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A stock market monitoring screen, showing a graph with yellow and blue lines, showing the progress of the running businesses.

How to keep your business running during the coronavirus crisis?

Should you keep running your business during the coronavirus crisis? Let’s begin with this simple question bothering many right now – keeping your business running during a crisis or not to! Simple? This probably is the hardest question you had to answer in a while. The stakes are high on both ends.  So, should you […]

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Facebook Ads vs. Google Ads

Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are leading social media advertisement and Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) are leading search engine advertisements these days. Both want to help businesses grow. Both are different in many respects because they have some similarities and some differences. This blog post compares and contrasts them. Continue reading to know which one is better. […]

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covid-19 positivity rate

COVID 19 Crisis Management: 13 Ways To Stay Positive as The World Goes Crazy

The world is changing as we know it before our very eyes – the COVID 19 calamity seems to have taken charge of how the world is run. And to most of us at this point, the future is bleak. And that is exactly why we need COVID 19 crisis management with respect to mental […]

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A person in a black suit shaking hands with a lady in white with an office background, referring to staying employed during the current crisis of the corona pandemic.

How To Stay Employed During COVID-19 Global Unemployment Phase?

Among the chaos of the corona crisis, staying employed is growing to be the next big threat to fellow earthlings. 195 million employees expected to be unemployed, still counting! Here’s the thing: If you are one on the verge of losing your job, there’s still a lot you could do to stay employed. If you […]

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working from home safety tips

9 Practical Ways To Maintain A Work-life Balance Working From Home

If you are not a key worker tackling the coronavirus from the frontline, you are likely working remotely. And if you are struggling to balance work life with home life, don’t worry – you’re in the same boat as most. But it doesn’t have to be that way – all you need is some work […]

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Google Ads Target Bidding

Benefits & Drawbacks of Google Ads Target Bidding

You do not know how much CPC will you actually pay to Google when you start PPC advertising. Do you? The bidding method you choose plays an important part in determining the actual CPC. Manual and smart bidding can be tried for PPC management in Google Ads. However, both these options come with pros and […]

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