7 Businesses That Absolutely Nailed Facebook Ads

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Whether or not Facebook ads for businesses are a viable option anymore haunts business owners in their dreams. How do you know if this is what you should do (or avoid)? Is there a way to figure out that Facebook ads for local businesses give the expected results (or not)?

Here’s the thing:

A recent report shows that the number of active Facebook advertisers grew to 8 billion in the first quarter of 2020

Do you think this could have been possible if Facebook ads weren’t that effective anymore?

(Don’t ask us. We already said NO! As for the proof part, you’d see and read that here and there throughout the post.)

Is Facebook Advertising really worth it?

Unfortunately, businesses have a long known history of trying harder to survive when the going gets tough.

We at Canz marketing, however, have a different perspective.

We think, why wait for such a time to wake you up? Why not take the right actions at the right time, so the going never gets tough? I mean, to come up with a crisis management plan, should you really have been waiting for a pandemic?

Based on our personal experience with Facebook Ads for businesses and the above-quoted stats, we firmly believe that Facebook is the ultimate solution for most businesses (told you earlier that we even told you earlier). When done right, we can almost guarantee that Facebook marketing is fail-proof and gets you where you plan to go; sometimes, farther than that too. 

Here’s the best part:

The most effective Facebook advertising strategies would always lead the way for you and won’t ever get you stuck.

It gets even better.

Most of the best advertising practices on Facebook and the strategy that might convert for you are no rocket science. Just combine a bit of understanding with a bit of research, and see yourself well on your way to success already.

But the question is, what makes a Facebook ad effective for businesses? What are the factors that convert your targets fast?

To find some of these answers, we researched a limited number of businesses online and shortlisted these 7 businesses to show you what effective ads look like. You’d also learn some of the practical ideas that are sure to bring results. 

Here’s a sneak peek into what businesses you are going to see today:

So, let’s delay no more.

Here come our model businesses with their effective Facebook ads examples. All the learners are welcome to join the club.

Effective Facebook Ads for 7 successful online businesses (and what makes them effective)!

Let’s start with everyone’s go-to place for coffee with a doughnut to go:


Starbucks is generally known for its stellar Facebook management. Their Facebook ads campaigns are no different.

On top of their generous support to many social issues, their Facebook marketing campaigns for direct sales have always been on-point.

An Effective Facebook Ad by Starbucks

Picking one ad out of all the engaging (and model) campaigns from their list was no less of a problematic physics numerical (that no one knows how to solve). But we had to do it, as we promised.

Here, have a look at this very simple GIF ad:

An effective Facebook ad by Starbucks with the conversion objective of App installs.

Why does this Ad work?

Several reasons contribute to the effectiveness of this ad. The way it is designed is sure to capture (especially) youth’s attention. For instance:

  • It is a GIF ad. GIFs and videos have a good standing in the target age for this ad. If you didn’t already know, GIFs and Videos also help build new, useful audiences.
  • They have used many positive stimulants to have a psychological impact on the target viewers:
    • The way subjects in the ad are dressed up all screams “the right fit for the target group”. That’s how it would resonate with and would appeal to the targets.
  • They have very effectively depicted a variety of their products. This is how they’d appeal to a variety of audiences with different choices. 
  • The quick strides represent action, which would positively draw the required action.
  • The GIF ends at reaching stars – depicting success, achievement, and happiness. The more positive the message, the better psychological impact it draws and better converting the results are.

But that’s not all!

  • The copy itself describes the best copy-writing practices:
    • It is short and concise and speaks directly to the targets with the right selection of words, i.e., Stars, Rewards, and FREE!

If only there were a way to have the app in your cell twice, we would have definitely done it after watching the ad.

(Nops, deleting and reinstalling doesn’t count)

A big hand for Starbucks and all our virtual hats off to them for just this one ad! 

As for the rest, we’d have to come up with a dedicated blog post, or that would be unjust to their Facebook marketing campaign.

