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Posting on Facebook

Facebook Posts: Simple. Sweet. Always Neat.

Seven major ways to make sure your blog or post gets the likes, views, and shares it deserves. Introduction We all have been there, we pour our hearts out into a post, paragraph after paragraph of examples, situations, and even funny emojis to get a few likes. Sad. Very sad. Fortunately, there is a fast and […]

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How Should You Start Your On-page SEO and Optimize Your Website

Are you planning on starting your website search engine optimization? Most of the companies either hire a full-time SEO or go to a digital marketing agency for starting the on-page SEO and optimizing the website. Before you go any further, you might want to reflect on the whole process of website optimization, especially if you […]

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Brand Voice on Video Marketing

How Video Helps Your Brand to Find Its Voice

Introduction Investing in branding is as important as investing in the product’s development. Without branding, your brand might not last that long. People recognize a product with its brand. A Brand creates following, fans and a long-lasting image in consumer’s mind. To create a brand out of product, companies must invest in the right strategy and channels. […]

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Digital Marketing Budget

How Much Should You Spend on Digital Marketing in 2019?

With the majority of the world population using the internet to fulfill their needs, it would be a mistake not to reach out to them with your product or service. For this to happen, you need to have an online presence coupled with an effective digital marketing strategy. One of the most critical parts of […]

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Best Practices for Live Chat

Live Chat Best Practices for Better Customer Service

For any business’s growth, there are two main aspects that need to be the focus: customer acquisition and customer retention. If you are focusing on either one of them but not the other, then the growth chart of your business will be a flat line. Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on just the […]

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keep a group engaged

Keeping your Facebook Group Engaged and Active [Updated 2019]

Did you know that 70% of customer loyalty may have nothing to do with what you are selling? Shocking as it may sound, it’s true. There are several factors that are of great importance when it comes to keeping your Facebook group active and engaged in terms of customer experience, shared value, and trust. Ultimately, […]

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