Does your home business need SEO?

need seo service

Search engines are where 93% of online journeys begin. And that is why SEO for a home business is a must.

Look at like this:

You need a new pair of gloves – you Google it.

You need to find the best place to take the fam for holiday (oh the glorious pre-COVID days) – you search for it online.

Can’t find just the word you’re looking for – Google’s gotcha!

There are tons of things people search for on the internet – products and services make up a large part of them.

And as a business – any kind of business – that is exactly what you are selling.

Which is why we’re going to answer the question- Does my home business need SEO? – with one word.


But for the long answer on why you need SEO for a home business, you’ll have to keep on reading!

Is my business actually defined as a home business?

Before we go anywhere near the details of SEO for a home business, don’t you want to know if you actually qualify as one?

If you run the operations of your company from the comfort of your home, you run a home business. This can be a temporary or permanent solution, depending on where you see yourself in the future.

Home Business Need SEO

Let’s suppose you are a content expert and have decided to start a company that provides content solutions. It is possible for you, five years down the line, to still be working from that spare room next to the attic, with a massive remote team and a successful venture.

On the contrary, you can begin things in your home and choose to move into an office space once things start picking up. Did you know that is how Apple Computers started? In a garage? If you didn’t, you do now.

Whether it is a short-term setup when you’re just starting up or a permanent solution for your small-sized business, if your office is at home, you’re a home business.

Now, did you notice how these two kinds of businesses are similar?

They are small businesses at that present moment.

Which leads to the next doubt many such business owners have:

Why would my small home business need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what helps you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Basically, here is what happens when you do it right: when people type keywords into the Google or Bing search bar that are relevant to your products or services, your website appears at or near the top of the page.

And that is just what you want, whether you have a small business or a large one.

Not convinced? Here are some of the top reasons we think you need SEO for your home business.

Your new/small business needs visibility.

Let’s face it – you’re the new kid on the block.

And for you to matter, you need people to know that you exist.

Small business SEO, when done right, brings your website to the top and increases your search visibility. This essentially introduces you to the “people in the neighborhood” that you can be of use to.

And just like that, you are now the cool kid in town people know they can go to when they need a solution – related to your niche at least.

You need your leads to actually convert.

You know who comes across your brand on a search engine results page? Someone who was searching for the relevant keywords.

SEO For Home Business

And when do people do that? When they’re looking for a brand that can give them a product or service they need. One that’s perfect for them.

So if SEO for your home business brings you to the top of the SERPs, people who see it are likely to become your customers.

To put things into context, SEO has a conversion rate of 14.6% (Source: Hubspot), which is way higher than a lot of other customer acquisition methods!

You need a chance to create and maintain a brand image.

Now let’s suppose you managed to appear at the top of the SERPs and Customer X visits your site. Unfortunately, X doesn’t seem too convinced that the particular product or service will meet their needs at this time.

But you can make an impression from that page. Better yet, X may even visit other parts of the site. This is great news for you.

Through your homepage and About Us page in particular and the entire website in general, you can convey a brand image. If you succeed in doing that through impeccable content marketing and great web design, X will likely remember you and come back again some time in the future.

Your competitors are already doing it.

Home Business Need SEO

Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean you’re competing with just a bunch of companies.

Your aim should be to get ahead of ALL the other companies offering similar products of services.

And a large percentage of these companies will already be using SEO as part of their marketing strategy. Heck, many will have had a lot longer than you to perfect their SEO plan.

This doesn’t mean you should just give up – you should jump on the bandwagon and make an effort to catch up.

It will be worth the effort when you witness your sight rise above all the other popular names in the SERPs.

You need to think long term.

Small business SEO isn’t like a paid Facebook ad campaign where you stop seeing a return when you stop putting in the cash.

Instead, it builds over time and every step you take is a step in the right direction.

Let’s take one aspect of SEO as an example – link-building.

You build internal and external links slowly and over time – it doesn’t happen in a day. But when you build newer links, the older ones don’t just disappear or become useless. Instead, they build up and will always be useful to the business.

Similarly, the awareness you create about the brand through SEO and content marketing stays with future consumers.

SEO benefits you in the long run.

Want help with small business SEO or local SEO services? Get in touch with our experts today!

So, what is the answer? Does my Home Business Need SEO?

We began with the short answer and we’ll end with it – your home venture definitely needs small business SEO!

All you need to figure out now is whether you can do it yourself or if you need professional help to get your SEO strategy up and running. Some SEO tips for a small business can’t hurt either.

Home Business Need SEO

Here are some resources that will help you make these very important decisions:

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And of course, you can always get in touch with one of our experts about local SEO services, local search marketing, and so on!


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