The Ultimate List of Content Marketing Tools and Resources-II

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Marketers swear by the fortune they earn, CONTENT MARKETING IS A HELL OF A PROCESS!

But what makes the process great? 

Results, i.e., brand awareness, bonding with prospects, conversion & growth, an infinite loop of money.

Want more?

Oh, we forgot about the sense of achievement, contentment, and pride.

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What made content marketing so rewarding?

Here’s the answer.

The combination of innovation, focus on value (the audience first approach), and Content Marketing tools and resources they use to carry out Content Marketing keep them going like a royalty.

Last week, we shared some resources to get started with your research and hiring freelancers for the process.

Today’s post focuses on tools to pool great ideas and to organize the process well.

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Here begins the dive. Jump in, dude!

A person in a black coat holding a white chart with *innovation* written over it. The chart depicts a process with many graphs, tools, flow charts, and people drawn over it.


Powerful Content Marketing tools for getting the best results

1 – Finding & choosing Content ideas & keywords

You’d often find Content Marketers doing what resembles Trichotillomania, the hair-pulling disorder.

However, fortunately, they are not psychotics. It’s just the stress for finding the next content generation idea that makes them pull their hair.

But why take all this stress when we have got a good deal of tools to rescue us?

How do you leverage their power?

Well, that’s the best part.

You can use a combination of tools to ensure that the content you write about has a market and receives the reception it deserves.

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i- Quora

It is a public platform where people post questions on any topic and get responses. 

So how does that help with ideas hunt, you might wonder?

Well, it is not only a platform to connect people and share knowledge.  It is also a great platform to get an insight into what kind of information/content are people looking for.

ii- Reddit

Proclaimed to be the *first page of internet*, Reddit is a network of about a million communities (called subreddits) on almost every topic you can think of. A subreddit is the site for interaction with like-minded people on the same interest matters.

The conversation allows businesses to see what people are talking about, and the content they are interested in.

iii- Twitter

The top trending topics on Twitter based on geographical regions give you fantastic insight into the hot topics for your next content project.

iv- Google Search

Google predictions for a search query (top red box) followed by a search result on the topic. Google recommendations based on related searches are under the heading of *People also ask* 

*Google search suggestions* when you type your query, *people also ask *, and *related search queries* reveal a lot about exact search terms on a topic.

SERP for a search query showing two boxes of related searches (visual results) and a list of statements at the end of the page under the heading of *Searches related to (search query)*.

v- Google trends

Google trends can also reveal a great deal about people’s interest in a topic with many filters. The trends show how fashionable is a search term in a particular geographical location or on a search engine. You can also compare the popularity of search terms using this tool.

vi- Public forums

Public forums are an excellent site for people to interact with each other, find information and share knowledge. This sharing gives away people’s pain-points that you can target through your content by providing solutions.

vii- BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo has a plethora of information on trending topics in a niche. You can use this information to figure out what issues are performing well. This is where you get an idea to work on.

viii- Industry news aggregators

Platforms like Alltop,, and Feedly can find you all the relevant information and News on a niche. You can take it from there and convert the News and other information into your next piece of content.

ix- SEMrush

It is a marketing tool with a variety of functions. The most crucial feature in content creation is SEMRush’s competitor’s analysis and keyword research.

x- UberSuggest

Ubersuggest is another addition to the list of SEO keyword suggestion tools you can rely on for your content creation efforts.

xi- Soolve

It is another keyword research tool that brings relevant results about your mentioned query from different search engines across the web.

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Xii- WordTracker 

It is another keyword research tool with several compelling features. An important feature is to find the exact keywords used by your competitors.

xiii- Engaging headline generators

Some tools (CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer, Emotional Market Value headline analyzer, or ‘SEOPressor’s Blog Title Generator, to name a few) help make your headlines or titles more engaging.

xiv- Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner enjoys the search engine data to provide relevant keywords and long-tail keywords. These keywords are helpful clues about popular terms people are looking for.

xv- Topic generator platforms

HubSpot’s blog topic generator, ‘Portent’s Content Idea generator or Content ‘Row’s ClickBait title generator are examples of platforms generating titles for you. They can be your go-to points if you are clear about the keyword/phrase you want to revolve around.

Here’s an exciting story for you.

We used HubSpot’s blog topic generator to generate blog ideas. Here’s what we found.

It asked us for up to 5 nouns; We added one and requested blog ideas.

So, here are the results we got. Enjoy!

However, you can not rely on all these ideas.  Can you?

You can also check some of these ideas with other tools to see their worth.

Bonus: Crazy egg

It is a unique tool to help analyze your site for the most clicking and attention-grabbing elements. Not touching the useful parts, you can temper with the rest to follow the pattern of the former.

2 – Collaborating with team

*Great things in business are never done by one person*, Great saying, Steve Jobs! It is mostly true (except for when it’s NOT! Some businesses are purely ONE-MAN SHOWS, but that’s a topic for another discussion). 

So, when you are working on great ideas with your more-than-one-person-team, you need to collaborate, right?


Fret not. There are many Content marketing tools at your disposal to make collaborations with the team a piece of cake. Here are a few options.

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i- Skype

Skype is an excellent way to collaborate with up to 250 team members in one meeting at a minimal cost of only $2. Similar unpaid services are available in the U.S (only) for connecting with up to 10 team members for the first 60 days and three members after that.

ii- GoToMeeting

Businesses, required to collaborate with team members or clients, can avail the services of this online platform starting from $14 a month.

This package includes services ranging from Web audio, screen sharing, unlimited meetings, conference calling, business messaging, HD videos (allowing up to 11 cams), dial out options.

You can add more by customizing the package or upgrading it. 

iii- Slack

Slack is another cloud-based collaboration software for business teams starting services for as low as $6.67-$8 a person per month.

The standard package provides access to message history and 10Gb storage per person. Users can share the channels of communication with client companies using their guest accounts. It also enables users to avail conference-call services for up to 15 people and screen sharing options.

You can upgrade the features to Plus or Enterprise Grid as well for more dollars spent per person.  

iv- Asana

Asana is another planning and organization tool to manage workflow better with better collaborations and better tracking.

The packages start for personal usage to $6.25, giving unlimited features including the timeline, advance search reporting, task dependencies, milestones, and training for teams over 30. 

v- Trello

It is an online application that makes personal or shareable lists, breakdowns and prioritizes tasks, and tracks performance.

It also allows resource sharing (images/google docs and other attachments) and communication with the team for only $9.99 a month (though a free package is available for individual usage).

vi- Google Hangouts

It is a communication-based service by Google that enables team collaboration via messages, video chats for up to 10 people, and VOIP.

Like Skype, some calls are free for users while you pay for the rest. Apart from text, users can share images using HangOuts.

vii- Dropbox

It is another collaboration and organization platform for individuals and teams.

The lowest package caters to 3 users for $12.50 a user per month. It offers 3GB space, three months file recovery, web previews of files and commenting, smart sync and easy file search, team folders and company managed groups and much more.

Packages for individual usage are also available.

Wrap Up

Now that you know the best tool-possibilities for collaboration and gathering ideas, you’ll rock!

But that’s not all.

For the coming weeks, stay tuned for our best picks on Content Marketing tools for removing linguistic errors, for organizing, designing & using the visual aid, spreading the produced content, and putting your content on auto-pilot for best results.

For now, let us know what’s your best pick is among these tools? If you are a Content Marketer already, what tools have you found useful?

Let us know in the comments 🙂

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