What to Expect from Your Content Marketing Agency

content marketing agency

93% of marketers today make use of content marketing in some form or capacity (source: Content Marketing Institute).

93 percent!

There must be some reason why practically everyone is doing it, right?

Well, there is one: IT WORKS!

Content marketing, when done right, helps you build brand awareness, increase sales, and enhance brand recognition among other things.

Its importance cannot be stressed enough. What can be stressed is the need to do it properly.

And that is where a top content marketing agency comes into the picture.

Consider this:

When you want to decorate a wall in your house with exquisite art, do you go out and buy a beautiful painting? Or do you get those paintbrushes out and get to work?

Of course you go for the former option – a painting made by an actual, talented, experienced artist.

Content marketing isn’t much different – you need the best team for the job.

In this blog post, we discuss why!

The Qualities You Can Expect from Your Content Marketing Agency

You hire a content marketing agency to fulfill an aim – the aim of creating and implementing a stellar content marketing strategy for your business. We’ve established that much.

What to Expect from Your Content Marketing Agency

But what traits allow the agency to do that?

What do they have that you don’t? What qualities force you to choose their expert services over your own?

Before we answer that:

Want to know which is better for you – hiring an in-house content team or outsourcing to a content marketing agency?

Give this blog post a read: Content Marketing Agency Vs. In-House Team – Factors To Consider

Now, where were we?

That’s right, we were about to share with you the qualities that allow a content agency to devise and implement just the strategy for your needs.

Let us break it down for you!

They are experts in the niche.

A good content marketing agency – and you MUST go for a good one – has a team of handpicked experts who are the best at what they do.

Whether it is a writing guru who has created various kinds of content for leading companies or an SEO master who knows just how to rank your brand among the top, you get the services of the best.

They know the latest trends, possess the best tools.

Content marketing doesn’t just involve playing around with words.

There are many technical aspects such as SEO and ad creation that require expertise and knowledge, as well as the use of specialized tools and programs.

On top of that, knowledge of what is hot in the industry at any given time is a must in order to implement the best practices as part of the strategy.

A content marketing agency has the best tools on board, as well as top professionals in each niche who know the industry inside out.

They provide an all-round solution.

Blog posts? Check.

Facebook posts? Check.

Google Ad copies? Check.

Video script? Check!

content marketing agency

This list can go on for quite some time but we think we’ve made our point – when you outsource to a content marketing agency, they create a COMPLETE content solution for you based on your unique needs.

But that’s not all:

From helping you identify the services you need and which ones you can go without to actually implementing the final strategy, they do it all!

So you can sit back and relax while they take care of everything.

Just kidding! You’re a business owner, you don’t get to relax. But you can focus on your core operations without having to worry about your content marketing strategy.

They have fresh ideas.

The content experts at a content marketing agency are not stuck inside the ins and out and the complexities of your business.

And it should come as no surprise to you that a third-person perspective can bring in a lot more value.

They will be able to look at your business in a whole new light and put a lot of fresh, creative ideas on the table that you didn’t even consider.

And new, unique ideas are ALWAYS a must-have!

content marketing agency expectations

They fit within your budget.

You cannot decide to create content for yourself with a one- or two-person team, no matter how dedicated or loyal they are to your brand.

To produce your content in-house, you need to hire an entire team of people, including but not limited to content writers, editors, SEO experts, managers, and ad campaign experts. This can prove to be quite expensive.

Choosing to outsource lets you get the job done without putting a hole in your wallet!

All their focus is on content.

You can do your content yourself. We’ll give you that.

But you also need to do your budgeting. And hiring. And sales. You have so much on your plate that you cannot dream of giving your content strategy the kind of time, effort, and concentration it deserves.

But a content marketing agency can. The attention of the professionals at the agency is directed towards just the content aspect of things.

And that is why they are best for the job.

content agency

Their experience trumps all.

A content writer at an agency creates a crazy amount of content on a daily basis. And every piece is drastically different from the rest.

Where are we going with this?

Well, they have experience with creating all kinds of engaging content for all kinds of brands to achieve all kinds of aims.

Heck, they can probably come up with five or six ideas for any campaign you discuss with them on the spot based on just their experience and things they have tried in the past.

So you will have a lot of great options to choose from that are guaranteed to work.

Speaking of different kinds of content,

What types of content does a content marketing agency offer?

When someone says ‘content,’ most people’s mind usually jumps to long pieces of text such as blogs, articles, and e-books – but that is not all content is about.

Think about it like this:

When someone says McDonald’s, your mind instantly takes you to your last memory of consuming a Big Mac. But is a Big Mac all that McDonald’s sells?

Of course not!

In the same way, content encompasses a wide variety of things. And when we say wide, we mean VERY wide – way beyond your usual article or book.

content marketing services packages

Here are some of the different kinds of content you can expect to get from your content marketing agency:

  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Infographics
  • Email
  • E-books
  • Brochures/newsletters
  • Video content
  • Ad content
  • Podcasts
  • Web copy
  • Posters
  • Social media content
  • Case studies
  • Training material
  • Competitions

These are just some of the most popular forms of content that an agency offers to its clients.

There are many, MANY other types of content you can opt for. Check some of these out here.

The exact content approach you take determines exactly what kind of content you go for. This can be dependent on a number of things, including:

  • The aim of the content campaign
  • The mediums you want to focus on
  • The target market
  • Your budget
  • And so on.

Rest assured, however, that a good content marketing agency has all your content needs covered.

To summarize…

We hope you’re a lot clearer on what qualities you should expect a content marketing agency to have before you hire them.

While your exact requirements determine which of these characteristics you need more than others, they are all essentials that you shouldn’t compromise on.

But you don’t need to worry – if you make a good choice about the agency you outsource your content work to, you will be all set for the foreseeable future.

content marketing team

Go for an agency that

  • Is made up of passionate and creative individuals
  • Has a great portfolio
  • Hires well-renowned experts for each niche
  • Is known to produce desired results
  • Encourages communication and input
  • Thrives on challenges

And most importantly, has all the characteristics we discussed earlier.

Do you want to learn more about choosing the right content marketing agency for your needs? Stay tuned to the blog!


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