Boost Organic Traffic with these Stellar Content Marketing Hints

Boost organic traffic

Boost organic traffic with these stellar content marketing hints

Diverting internet on the web so that it ends up on your site is no easy feat.

Everyone has somewhere to be and it not easy to get them to take a detour – to convince them that what you have may just be what they’re looking for.

But it can be done.

And the best part? It isn’t rocket science!

You can boost organic traffic with these fantastic content marketing tips by making ever-so-slight changes to your strategy.

Read on and find out how!

Optimize your content for highly searched, relevant keywords.

Boost organic traffic with these stellar content marketing hints

Everyone is always stressing on the smart use of keywords when it comes to creating any kind of content for the web.

But how exactly do keywords help you attract organic traffic?

First of all, keywords that are popular on Google are keywords that people are searching for and are, hence, interested in reading about.

By writing on these topics, you are creating content that fulfills a need that exists among your consumer base.

But by also smartly integrating the keywords into your content (in your headlines, meta descriptions, first paragraphs, and so on), you are helping Google identify your site as an authority on the subject.

Once it does that, you start appearing on the first page of search engine results and, eventually, in the top few results on the page.

Now pair this with what we talked about earlier – you are appearing as the first few results for a keyword/topic that people are interested in.

The hits you will get will blow your mind.

Valuable content promises quality backlinks.

These are two secrets in one. Confused? Let us tell you all about it.

We just discussed keywords and their importance. Another element of SEO that ensures the traffic to your site never sees a red light is backlinks.

Picture this: a blogger is looking for insight into the slogans of different fast-food brands, Wendy’s in particular.

content marketing organic traffic

They come across a stellar blog post that not only talks about the current Wendy’s slogan but gives deep insight into the history of their branding strategy too.

They link this blog post into the article they are writing. You now have a great chance of diverting traffic from their site to yours as people who are reading their article may be interested in reading your blog post too.

That’s the first benefit.

Secondly, a piece of content that contains quality backlinks is recognized by search engines as valuable and so it rises in SERPs. Because of this, more people who search for a relevant keyword see it.

What’s the catch?

If your blog post is to get backlinks, the content must be backlink-worthy – no one is going to cite useless information that you wrote in half an hour for the sake of meeting a deadline.

So – and this is the third benefit – in order to get backlinks, you must create content that is unique, educational, informative, entertaining, engaging, creative, and comprehensive among many other things.

The flow is simple: great content = valuable backlinks = increase in traffic

And great content attracts readers on its own too, so it is a win-win situation.

Evergreen content is THE ultimate content.

Have you ever come across a blog post that left you in awe, so much so that you had to take a moment to recover?

A video with tips that you found so helpful that you wanted to hug the creator?

Then you noticed the date on the content – it was three years old!

The content creator drafted such timeless content that even years down the line, it was helpful.

This is evergreen content – content that doesn’t go out of date even years down the line.

Boost organic traffic

And that is what will boost your traffic like nothing else.

Think about it. You create content on a regular basis to attract customers/consumers/readers. It does its job – great! You put in the effort, you saw the result.

But the effort you made years ago is STILL. PAYING. OFF.

What more could you want?

Evergreen content is a must in your strategy.

Not sure how to create it? You can learn all about it here:

Evergreen Marketing – A Detailed Guide to Implement Marketing that Lasts

Smart Internal linking makes people stick around.

Did you see what we just did in the previous section?

We told you all about how evergreen content can give your content marketing strategy the boost it needs.

And then we gave you the link to a blog post about evergreen marketing.

Boost organic traffic with these stellar content marketing hints

But it wasn’t just any blog post. It is a blog post that we created a few months ago.

What do we want to achieve by doing this? We want the user to go away from the blog post with ALL the information they could need to make use of these secrets.

But that’s not all the internal link will achieve. By linking to another blog post, we sent people to another page on our site. If they find the content on that page useful, they might click on another internal link on that page.

In this way, you will redirect traffic from one page to the next, each time providing them with new and useful information.

And that means they’ll stick around for longer – mission accomplished!

Social media is your best friend!

More than 40% of the world’s population uses social media.

From 3-year-old kids to grannies and grandpas, everyone is on Facebook (or at least nearly 70% of adults in the U.S. are, according to Pew Internet).

Where are we trying to go with this?

content marketing tips for organic traffic

Well, it’s simple – if you simply post on your website, no matter how spectacular your content is and how fabulous your SEO efforts, NO ONE WILL SEE IT!

There needs to be a platform that connects your customers and potential consumers with the content you are creating for them.

And that is social media.

No matter what industry you operate in and what product or services you provide, social media is the platform where you can get direct engagement or from where you can lead the target audience to your site.

Use it wisely – post regularly, interact with your consumers through groups, welcome and work on feedback, and acknowledge the importance of your consumers. When you provide them value, they will automatically come to you for solutions!


Have a little more clarity on what you could be doing to see that increase in traffic you’ve been dying to catch a glimpse of?

Now it’s time to get to work. Give your content marketing efforts a nudge in the right direction and accelerate your growth!

organic traffic with content marketing



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