How does Discord make money? What is it’s business model?

Not everyone reading this piece of writing would be aware of the world of Discord. Right?


So, if *DISCORD* is nothing more than a conflict for you, here’s all you need to know!

Discord-the gaming program:

Discord is the name of a unique gaming program.

And the business model of Discord has made it further unique (you’ll read more about it as you move forward).

In fact, not JUST a gaming program, it’s way more than that!

And for the interested ones, keep reading to find the latest answers to a very famous search query from gamers, how does discord make money?

We’ll share information on how is discord making money and Discord business model.

It is an online gaming space that went the extra mile to bring you new fun and ease.

What fun and ease? You must be intrigued.

Here’s the deal!

Discord allows you to connect with other players in real time via text and voice chat.

So it is a fun-filled online game box with added text and voice aid for better communication, thus better experience. And so, it becomes a socializing space for gamers where you can find yourself, new gaming partners, too.

And this is how they introduce themselves on their web:


A screenshot from Discord website explaining what is discord

It is a solution to the problems of gamers provided by some gamers.

Screenshot from Discord website explaining who Discord is.


And the best news for newbies. It IS FREE! 


Yes! You read it right!

If you are already familiar with the term *Discord* as a gamer, keep reading to find the latest information about the program and their earning machines.

Yes! They have some earning machines most people do not know about. 

So, Discord is now house to a HUGE NUMBER of gamers. HOW MANY to be precise?

Well, Discord states it to be a total of 14000000 daily players. 6250000 is the figure they quote for peak current players, and communication is endless. 315000000 messages sent daily! Geeeee!

Can you believe it?

A screenshot from Discord website showing stats of users.


Well, you have to! Because It is THEM speaking. 

With about a 200 Million user base, Discord is a successful program you won’t regret joining as a gamer.


So, what makes Discord so successful after all?

Hear it from Jason Citron, who is the CEO of Discord and co-founded it as well:

“We solved a problem that people playing video games had – in a way that solved the problem. You’re playing games on a computer, you want to chat with your friends, and you want to be able to do it in a way that makes sense with how you live your life. Discord is the first voice chat app that makes sense for PC gamers.”

So, take notes from this gentleman for whatever business you want to run wherever in the world. SOLVING A PROBLEM is the KEY to running a business successfully!

And based on this problem-solving, Citron makes use of people wanting to play with their friends too. So, the primary growth of the game is seen mainly through people sending invites to friends, who then send invites to their friends and so on.

Why Discord?

Some people are startled by Discord’s fame. “But aren’t Skype and Team player the existing solutions people could use?” they repeatedly ask.

Yes, they could use them too, but a brief comparison makes Discord a better choice, WAY BETTER actually.

Discord vs. openly claimed competitors:

How so? Here’s how!


Screenshot from Discord website stating Skype and TeamSpeak as their competitors.


Sr. noDiscordCompetitors
1Free program (freemium model)Not free
2Light on systemHeavy for system
3DDoS attacks safeVulnerable to DDoS attacks
4A dedicated platform for gamers so it has features to attract themNot devoted to gamers


Playing Discord:

Okay, so proven a right choice, now you’d want to know how to play Discord.

Simple, as Jason says it:

“Now you go to a webpage, you sign in, and it just works. It’s free, and if you want to invite your friends, you send them a link. They can jump right in through their browser, without having to download anything.”


NOT TO FORGET, you have the option of open communication through text and voice at all times.

Yes, even when you are playing.

Discord Web and Non-Web:

Not only is the program available for the PC version but a mobile app is also talk of the gamers, especially useful for the ease of communication it provides.

Discord Servers:

There are several Discord servers, simply put chat rooms, having their community of like-minded people connected on a particular topic, game, or any point of interest. That being said, it is often heard that Discord servers are active on as unrelated a topic as CRYPTOCURRENCY.

Where to have all the fun?

If the facts and details mentioned so far have you wondering where to find discord, here’s the thing for you.

You can find the web version here. This is where you’ll find the program for Android and iOS, you’d find it here.

A screenshot of Discord App from play store showing its functionality.


And that’s still NOT ALL about the features.

Discord courses:

With its super user-friendly interface, Discord is all up for making its users GAMING EXPERTS with the courses specially created to educate them. So no excuses are accepted even if you find it a little puzzling as a first time user.

Some of these courses are designed for the Server managers as well. And based on the public testimonials on their web, people are enjoying playing the games more after taking courses than they do without them. 


 A screenshot of Discord website showing the *Courses* page.

