Facebook Advertising & Management

Discovery & Research

We will start with an audit of your existing Facebook Ad strategy. We will try to understand your business, objectives and your target audience in depth. Then based on the data we find, we will highlight the potential problems and the potential opportunities.

Certified & Experienced Facebook Ads Expert

We will assign you a highly experienced and well trained Facebook Ads expert. He will manage and scale your Facebook ad account to achieve highest ROAS.

Campaign & Funnel Planning

Our team of experts will work together to build a clear and best possible campaign plan for your business that will show you how we will help you achieve and exceed your expectations.

Target Audiences

Using your existing data, your site traffic, and Facebook’s tools we will build highly targeted and most relevant audiences for your Facebook ad campaigns.

Tracking & Analytics

We will make sure that your Facebook pixel and analytics is set up accurately so you do not lose any data and whatever data is coming through is accurate.


We will set up the audiences inside your ad account to leverage the warm traffic and then run retargeting campaigns to maximize your ROAS.

Testing & Optimisation

Starting off, we will be testing out multiple audiences, images, copy, ad placements, budgets, and other key features to identify the winning assets. We will keep optimizing the campaigns until we find the winners.

Growth and Scaling

Once we have identified the winning assets we will push the accelerator button to maximize the return on ad spend. We have experience in scaling the budgets from $100/day to $10,000/day without compromising the ROAS.


Other Social Media Services

Instagram Marketing

We absolutely love Instagram! If you are looking to reach over six hundred million users on the world's most powerful and popular visual social network then you're at the right place!

LinkedIn Marketing

When it comes to reaching the specific audiences, there is no better option than LinkedIn. With LinkedIn ads experts on our team, we provide this service specifically to Lead Generation clients.

Twitter Marketing

Whether you're looking to increase your followers, tweet engagement, content distribution, or lead generation via Twitter ads, our Twitter Ads experts have got you covered.

Amazon Marketing

We specialize in Amazon ads management. With over 100 million users worldwide, Amazon is a place for businesses to reach their preferred target audience with precise accuracy.

Facebook Ads Case Study


This nationally recognized clothing brand initially came to us
with a negative Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We did a complete
ad account audit and had a long strategy session call with the client
to understand the problems that they were facing. Within 3 weeks
of launching, we were achieving 2.5x ROAS