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propaganda techniques

7 Types of Propaganda Techniques Advertisers Use

Have you ever felt like you were being manipulated to do something? You probably were. There is always the chance that it was all in your head, and you just felt like you were being used. But it is not unlikely that someone made use of your emotions to get something they needed. It makes […]

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vrio framework

Using the best Tool for Competitive Advantage (VRIO Framework)

Value. Rarity. Imitability. Organization. No idea what we are talking about? You will find out soon. But before that, let’s cover some basics. Introduction Without a competitive advantage that sets your company apart from others in the market, you cannot expect to succeed. Do you agree? If you are a business owner who operates in […]

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sustainable competitive advantage

Understanding Sustainable Competitive Advantage and the Role of Digital Media in Achieving It

One of the most important things to you, as a business, is to have an edge over your competitors. Isn’t that true? It has to be because it’s the only way you will succeed in today’s highly competitive environment! But how can you do that? By creating a sustainable competitive advantage (SCA) that will keep […]

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Business growth

Why You Need a Digital Marketing Plan in 2019

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” A famous quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln that perfectly captures the importance of planning; this quote applies to digital marketing as well. Like other business operations, having a plan in mind is important before you start […]

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freemake video converter review

Should You Get iSkysoft Video Converter In 2020 (Updated)

Video as a medium has a huge role in building brand awareness and Social Media platforms like Facebook are also doubling down on video ads so having a reliable video converter in your arsenal would be a wise decision. When it comes to a MULTI-FEATURE video converter that can take care of all your image […]

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how to be successful on shopify

12 Shopify Help Tips from the Professionals [FREE GUIDE]

If you will go to Shopify site, you will see how their company has grown. Based on their record, they have 1,000,000+ active users and approximately 500,000 powered businesses. Today, Shopify is really BIG considering the $46 billion-plus sales made through their site. Do these figures excite you? Let’s learn more: Let’s start with: Introduction […]

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