How Voice Search Has Changed SEO

Voice Search

50% of the searches will be done by voice search by 2020 and you should target voice searches through our latest techniques for voice search SEO. This blog post discusses the importance of voice search for businesses.

What Is Voice Search?

Voice-enabled search or simply voice search refers to the use of voice command to search on a search engine or any other service.

Some of the famous services that allow voice search are Cortana (Windows), Google Voice Search (Android), Amazon Echo (Amazon Alexa), and Siri (Apple iPhone).

Mobiles are all around us and they are going to stay for a long time. Smartphones are popular these days and it has become quite easy to perform countless routine tasks through mobile applications.

Google and other search engines allow people to do voice search to save time and effort.

Why Voice Search is Important?

A quarter of voice searches seek local results which can be beneficial for

Voice search was already a $1.8 billion industry in 2017 and the number of growing rapidly. People search online every day and voice search is the quickest way to find something on the internet.

It is estimated that about 40% of adults are doing at least one voice search per day. Voice search SEO can boost our presence against notable voice search words or phrases.

Traditional Search vs. Voice Search

There are similarities and differences between these two search types. Some basic variances are:

Traditional Search: Traditionally, we write one word or a phrase in a search box when we plan to search. So this kind of search is based on keywords and a search results page appears when we search.

Voice Search: Voice search occurs differently. A search word or phrase is likely to be in a conversational manner. People need quick answers and some specific results are returned as a result.

How To Target Voice Searches?

If you are a local or global business, you should take advantage of this great opportunity that voice search represents. You can beat your competitors if you invest some money into it.

At CANZ Marketing, we aim to make businesses available to people who use voice search to find local businesses. Give us a call or write to us to know how soon you can become the star of voice search.

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