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Over $320K



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Client Intro: A Beauty Products E-commerce Store Case Study. A beauty products store in Austin, TX wanted multi-channel Marketing services to generate more sales. Learn more below how we helped this Beauty Products E-commerce Store.

The Challenges

? The client had put in six months working on their complete marketing strategy and did not want to change much

? We had to prove our points by challenging the methodologies that had not worked well for them over the past six months

? The client had some negative feedback on their Facebook page as well as on Google

? Their site structure wasn’t SEO friendly and was hurting their overall SEO efforts

The Strategy

When you really want to get your brand recognized and start building an audience that will follow you till’ the end of the earth, you need a full marketing plan. Not just one channel, multiple channels

After having produced mediocre results on their own for 6 months, they came onboard and after 6 months with us, their multi-channel marketing began to build traction

We focused on multi-channel marketing and integrated all our efforts. Facebook ads were assisted by Google ads and Google ads were assisted by strong SEO practices


☝️ Ran an initial audit and discovery for their brand

☝️ Ran competitor analysis and SWOT analysis

☝️ Revised their ideal client avatar strategy

☝️ Built a complete multi-channel, integrated marketing plan

☝️ Built a full-Facebook funnel with a top, middle, and bottom of the funnel

☝️ Launched Google search and shopping campaigns and keywords optimization

☝️ Used Google Display to continue touchpoints on its customer base

☝️ Optimized their website for most popular and alternate keywords (even misspelled words can drive traffic)

The Results

✔️ We love taking on challenges – this client thought our strategy wouldn’t work well for their business but agreed to implement after humbling themselves

✔️ In six months, we quadrupled the overall sales for this client. The total sales numbers were over $320K and almost 25% of the sales came from organic results

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