Subscription Based Business

What Did We Achieve?

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Client Intro: A subscription-based business in the United Kingdom.

The Challenges

👉 The client had spent over £5K with no real data or results

👉 We only had 3 months initially to produce real results

👉 The client did not have any lead magnets

👉 There were no landing pages in place

👉 All the previous campaigns were turned off in a way that we couldn’t leverage those results

Our Strategy

☝️ We started off with an in-depth audit of the ad account and the website

☝️ Identified that in order to achieve real results we need to have a lead magnet

☝️ We worked with the client to come up with a suitable lead magnet

☝️ Then we started running that lead magnet using Lead Ads

☝️ Despite tremendous results in the first month, we were not satisfied with the Lead Quality

☝️ We build 2 different landing pages and started testing them

☝️ Using new ads creatives were also part of our strategy

The Results

✔️ The results skyrocketed in the very first month

✔️ CPL L from Lead Ads was below £0.50

✔️ The conversion rate wasn’t that great initially and we had to improve that

✔️ The client was still happy as new customers were coming in from Email marketing

✔️ After we launched the landing pages, the CPL went up a little

✔️ However, the conversion rate skyrocketed this time and the client was converting at a better rate

✔️ Within the first 2.5 months, we have generated over 1200 leads

✔️ And the client was able to convert 192 leads into subscription-based customers.

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