E-commerce Marketing Solutions

Tired of investing your precious Dollars in Agencies that Suck?
Here’s your chance to quadruple monthly profits without wasting your Ad $$$! Plus, never having to worry about hiring again with our e-commerce marketing solutions.


Have you ever wondered why some E-commerce stores ‘make it rain?’

What their e-commerce marketing secret?

You’ve seen the posts…

‘Hey guys, I just ran this Ad and 10x my ROI – here’s a screenshot. Facebook Ads are so easy!’

You can’t help but hold your head in shame, thinking how overwhelming it is…

Back in the day, e-commerce marketing used to be so easy…

All you had to do, was throw up a couple of ads, write some words, create visuals and ka-CHING!

Your store is generating multiple six-figures, and you’re swimming in cash.


But Now, Things Have Changed…

Everyone that has internet is throwing up E-commerce stores left and right.
Dropshipping. Wolf Mugs. T-Shirts. You name it. E-commerce marketing has become harder than EVER!

Competition is fierce, Ad costs are skyrocketing. It feels as if you’ll have to get a loan just to run a few profitable Facebook Ads! IF you’re lucky.

And It Keeps Getting Worse.

With the increasing demand for Digital Marketing, crappy agencies are appearing out of nowhere.

They promise the world. They say they’ll take your store to Six-Figures.

What happens instead?

An underqualified team that decided to start an ‘agency’ is offering you a cookie cutter solution that they ‘COUGH’ Funnel hacked ‘COUGH’.

It’s as if you’re giving your hard earned money to a bunch of maniacs and they set it on fire right in front of you.

And When It Doesn’t Work, They Just Hide…

‘Your Business sucks’ ‘We need to test more’

They are like Money-sucking vampires, they drain the life force of every business they come across.

Then, they disappear, just like your money did the moment you hired them.

But it doesn’t have to be that way


We’re both in the business of making money, and here at CANZ Marketing, we’re sick and tired of all these ‘agencies’ tarnishing our name.

So, let’s get to brass tacks for a second.

As an E-commerce store owner, you want to:

  • 10x your profits so you can invest in your business (or buy something fancy)
  • Have a Custom Tailored plan for your business that helps you scale into six-figures and beyond, without rushing and having hiccups
  • Be supported by a team that has generated $1,000,000+ for their clients to handle your marketing
  • Spend more time fulfilling orders, not generating them

Just imagine for a second you had all that, How would it look like?

Would you…

Skip with joy as you watched those high-value orders roll in your fulfillment center?

Have your accountant handled the extra profit tax you’ll be paying while you kick your feet up and enjoy a cup of your favorite coffee?

Treat your friends and loved ones to a night out because of all the extra cash flow surging in your account?

Invest all of the money back so you can take your business to 7, or 8 Figures?

What you do doesn’t matter, what matters is it happens, right?

Well, You CAN 10x Your Profits - and Time is NOW.

If you’re looking for a reliable and knowledgeable marketer who can help you take your business to the next level then Zarar is your guy! Within 2 months we saw a 3.3X return on ad spend...

(Priya Thatte)

Our Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services help you get higher rankings against top keywords, quality traffic and more results that are measurable.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t know how to navigate the unfriendly & complex Ads Manager? No problem. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Email Marketing

We have copy whizzes, email marketing geeks who write bulletproof email sequences with words that sell like hotcakes.


Our PPC experts decipher the Google Ads backend and optimize your PPC Campaigns and magnetize visitors to your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization service delivers measurable performance improvements to grow your conversion rates.

Complete Package

Our complete package includes “digital 360” services and is ideal for medium and large sized businesses.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With CANZ

  1. We deliver your projects within your budgets: only work to the price you’re quoted - no hidden fees, EVER!
  2. We deliver within your timeframe: We NEVER miss a deadline and ALWAYS deliver on time!
  3. We have a team of experts, dedicated to your success: We have a team of top-notch professional social media marketers who are best at what they do!
  4. We think big and move fast! While working with us, you will always be ahead of your competition.
  5. We DON’T work with EVERYONE! Unlike most agencies, we work with a select few clients and that helps us deliver the best results for our valued clients.

Now you have
Two Choices:

  • Continue doing the same thing and
    hope someday you squeeze out a
    few extra pennies each month.
    Do you really want to do that?
  • Book your appointment and get
    the chance to work with an agency
    that has generated more than
    $1,000,000 for their clients.

What would make your Bank account Smile?

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