges)

Brace yourselves!  You are about to find out powerful information on Facebook demographics, especially different age groups, age categories, and ranges – to overturn the way you reach the right Facebook target audience. But, why do demographic age ranges and targeting the right audience age groups matter when you market your business? The long answer: […]

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content marketing agency

In-House Vs Agency – Choosing Your Content Marketing Route

Who can create the best content strategy for my brand? If this question has kept you up for nights on end, you’re not alone – we totally understand. The mental “in-house vs agency” battle is enough to keep anyone awake. Every business owner, at some point, has been there and asked themselves the very same […]

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house of quality

House of Quality [Quality Matrix] & Quality Function Deployment [QFD]: A simple guide

In this rapidly changing world of choices, the only way for businesses to thrive is to have their products/services designed around their customer’s needs and desires. You’d agree that your business gets nowhere if your clients don’t get what they are looking for. Marketers use a process called Quality Function Deployment [QFD] to ensure meeting […]

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marketing psychology

Winning Content Marketing with Psychology – Persuasion Principles

An understanding of human psychology is what makes the difference between an average marketing strategy and one that stands out. Do you agree? If you’re an experienced marketer, you will know what we are talking about. We can almost see you nod your head in agreement. On the other hand, if you’re a rookie or […]

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wendys slogan

Ever-Changing Wendy’s Slogans And Wendy’s Mottos (1969 – 2020)

Let’s talk about Wendy’s slogans today. You must have observed Wendy’s reshaping their mottos and catchphrases quite a lot. Haven’t you?  The brave and the courageous Wendy’s have always been experimenting with their slogans to find the ones which are tacky enough to stick. And you have found one good read on all of Wendys […]

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swot analysis amazon

Amazon SWOT Analysis: A Case Study To Find Your Competitive Edge

Remember that time when you wanted to launch a new product and were clueless where to begin? A SWOT analysis should have been the first step on that long road to the attainment of your aim. (And an Amazon SWOT analysis would have been the perfect guide – more on that later.) But what is a […]

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