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Content marketing KPIs


The marketers at Canz Marketing sat down one day to devise our next marketing plan, in the lively conference room we call the mother of great ideas that bring revolutions & revenue. 

Everybody was eagerly awaiting the moment to share incredible ideas and energetic plans until an orotund voice quoted John Jantsch:

*Your impact is measured not by what you do, but by what happens to other people when you do it.*

The cause and the effect:

That saying alone had such massive power that it had everyone in the room re-evaluate their ideas and thoughts within seconds. 

The meeting that day was a big hit with massive ideas-brainstorming, resulting in a highly effective strategy.

That is the power of meaningful content when you deliver it to the right audience at the right time.

However, you can’t just keep producing content without a strategy to measure the progress the content makes towards the goals. Can you?

Well, if you nodded your head to and fro, you are to be addressed in another blog post. If your response was a blunt *NO*, glad tidings to you.

CONTENT MARKETERS ARE NOT BORN TO DISAPPOINT their target audience. They have dopamine rush, true, but that doesn’t cause addiction, only MOTIVATION. Their strategy is their guide, but they keep evaluating their strategy to perfection.

Now you might be wondering *HOW*?

Like every other process, Content Marketers also make use of specific Key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure their performance. Discussing each of the KPIs is neither a smart move nor the norm of late. 

A paper on clipboard saying *KPI* with a checkable list and a pen placed on it. An arm is pointing towards it.

However, if you are concerned about your utility bills, mortgages and other expenses but not sure about how to improve, here’s a gift for you. Only these
top 3 most-effective KPIs are sure to reveal the real situation of your game so you can plan for the winning shots and meet your goals. 

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Let’s take a deep dive.

1- Measure Engagement

Bear in mind that different kinds of content measure different engagement metrics. 

Engagement is all about meaningful interactions so, for social media posts, you are interested in the number of likes, shares, and comments.

You’d want to know the number of people that visit your site and interact with a landing page of your website over time.

You’d be interested in the number of views your videos receive, the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel or watch-time, etc.

And how do you measure engagement to make use of it?

Marketers make things better and easier using these and many other tools.


Illustration of a person carrying ladder to the hanging symbol of *like* on Facebook.


Tools for measuring engagement:

You can leverage the power of Google analytics to harness revenue by watching over the trends and fixing possible issues indicated by the tool. For instance, it gives you a breakdown of page-views and unique page views for top pages with the source and medium. Note where you’re performing well, improve where there’s room left and hit the ground running. 

YouTube Analytics is another powerful tool evolving faster than lizards and mice (or all the insects living by the mantra of disgusting you in a thousand forms) do.

Not only does it measure the views for a video but also the number of subscribers with time breakdown. The tool helps you find out your watch time (something directly connected to your greatest inspiration, i.e., ability to pay bills), both per video and overtime.

As for social media posts, many platforms themselves provide quite in-depth analytics, but there are other independent analytics tools at your service too. SproutSocial, Hootsuite, BuzzSumo, and even Google Analytics are the hottest options, to name a few, to track your performance and do whatever you aim to do. (We recommend you use them to optimize performance).

2-Measure Conversion

Now that people have shown interest in your content by engaging with it, you are wondering if they have taken the steps you wanted them to take.

Marketer’s jargon for this step taken is *Conversion*. We count such marketers in the clan having good heads on their shoulders if they optimize the rate of conversion.

The process begins with tracking conversions.

Tools for measuring Conversion:

Typically, we count events like “add to cart” or “purchase”  as conversions in e-commerce.

But there’s more to Conversion you should know about. 

For social media content, the Conversion could be the number of shares, likes, and even comments based on your goal (and we have discussed the tools that help you with it).

For blogs and other website content, even if you urge them to comment on a post, you call for an action that needs to be tracked. Other conversions like newsletter subscriptions or downloads etc. are also pieces of the softest cake for Google Analytics. Marketers like Neil Patel second the notion.

For measuring the re-targeting response or lead nurturing process via email, your email automation tool is recording stats for you.


A small-sized metal shopping cart full of big-sized make-up items.

3-Measure Spent vs. ROI

Make a budget, a realistic one. 

Measure your costs for tools, salaries for the team, payments for freelancers, and other overhead expenses. 

Keeping track of expenses not only helps you spend only where it is needed but also enables you to calculate your ROI. 

Now what kind of fish is ROI?

ROI (return on investment) is a big, hot fish everyone is crazy for.

The ultimate goal of your money spent is to cast the spells that increase your fortune. ROI calculation helps measure the difference your spell made.

Now, that’s crazy, you say.

And if the results are equally crazy, how exactly do you measure the ROI?

Well, the direct answer is, there is no direct answer. It is a process that has steps and levels.

The shortest answer is (exactly, no short answers too)-by measuring the number of people at each stage of your funnel entering through your content, Email subscribers you got as a result of content marketing efforts and the revenue from your direct & indirect marketing and re-targeting efforts.

Crazy indeed, we say, but totally worth it.


A few piles of coins depicting a gradual increase with time, with a clock in the backdrop.


Important note: 

You’ll observe that for each of the KPIs, there are several Metrics to consider. You’d also see that many of the Metrics overlap while measuring certain KPIs.

Also, the process of measuring progress would be different for different businesses, departments as well as your business goals.


David Bebee said:

Content marketing is really like a first date. If all you do is talk about yourself, there won’t be a second date.” 


I- Needless to say, your Content Marketing Strategy needs to be highly effective, so you bond-up right on your first date.

But that’s not it.

Winning Content Marketing with Psychology – Persuasion Principles

Here’s the bottom line.

II- You need to measure the performance using meaningful metrics and KPIs. That’s the only way to gauge and optimize your performance and draw the revenue from this relationship.

These KPIs mentioned in the post are of course not the only 3 KPI or the only important KPIs for content marketers. But these are definitely the top 3 choices you can pick to begin with. You can also stick to them if you are not a core-marketer, lacking in-depth knowledge on how to go about tracking performance.

This is insane, you’d hear someone whispering in your ear.

But the whispers fade away soon as your affordability for the luxuries of life grows.

View of a wonderful beach and a resort around a swimming pool.

You’re up, next

So, what KPI-combinations have you already been using? Have they been helpful?

Would you rather stick to these 3-top choices of marketers to see the difference?

Our ears and eyes are wide open for you =)

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