Discord Bot:

Some server management tools have to be installed separately with the program. These tools are called Discord bots. Officially announced Discord bots are available here.

You might come across some of the unofficial bots as well.


A screenshot from the website you can get official Discord bots from.


Discord-the Ad free platform:

And that is almost the BEST FEATURE, you’d say. Yes, despite being free, users won’t see any Ad rolling down here and there or popping up now and then.

With such a vast user base, almost all comprising of happy users, how does the network operate?

If it is all free and there are no ads, how is discord even making money?

How is discord making and keeping everyone happy?

What do they do to keep the system going?

How do founders and workers run their families?

Does it all have you wondering about the discord-business model?

Or did you ever for once stop to think about how do companies like Wikipedia earn? Or how does Gmail make its part of the money for Google?

For a side note, Wikipedia mainly runs on readers donations and holds its own Wikipedia store as well. And Gmail runs on a freemium model where it sells Ad-free accounts to businesses with additional perks. The details are the stories for another day.

For now, if you are interested to know how much money does discord make, keep reading to relieve your mind and find out.

How does Discord earn money?


So, the valuation of Discord is said to be 1.65 Billion USD as of April 2018 after recent funding, says Wall Street Journal.

Funding? So the program runs on funds?

Mainly,” is the accurate answer, as funding is not the only source of running the program.

Index funds and Greylocks ventures are said to be the active funders, pooling up a total of $130 Million in five rounds, says Unicorn Economy.

How does Discord make Money is a popular search query on the internet. So let’s dive in to figure out what exactly do they do, apart from accepting funds, to keep the world of gamers connected and those tiny gaming characters on their website hovering!

Discord Business Model:

What is Discord Nitro:

Discord Nitro certainly but partially answers this popular search query.

As of now, they follow the freemium business model, a model where the essential services are provided for free, but the advanced ones are charged.

So, they charge for Discord Nitro to make up for the expenses.

Let’s find out more.

A screenshot of NITRO page from Discord website.


The nitro is the paid subscription of the program that offers additional perks along with those provided in the free version. It costs you $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year (2 months free) to subscribe.

What does Discord Nitro offer?

The features included in Nitro subscription include:

  1. Custom discord tag
  2. Global custom Emojis (permission to use them anywhere in the world)
  3. Animated fun (use of GIFs for animated avatars and emojis)
  4. Boosted upload limit (opportunity to upload files more substantial than 50 MB without having the speed compromised)
  5. Higher quality video (your screen resolution in chat improves a good deal)
  6. Distinctive profile badge showing how long have you been amongst Discord supporters.

A screenshot of Discord website explaining Features of Nitro.


If, as a gamer by heart, you want to do something for Discord, this is what you can do to pay Discord back for all the good times it gave you.

Buy subscription.

If however, you are not a gamer yet have a soft corner for Discord for all the good it keeps bringing to the world, they have a plan for you too.

Discord Nitro Classic

This is what they named the plan for you.

This again is a monthly and yearly subscription you pay to support Discord. The monthly subscription is $4.99, and the annual subscription is $49.99 (2 months free). Also, you get *enhanced chat perks*, as they say.

A screenshot of Discord website giving information about Nitro Classic.

There’s one more answer to How Discord Makes Money.

And to find that answer, visit

Yes, you guessed it!

It is their official merchandise store that targets its die-hard fans (though, for sure, they won’t object to you purchasing from them even if you aren’t one of those fans!).

Header of Discord Merchandise store.

In case you are interested in showing your love or support to Discord or want to boost about your new craze, here’s a sneak peek into their latest collection you can try on.

Some collection from Discord Merchandise store’s website


So actually, they have a team of creative designers too along with a group of creative developers.

Here’s some more for you:


Some more collection from Discord online Merchandise store.


Cool, right? 

Okeh, so merchandise store was not the very last answer to Does discord make money?

There is one more YES to go. And that is what they call “Cosmetic items.”

So, these are their sound packs, sticker packs, and skins that won’t affect the way gamers play their games but would positively impact their overall experience while using discord.

And that better experience would cost them some dimes.

Just a few!!

Fair enough. After all, they have families too. Right?

Your turn

Have you been playing online games too?

If so, how do you compare other games with Discord?

If you are new to Discord, no doubt this read gave you a good insight into everything you needed to know about Discord.

But old or new, if you have your eyeballs fixed on Discord’s business strategy, do suggest what you think could help them earn better and bring more good to gamers.

Finally, your time starts NOW.

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