Top 10 Business Website Essentials You Should Implement

Business Website Essentials

Have you ever thought about PERFECTING your business website?

Every business owner has specific ways to attract and gain customers. Those methods work for them for years, but it doesn’t mean they would always CONTINUE to work for them.

Nowadays, many businesses pay close attention to developing, managing and updating their business website. However, there are plenty of companies which are not doing much in this area.


If you haven’t done enough to keep your website up to date or you have been delaying your website upgrade for quite some time, then read this blog post to the end.

We will cover some essentials about business websites that would make your website stand out, or help your business attract new eyeballs on the internet.

Isn’t it interesting that TWEAKING some website elements could INCREASE the revenue of a business and impact your bottom line?

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 business website essentials that you should know.

1. Responsiveness

Business Website Responsive

Let’s start with the basics; if your website is not mobile-friendly, then chances are, you might miss out many opportunities.

The reason is that search engines now tend to rank sites better that are mobile-optimized.

Many reports suggest that mobile search is on the rise, meaning, more people search and surf the web through mobile phones than the desktops.

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, it’s going to hurt the user experience of your visitors.

Therefore, you could LOOSE potential customers.

2. Design and Layout

One of the key requirements for a business website to do well is the the website design and layout needs to be correct.

It’s essential to have a decent-looking website design to attract, engage, and impress the visitors.

Once the visitor lands on a website or blog, besides skimming through the content, the visitor looks around to see how easy it is to NAVIGATE the site, how appealing it is, etc.

Therefore it’s highly recommended to hire a professional website design agency to get the website designed right.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Does anyone remember those flash-based animated websites?

It used to be a thing a decade ago, but now many businesses have realized the importance of SEO optimization, so it has become obsolete.

Modern-day non-flash websites have several benefits, and one of those benefits is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is a process of overhauling and fixing the site from the search engines perspective by adding the relevant keywords and optimizing the pages to appear rather quickly in the search.

4. Text Content

Another critical element of the search engine optimization is the content on the website.

You can’t win at SEO without the RIGHT text content.

However, text content isn’t the only thing you need to pull this off.

There are many aspects of ranking a website such as website speed, layout optimization, keywords relevancy, and many more.

What you should know about the text content is that it must be relevant, helpful, and easy-to-understand.

If you’re wondering what we mean by text content, then go to any decent business website and go through their pages.

You’ll find a lot of text written on these pages. Analyze them closely.

The text on these pages is to provide the relevant information about the business to the audience as well FEED the search engines to help with ranking the website.

For the website to do well, it must have optimized and relevant text content for both the end user and the search engines.

5. Page Loading Speed

Website Page Speed

It’s imperative to take care of the page loading speed of the website.

A website that takes 1 second or less is usually considered fast, but 2 seconds is okay as well – if your website takes 3 seconds or more, then it may have some issues.

SEO experts pay close attention to page loading speed.

Not only does it affect the search engine ranking, but it also has an impact on the visitors’ engagement. Every second longer that website takes to load it has a direct impact causing customers to bounce back from your website.

Check your website speed using tools like GTMatrix and Pingdom.

6. Opt-in Form

If you aren’t building an email list, it means your business is losing an opportunity to connect with the prospective clients.

An opt-in form is a sign-up form that it is used to allow visitors to sign up for the newsletter or official updates.

It’s one of the business website essentials for generating leads and building a connection with the audience.

Use the tool like OptinMonster or ThriveBox for this.

7. Live Chat

Live chat is a crucial element of the business website.

It’s a tool that allows visitors to directly chat with the customer service or management through a live text-based chat system.

You’d often find a small notification for customer service or live chat at the bottom right of the business websites; when a visitor clicks on it, it pops up and connects the visitor to a live representative.

The live chat feature has grown popularity among the SAAS-based companies and online stores perhaps because of the importance of visitors’ engagement more than other businesses.

8. Official Blog

One of the most essential things you might want to do on your business website is to set up an official blog.

Usually, the WordPress-based sites do have a blog feature, which is perfectly in-line with the website.

It also allows the website owners to display the blog posts on the different pages and sections of the website.

Moreover, you should know that an official blog does a great job of attracting visitors through search engines and social media.

However, you must understand that the content must be helpful and relevant to the target audience.

9. Social Media Icons

social media icons

Have you ever visited a company’s website and clicked-through their Twitter or Facebook button to connect with them on social media?

If yes, then you must know that this is precisely what your website visitors might want to do.

Make sure that you have all of your social media icons linked and displayed on your website.

Many people debate whether to add up the social media links at the top of the site or the bottom; it doesn’t make much difference because when someone scrolls through your website, those social media icons are impossible to ignore unless they’re small and camouflaged by the website layout.

10. Contact Us Form

One of the business website essentials is the Contact form.

You might not find it on most of the business websites, but it pays off well.

Many business owners don’t know the value of an inquiry form. What it does is that it increases the LEAD GENERATION process because it entices people to inquire about your product or service if they have some questions in mind.

However, a website without a prominent contact form doesn’t give a vibe to the users to utilize the inquiry form even if it’s available on the CONTACT page.

So the inquiry form’s visibility does have a role in it.

Make sure to use the footer of the website to have an inquiry form which is visible on all the pages.


So we came up with a bunch of useful suggestions for your business website.

If you think we have missed out an essential aspect of managing a website, then feel free to share that in the comments below.

If you have nothing in mind, then answer the following question:

What’s the most exciting thing that you read in this article that you might try out on your business website?

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