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make money with facebook

Facebook Monetization – How to Make Money on Facebook

If you ace Facebook monetization, you can truly say that you have used the platform to its full potential. But what is monetization? How do you monetize a Facebook page? We discuss all this in detail in this blog post. But let’s cover some basic ground first. Why do you set up and maintain a […]

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future Instagram

Instagram – The Power of the Social Network in Coming Times

The future of Instagram is of great interest to many people. It is common to have questions about the power of the social media network and its influence in the days – and years, to be honest – to come. Will Instagram be a good choice for me to market my up-and-coming brand? Is my […]

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real estate video marketing

Ace Real Estate Video Marketing for the Digital Age

When one hears “real estate video marketing,” one automatically thinks, duh, that’s the most obvious approach. What else would a realtor choose, right? Wrong. Only 15% of real estate professionals make use of video when it comes to their marketing efforts. We know for a fact that whether you are new to the industry or […]

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covid-19 positivity rate

Top Growing Industries During COVID-19 and Future Trends

The world, with regards to many things, seems to either be at a standstill, or moving in a backwards direction. But even amid such uncertainty, there are some top growing industries that are beating the pandemic and powering through. These top growing businesses are weathering the storm in the best way possible. But there’s a […]

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A stock market monitoring screen, showing a graph with yellow and blue lines, showing the progress of the running businesses.

How to keep your business running during the coronavirus crisis?

Should you keep running your business during the coronavirus crisis? Let’s begin with this simple question bothering many right now – keeping your business running during a crisis or not to! Simple? This probably is the hardest question you had to answer in a while. The stakes are high on both ends.  So, should you […]

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covid-19 positivity rate

COVID 19 Crisis Management: 13 Ways To Stay Positive as The World Goes Crazy

The world is changing as we know it before our very eyes – the COVID 19 calamity seems to have taken charge of how the world is run. And to most of us at this point, the future is bleak. And that is exactly why we need COVID 19 crisis management with respect to mental […]

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