Let’s now delve into some makeup, you ladies (and your counterparts who purchase for you):


There is no looking back for all our lady-readers when shopping for their beauty essentials (and non-essentials) at Sephora. The only thing that can stop you from this shopping is reaching your credit card limit. 

Well, that speaks volumes about your love for Sephora.

Did you ever stop to think about why you (or your ladies) love Sephora so much?

Because they carefully instilled that love in you with years of campaigning.

An Effective Facebook Ad by Sephora

Part of that love comes from their effective Facebook ad campaigning. For instance, check out this ad:

Why does this Ad work?

Did we all not enjoy the #DontRush challenge that went viral in no time?

Let’s be honest here.

Those of us who did not take part in the challenge secretly wished they did!

The way our model is closing up on the camera with a product and taking another one out has a striking resemblance to the viral trend. Recalling the challenge would have an impact on the viewers without even realizing that it does.

Also, the visual representation of the effectiveness of the products makes the ad all the more converting. 

I mean, don’t we all know the psychological impact of social proof?

Let’s now collect some psychological proof from other businesses.

Enough of the love of makeup. Let’s talk about the love of nature now:

National geographic

Those of us who grew with National Geographic can’t give a specific name or reason for our unconditional love and fondness.

Interestingly, if we did, we wouldn’t have ever been out of reasons.

Both the National Geographic Society and the magazine are working to preserve planet earth, our non-renewable resources, and the endangered species.

Effective Facebook Ads by National Geographic

Have a look at this Facebook ad by the National Geographic Society:

A highly effective ad by the National Geographic Society, as a part of their Facebook Marketing Campaigns for fundraising.

Why does this Ad work?

Several reasons make this ad super-effective.

It is short, concise, and downright simple. With the short attention span people have these days, this ad is very likely to draw attention and convert (get donation). 

However, it has to go to the right targets concerned about the situation and interested in donations to save their planet and these species.

If you paid attention, you would have noticed how it is fighting us for our cause.

Does that make you feel a certain way?

‘Obligated,’ we thought.

Ready to reciprocate the favor by donating. 

And there’s more for you:

Not that national geographic was short of ideas to convert us, but we could not help falling for another ad with the same intensity (we did for the first one).

Therefore, here’s another ad by the National Geographic Magazine:

A mobile photograph by a Nat Geo Photographer, featured effectively in a Facebook Ad

Why does this Ad work?

This ad would likely connect with a large variety of people:

  • The people interested in nature, the environment, conservation, and the other relevant earthly matters would lend their full attention to the image. 
  • The image, combined with the short and sweet Ad text, would grab the nature-photography lovers until they click the link below.
  • Even a layman who is only interested in photography in general and has an interest in mobile-shoots (to see if he could be an effective mobile camera user) would likely be interested in the ad.

Did you get to notice an interesting fact?

It is not the promotion for one but two brands simultaneously – Nat GEO and OPPO.

Oh man, and would it have converted?

Let’s see if the services-based businesses know how to sell?


Shopify is a well-known eCommerce platform built to help you sell your products online.  

An Effective Facebook Ad by Shopify

Look at this ad by Shopify:

Why does this Ad work?

The expression ‘Well-known’ never means ‘known to all.’ Or does it?

Absolutely not!

So, Shopify has to introduce itself to the new potentials.

It has done a brilliant job introducing itself in the most explicit yet straightforward way.

“Our business is to help you start your business.”

Who wouldn’t be intrigued? This appears to be the best shortest ad that is bound to have a very high conversion rate.

A big round of applause for Shopify! They’ve earned it.

Let’s take a slight shift to arts – the absolute need of literally every kind of business. 

In the digital world, Canva has an excellent standing in its industry. What do we have from them today?

Let’s take a look:


Canva is beyond doubt an amazingly simple, extraordinarily professional (or casual, if that’s how you plan to keep it) design studio that everybody can use. 

No.training.required. Period!

