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how does discord make money?

How Does Discord Make Money? What Is Discord’s Business Model?

Not everyone reading this piece of writing would be aware of the world of Discord. Right? Precisely!  If *DISCORD* is nothing more than a conflict for you, here’s all you need to know:  Discord is the name of a gaming program. In fact, not JUST a gaming program, it’s way more than that! And for […]

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how long does usps priority mail take

USPS Priority Mail – Choosing Shipping Options for Your Business

If you are a small- to medium-sized business owner, you will agree with me when I say this: Shipping options are a hassle to choose from. But there is a solution! That’s right – there is a solution and it’s within your reach. But what is it? It goes by the name of USPS Priority […]

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Dirty Little Secrets of Commodification in Capitalism

If you are like most people, you will find the Concepts, Principles & Theories of Economics somewhat hard and dry. (DON’T HIDE! We know how badly you wanted to replace the word *somewhat* with a very strong antonym. But Don’t worry, you’ll read the understandable version of commodification and capitalism and related concepts here.) Socialism, […]

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adidas slogan

The Power of the Adidas Slogan: Everything You Need to Know

Impossible is Nothing. It sure isn’t, Adidas. All In. That’s all it ever takes – being all in. And Adidas taught us that. You recognized these phrases the moment you read them, didn’t you? Why have these lines stuck with you, do you think? Because they are slogans and they were created for that very […]

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evergreen marketing

Evergreen Marketing – A Detailed Guide To Implement Marketing Practices That Last

Never even heard about Evergreen Marketing? No problem, we’ve got you covered! To find out more, keep reading. Being business owners and marketers, most of you would agree that marketing is a constant struggle. You have to keep up with ever-changing trends, algorithms, industry updates, and whatnot. But we business owners have other important things to […]

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t shirt fonts

T-Shirt Fonts: Here’s How To Choose the Right One

T-shirt font styles. If you have a t-shirt business, these are words that have likely haunted you at some point in your career. Going into the business, you had never thought that choosing t-shirt FONTS would be so much trouble, right? There were greater things to worry about such as the fabric, colors, sizes, cost, […]

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