Facebook Posts: Simple. Sweet. Always Neat.

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Seven major ways to make sure your blog or post gets the likes, views, and shares it deserves.


We all have been there, we pour our hearts out into a post, paragraph after paragraph of examples, situations, and even funny emojis to get a few likes. Sad. Very sad.

Fortunately, there is a fast and simple way to improve how people view your content instantly!

The simple answer is: KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Let me explain.

In this day and age, people do not like to work too hard to find the information they seek.

Busy work and school schedules have turned us all into the masters of the quick SKIM and SCAN.

That being said, it is always best to give the target viewers compelling messages in a simple, sweet, and neat manner.

What NOT to do:

Here is an example of what to AVOID.

Our Aquarium is now offering a package that allows you to swim with the dolphins half off!

Many people have already taken advantage of this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity and are raving about their experiences. Hurry in quick to redeem this limited time offer!

Instead DO this:

Give me some fin! Join us this summer for 50% our dolphin experience! Offer ends soon so swim on in!

See the difference? The first message has a long block of text that not even an English major would want to read though. Whilst the second one conveys the same message QUICKER, SIMPLER, and includes a catching image, making it much more consumer FRIENDLY.


Here is a quick checklist on how to help shorten and improve your content:

1. Add as little text as possible

Find shorter ways to convey the same message:

a. DON’T: it’s going to be a hot summer this year! Come on in and check out our selection of colorful beach umbrellas we got every color! Keep the whole family shaded while enjoying the surf!

b. DO: blue, red, yellow! We got every color umbrella to keep you cool in the surf this summer! Check us out!

2. Add an image

Graphics makes a post or blog content alive. Don’t be afraid to convey a point though pictures.

3. Add links

If you have more to say about a topic but don’t want lengthy text, share a link. Links are great because they add traffic to different pages and save you text space.

4. Display call to action

Top it off with an interesting call to action or eye catcher. They are your last little touch to get people talking, sharing, and liking, commenting:

  • Bet you can’t guess…
  • Come join us!
  • Which is your favorite…
  • Check us out!
  • You won’t believe…

5. Keep your business voice

If your business deals in more of a laid back social environment you will want to convey that. On the other hand, if your business is more formal you will want to keep that tone.


Okay! Now that you have this information you can start putting it to use on your social media accounts today!

For private consultation feel free to reach out with a message here or any of the CANZ Marketing social media accounts. You can find us on Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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What method has worked the most for you to get more likes on Facebook posts?

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