Let’s see how they are doing with the ads:

An Effective Facebook Ad by Canva

Let’s enjoy this ad together:

Do you need reasons to believe this is probably the most effective video ad you saw today?

Why does this Ad work?

This is not just any video ad, but one that has made a graphic design creation a cinch for you. You could use a half an hour video to learn to use the platform at the same level of ease. Alternatively, you could use this 12-second long video to reach the same goal. 

Your call!

Also, did you feel the “feel” they wanted you to feel? 

That’s the best thing about this ad.

Alright, more sales, anyone?

Let’s do it with Amazon.


Don’t we all already know Amazon

Yes, we do!

Doesn’t that get them sales?

Not necessarily!

They, too, have to advertise all the time to keep us thinking about them. They have to retarget us if we ever have shown interest in the products they showcase.

THAT is what gets them sales.

An Effective Facebook Ad by Amazon

Here’s an appealing Amazon ad on Facebook that appears to be a complete visual depiction of sophistication.

A very effective Facebook ad by Amazon, featuring several products in one ad

Why does this work?

It is exciting to see how Amazon is targeting so many audiences right with one Ad.

  • A considerable number of different audiences must be interested in each product (or someone could be considering all of them.). 

Using the same generic ad, they have captured the attention of all the people.

Oh, and those rating stars? A confirmed purchase by almost every other person who gets to see them.

But, there’s more:

  • They have also got all the shopping enthusiasts interested in their ad with the choice words in their copy – shop, deal of the day, lightning deals, limited-time offers – with several psychological tricks.

Let’s get something for the literature lovers, writers, and everyone else who needs to make an impression with writing.

(Oh, well, I guess we just included ‘US ALL’ in the targets now).


Grammarly is the writing assistance platform that helps people improve the effectiveness of their every-day or formal writing.

An Effective Facebook Ad Grammarly

Check out one of the many effective ads by Grammarly.

Why does this work?

Telling someone something is one thing; showing it is another. 

If you ever heard or experienced “seeing is believing”, you have a reason to believe now. 

Not only is this ad telling, but showing you the platform’s powers and the pleasure and ease those powers bring.

What are the key takeaways for you?

This is not all!

Each of these and many other businesses have so much more that helped them progress.

That leaves you with so many more takeaways.

But, we’ll take just one lesson from this all for now.

You might have noticed how the strategies for each of these businesses are hugely different. So, we believe that getting inspiration is an excellent idea, but completely mimicking someone else’s strategy takes you nowhere.

To create effective Facebook ads for businesses and find success with them, you’d have to undergo your own trial and error process. 

Plunge into the world of Facebook advertising. The most effective Facebook advertising strategies won’t just reveal themselves upon you. Experiment with cool varieties and types of Facebook ads for your local and non-local businesses. Discover new grounds for your business growth. A/B test different creative elements. Work out the best converting options for you.

Your ideas and efforts combined might also make your name to the top of one such list, one day! You could be a source to inspire marketers and businesses someday.

However, if this all overwhelms you, why would you worry?

If you need help with your Facebook advertising or marketing, our Facebook marketing Ninjas are crowned with dividing your worries by multiplying your ROAS. Directed by these ninjas, our Facebook campaign manager is optimized to make your bank accounts your happiest growing possessions.

We once heard a wise man say, “it’s the desire to do better that helps you do better.” I thought you might like to hear!



Whatever plan of action you decide, share with us in the comments.

Happy growing with Facebook Advertising for all sorts of businesses 🙂


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Why are Facebook ads effective?

The question *why Facebook ads are effective* is not a new one. Business owners are often caught bugging marketers with the like queries, such as why Facebook marketing is effective or how?

Facebook doesn't really keep the answers that simple. They keep adding the reasons to the list of whys, making Facebook ads for businesses the most in-demand advertising option.

