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Content Marketing Takeaways - An Expert Roundup

Content Marketing Key takeaways from 15 Experts

We requested 15 experts to share their Content Marketing Key Takeaways with us. Here’s what we have got. What do you see coming your way? Content Marketing Tips? Let’s not kill the suspense just now, and begin with two facts today. Fact # 1: *74% people suffer from glossophobia*. (Source: Brandon Gaille) (Glossophobia is the fear […]

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Content Marketing hacks

17+ Insanely Actionable Content Marketing Hacks

If you are struggling with Content Marketing, you probably think it is strenuous, rather hellish to be more accurate. Well, that’s not all wrong but not entirely true. Content marketing lead generation is not child’s play. Uh-un, it isn’t for sure! But, if that’s what you think of it, content marketing mistakes and their repercussions […]

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A tree having many branches sprouting out, depicting different Social media channels and associated symbols.

Powerful Content Production Strategy influencers follow [Content Sprout Method]

You might not know what *Content Sprouting* or *Seeding content* is. Most of you really won’t! Interestingly, YOU ALL experience it every day (and there’s no denying the fact). Skipping the daylight-saving adjustments, do you ever have more than 24 hours in a day? No, not yet. However, the number of channels competing for your […]

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house of quality

House of Quality [Quality Matrix] & Quality Function Deployment [QFD]: A simple guide

In this rapidly changing world of choices, the only way for businesses to thrive is to have their products/services designed around their customer’s needs and desires. You’d agree that your business gets nowhere if your clients don’t get what they are looking for. Marketers use a process called Quality Function Deployment [QFD] to ensure meeting […]

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Best Practices for Live Chat

Live Chat Best Practices for Better Customer Service

For any business’s growth, there are two main aspects that need to be the focus: customer acquisition and customer retention. If you are focusing on either one of them but not the other, then the growth chart of your business will be a flat line. Many businesses make the mistake of focusing on just the […]

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how to create a facebook messenger bot

2 New Facebook Messenger Bot Updates

Facebook Messenger Bot is one of the most powerful new methods of internet marketing today. Messenger Bots enables you to create great sales funnel that will bring in sales directly within Messenger and deliver messaging sequences to your friends or people in your list. Keeping that in view, it’s important that you know what’s the […]

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