5 UNTAPPED Methods on how to Increase Your Blog Readers for FREE

Increase your blog readers

Did you spend hours and hours of your precious time on writing a blog but only a HANDFUL of people showed up?

And of those that came, they stayed on the site for just a few seconds and BOUNCED.

You must be thinking about why some do very good and you not as much?

What is it that they are doing and you are not?

Let’s get started.


Most put out content consistently, engage in the comments section, build an email list, and share content on social media.

These are the traditional methods of retaining the visitors’ attention and building up the loyal readership.

BUT The more successful bloggers go beyond that and try the UNCONVENTIONAL ways.

Have you ever tried any of these unconventional methods to attract the attention of your readers?

Pro-bloggers keep testing the different techniques to increase traffic and audience to their blogs.

Well if you haven’t, then it’s time to explore that area.

The question is:

How can you do the same thing?

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Understanding the Key Elements

If you have a blog, it’s evident that publishing unique and fresh content is compulsory; everybody knows this, anyway. When it comes to increasing your blog readers, you need LEVERAGE. The content is your tool to gain leverage by helping out the readers without asking for anything in return.

Here are three essential elements that you might want to understand beforehand.

a. Psychology: Understanding the psychology of the audience to predict how and when they would react to your content would help the mission.

b. Intent: The ability to grasping the issue and communicating positively with the audience could bridge the gap between the blogger and readers.

c. Solution: Synthesizing the NEED of the audience and providing a counter-intuitive solution would help you gain the attention of the readership.

Take a look at the five UNTAPPED methods to increase your blog readers.

1. Use Cover, Bio, and Website Link on Social Media

It’s quite surprising that people don’t utilize social media real estate correctly. Every social media platform provides opportunities to ramp up social connectivity through various features.

Cover, bio, and website link on social media profiles could be a helping hand to understand and connect with others. What most people don’t know about these social media platforms is that a random cover image or selfie won’t do any good unless it communicates the message.

Similarly, bio gives us a chance to tell about us in TWO LINES that:

  • What we do
  • Who we are
  • What our passion is
  • What we like
  • What we want to be

Lastly, there is a LINK option on the profile on most of the social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora and many other social media platforms allow users to put their website or blog link. It’s an incredible opportunity to drive traffic to our websites.

Most of us are under-utilizing all these features that social media has to offer.

2. Answer Relevant Questions on Quora

Many bloggers and business owners that are looking out for more visitors to their websites don’t have Quora accounts yet.

You don’t stand a chance if you aren’t using every tool available at your disposal. Get off the couch and start using your Quora account.

In case, you do have an account on this social network; you should know that it’s a questioning and answering platform. You can ask questions or give answers to others’ questions.

So to bring visitors to your blog, you need leverage by giving valuable answers. Start off with following the relevant topics so that the platform could show you related questions. Once you discover the questions in your niche, START ANSWERING with the best of your abilities. Think of solving the problems and winning friends by helping them out; not only does it bring attention, but it also connects you with like-minded people.

Once you start to get traction on Quora, you can increase your blog readers by REFERRING the audience to your content where required.

DON’T paste your blog post link in every answer, but instead, put it where it’s helpful. Quora does WONDERS if it’s utilized positively; what some newbies do is that they don’t see it as a Q&A platform, but instead, they try to drive a flood of traffic to their blogs, and that’s where problems begin. It could get you BANNED.

Also, don’t forget to include your blog’s URL in the bio. It does help in getting the new visitors on the blog. John Lee Dumas knows it.

3. Publish Articles on LinkedIn and Medium

Have you ever come across Medium and LinkedIn? Chances are, you haven’t thought about these platforms much. How can Medium and LinkedIn increase your blog readers? Medium is a publishing platform that allows users to publish articles on it and it gets a LOT of eyeballs,. In excess of hundreds of thousands of blog posts are being released every month, which means you can use Medium to ATTRACT READERS to your blog.

You can publish FRESH content as well as REPUBLISH your blog content on Medium. Feel free to try out the Medium Importer tool to directly importing your blog post onto the Medium.

LinkedIn also has an article publishing feature; you can publish content on LinkedIn using the status bar by choosing the “Write an article” option.

The content doesn’t have to be original. It means you can REPOST your blog content on LinkedIn.

If you’re wondering how Medium and LinkedIn would increase your blog readers, then you need to understand that these platforms have the audience attention. All you need is to put out helpful and niche-based content to attract a small portion of the audience and bring them over to your blog.

A lot of publishers use the author bio on both Medium and LinkedIn smartly to bring the traffic to their websites or blogs. You can elicit the same formula and get a handful of new visitors every now and then.

4. Write Helpful Comments on Similar Blogs

Don’t underestimate the power of commenting. If you belong to digital marketing or social media industry, you might know that comments are a great way of engagement and building relationship with others.

We want you to do this: find the relevant blogs to your blog or business, then consume their content, and finally leave positive and healthy comments underneath the content.

If you’re already commenting on similar blogs for the sake of SEO, then you’re doing it wrong. Instead, try to build a RELATIONSHIP with others by helping them out through your comments.

More importantly, comments like “very nice” and “great blog post” aren’t going to cut it; don’t try to trick the system and people, but rather give your best input to help others grow.

Later on, you’ll see the impact of empathy, care, and love in the long run because when people would find your opinions helpful, they would rush to your blog to connect with you.

5. Join Discussions in Facebook Groups

Well, to pull this off, first you need to find the suitable Facebook groups that you can join. Once you find the relevant Facebook groups, make sure you read all the group rules if there are some before starting the conversation.

Facebook groups aren’t about getting direct visitors by sharing your website or blog posts, but instead, they’re a perfect way of building relationships with like-minded people. If you want to start off on the right foot, introduce yourself after joining the group and look out for the relevant conversations happening in the group.

Try to be a part of the group conversations by contributing something valuable. Your help to the community could make a difference. Once people get to know you in the next few days, then take your relationship to the next level by ASKING QUESTIONS and adding a couple of FRIENDLY group members to your Facebook list.

You don’t have to post your blog post links to get traffic from Facebook groups; in fact, your cover and bio would do the job if you have done it right. Just try to be a help in the community, and people would start paying attention to you.

The Bottom Line

Folks, don’t push hard on getting visitors on your blog. The truth is you only need the right kind of people to visit your blog. Believe it or not, you don’t need a bunch of flaky visitors that have nothing to do with your content; you’d be better off if such visitors don’t stop by to eat up your web hosting’s bandwidth.

Therefore, try to focus on getting quality traffic to your blog. It’s true that when the numbers go up, everything seems to be working fine, but in reality, you have to grasp the fact that CONVERSATION is more important than numbers.

These methods to increase your blog readers could have been new to many of you so you might be hesitating in trying these out. I’d like to say that shortcuts won’t last long; so I highly recommend focusing on the long-term goals. These methods might take some time to kick in, but once things start rolling, you’d see the numbers going up.

Can you share some tricks to increase blog traffic, that worked for you?

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