Here are some of the most obvious reasons:

1. Facebook targeting is downright accurate.
2. 2.7 billion users are active on Facebook each month. Many of them are your potential customers.
3. The remarkable algorithm Facebook uses makes it fetch the results faster than most other competitors.
4. Thanks to the on-point targeting, algorithm accuracy, A/B testing, and many other factors, the conversion rates of Facebook ads for businesses are usually high.
5. The retargeting options that the platform offers further increases the conversion rates.

Do these reasons justify and explain why Facebook advertising is effective?

Which Facebook ads are most effective?

Which Facebook ads are most effective for businesses is not universal but individual to each business. 

If the dynamic creative video ad has a higher results percentage for the business 'A', it should not necessarily bring the same results for business 'B'. 

You could only figure out what type of Facebook ad is most effective for your business with trial and error and A/B testing. One sock never fits all here, so you shouldn't waste time trying that.

However, a Social Media Examiner post calls Facebook Carousel ads to be the most effective Facebook ad type for product positioning. 

How effective are Facebook ads?

- As per Facebook's total advertising revenue stats in the third quarter of 2020, the revenue in the U.S alone reached 21.22 billion.
- With the help of Facebook ads, call marketing successfully generated 36 billion calls in the year 2019.
- Marketers are successfully helping 25% of daily active users with their online purchase decisions. 
- Our marketing pundits at Canz Marketing had broken their own records when they literally spent nuts to get 73X ROAS, earning $2k in return for $30 only. Don't take our word for it. See for yourself:

And these stats pretty much sum up how effective ads are on Facebook.

Is Facebook advertising still effective in 2020-21?

As long as Facebook targeting options are on-point, people are actively using the platform, and businesses are getting results, the questions like, 'Is Facebook advertising still effective' are not quite valid in any year. 

All the more reason, 93% of marketers still use Facebook paid ads to promote and grow their business. Also, if you know businesses known to make it big with Facebook advertising, you'd find them increasing their advertising budgets for the year 2020-21.

Why do you think that is so?

How to do effective Facebook advertising?

To create effective Facebook ads doesn't necessarily require you to take special classes. A little research could go a long way. Here's how to do effective Facebook advertising:

- Pay special attention to the targeting options. The better targeted an ad is, the higher are the conversion chances.
- Make sure all the components of your ads complement each other, i.e., the copy is target-specific, and the images or videos correspond to the copy.
- Make use of the right, clear and concise, action-driving call to action.
- Writing an effective Facebook ad also calls for the use of numbers, preferably odd numbers.
- Experiment with various ad types, coming down to the best ad format that works for you.
- Use remarketing ads to increase your percentage of conversion. 

Practicing these tips is how to make the most effective Facebook ads for your businesses. Once you implement these practices, see the difference in your before and after results.

How effective is the Facebook marketplace?

The effectiveness of Facebook advertising is evident from the benefits marketers report of the marketplace. Here's how effective the Facebook marketplace is:

- It provides for added reach to your target audience.
- Facebook marketplace ads are specifically beneficial for local businesses.
- Use of the Facebook marketplace is best for mobile users - accounting for a greater (and increasing) number of Facebook users.
- Last but not least, you can see how effective the Facebook marketplace is for business from the fact that Facebook doesn't take its cut from the sales coming from the platform.

How to run Facebook ads for clients?

Here's how to run Facebook ads for clients:

1- You need to set up a business manager account first (Read details of setting up this account here).
2- Add your client's business page and ad account to your business manager (Here's how you can do that).
3- Ad payment details for your ads (find more information on that, here).
4- Start creating your campaigns, choosing the right objective. Add ad sets into your campaigns (adding targeting options, and bid details, etc.), and ads into your ad sets (adding the creatives (videos/images, copy, etc.), target landing page, pixel details, and lead forms in case of lead ads, etc.).
5- Schedule your ads. Wait for Facebook to approve your ads, start ad learning, and fetch you results.

Following these easy steps is how to create, place, and run effective Facebook ads for your own business or clients.

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