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Instagram app opened on a cellphone.

5 Ways For Better Instagram Management Of Businesses

Instagram Management is the topic for today. But, hey! Do you remember the days when we started using smartphones? Those days were pure addiction. Facebook on our palms was all we wanted to open our eyes to. Then in 2010, came the visual counterpart of our virtual social carry-ons. Yes! The current photo and video […]

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instagram post ideas

Top 17 Instagram Post Ideas to Brighten Up Your Feed

We know what you must have been thinking before you landed on this page – with so many Instagram post ideas out there, how can I still be struggling?! We’re here to tell you that it’s absolutely fine if you get stuck every now and again. Creativity has its limits – and when you’re already […]

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instagram stories

How You Can Ace Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram stories are a stellar way for businesses to interact with their consumers. How are we so sure? We won’t bore with detailed Instagram story analytics but we will tell you this: More than 500 million people use Instagram stories every day. Yes, you read that right. 500 million. These are the people you have […]

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Low on Budget? Here Are 9 Ways You Can Still Promote Your Business

As a business owner, whether small or large, you know that you have to promote your business if you are to make sales, build a brand image, and generate a revenue. That’s a given. What’s also true is that most companies at one point or the other, witness a shortage of money. What is the […]

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Business Manager Settings – Taking charge of Facebook Business Manager

Having the right settings lets you make the best use of any tool you are using. Does that statement sound familiar? It must – that is what we told you when we discussed Facebook ads manager settings with you a few weeks ago. Today, we are going to tell you all about Facebook Business Manager […]

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3 tips to increase traffic for your beauty business website

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words ‘beauty business’? Cosmetics e-commerce store? Correct. Promotional website for a local salon? Correct. Beauty appliance review site? Correct. Spa website? Correct! We think you’ve guessed by now that this list can go on and on. Beauty businesses can include anything […]

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