Driven by Six Core Values

Putting Clients First, Even in Our Core Values

Our mission at CANZ Marketing can be summed up with three words: Putting Clients First.

We pride ourselves on always thinking about our clients’ needs, whether this means the unique services we can offer their companies or spending the time it takes to ensure they understand exactly what those entail.

While we are confident in what our social media marketing agency can do for you, it’s just as important that you feel confident, too. If you hire us, we’ll always be available to answer any questions you have.

The Core Values That Define Our Social Media Marketing Agency

While we may update our list of services as each evolves, our social media marketing agency will always be defined by the following core values:

View Each Client as an Individual

Going Above And Beyond

Your business isn’t like any other. We will take the time to find out what makes it unique so we can best serve your needs.

Exceed Expectations

Deliver WOW Through Service

Tired of using different online marketing techniques that don’t work? Don’t despair! Our proven digital marketing methods will stun you with results you’ve never had before.

Giving Back

Giving Back

“Good enough” is never good enough for us. We want to “wow” you with our services every time.

Treat Every Company Like It’s Your Own


We treat our clients like their success is our success. So we always recommend the best possible services and never take unnecessary risks.

Be Transparent


Our process is straightforward, upfront, and, most importantly, proven to work. We are always more than happy to explain our approach.

Keep Adapting


The world of digital marketing is continually changing. We’ve been able to consistently succeed over the years because we do, too. You can rest assured that our company is constantly learning new strategies and testing new tools to best serve our clients. 

Stay Focused


Our team has worked with companies of all sizes but has always taken a one-task-at-a-time approach. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with digital marketing, which is how campaigns fall apart. We’ve found that laser focus is what wins the day for our clients.

A Word From Our CEO

Zarar Ameen

At CANZ Marketing, we are a digital marketing agency that succeeds by setting the standard.

Long before I was spending thousands of dollars a month on ads that promote my clients’ companies, I was dead broke – literally, I had just $1.16 to my name.

I knew a few things:

This had to change

- I loved helping people

- The world of marketing was evolving

This was all it took to convince me that I should start a social media marketing agency.

It wasn’t easy at first. After about three months, I had nothing to show for it.

So I decided to seek out mentors who had been down the same road and came out the other end as success stories.
I was rejected countless times before three top marketers decided to mentor me.

Finally, things started turning around. CANZ Marketing grew from 3 to 14 people. I handpicked and personally taught each of them and, together, we’re on track to hit 7 figures this year.

So, if you entrust my company with your digital marketing needs, I want you to understand that you’ll have this kind of experience and work ethic at your disposal.

~ Zarar Ameen


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Your Statisfaction Guarantee

With our experience in the Digital Marketing Industry, making our customers happy and satisfied with our service is just a SIMPLE task! 

We have devised an implementation plan that can be used to carry-out an organized and systematic campaign.

Here’s How We Do It!

Step 1: Organization of Campaign Details Based on the Identified Solution.

Step 2: Content and Accounts Creation/Improvement

Step 3: Systematic Campaign Implementation Based on the Tailored Strategy per client.

Step 4: Monitoring and Analysis of Campaign Based on various factors and considerations.

Step 5: Finalize Comprehensive Report for the Client.

We always put our best foot forward on everything that we do, but changes and modification requests are always welcome.

We rarely encounter doing changes because we follow a good and systematic campaign plan. 

But, in case our client want us to do some changes, we will carry it out and do the best for the business!

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