LinkedIn Advertising & Management

LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals in the world. It has more than 400 million users worldwide; it is also called the social network for professionals. Lately, it has evolved into a content platform where people visit their feeds to consume industry updates.

LinkedIn Marketing solutions on this platform are almost similar to Facebook, but a little simple.

LinkedIn ads targeting on this platform provides a wide range of options. Here’s a look at the targeting options:

  • Location Targeting
  • Education Targeting
  • Industry Targeting
  • Job Title / Function-Based Targeting
  • Years of Experience as a Targeting Option
  • Affiliated Groups or Companies as a Targeting Option

Using these targeting options, we’re able to hone in on your preferred audience, ensuring the deepest level of relevancy to any prospective customers who see your ad.

By making full use of Linkedin ads targeting options, we can narrow down on your preferred audience, ensuring ultra-level relevancy. Moreover, we can target directly to the decision makers in an organization.

When it comes to creating the ads inside LinkedIn’s ad platform, you have two main options:

Sponsored Updates:

This is kind of a pay-per-click format that allows running the ads from a company profile page. We mostly use this option for traffic generation and to get people to talk about your product/service.


This feature allows us to send customized messages directly to people in the target audience. This works really well as an alternative to email marketing.

Dynamic Ads:

These are small, personalized ads that are placed on the right side of the newsfeed, more like Right Column placements for Facebook ads. These ads are only available on the desktop which makes them less effective if your audience uses mobile more than desktop.

Our Process:

You get to work with one of our LinkedIn Ads expert. We start off with an audit of your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Company Page. We come up with potential opportunities to exploit.

Then we build a funnel including your ad strategy, ad mockups, audience strategy, and the landing pages. We make sure that all the assets are produced in a timely manner and are approved by you.

In the next phase, we implement the strategy along with complete tracking and start running your ads. Once the ads are live, we keep a close eye on the results.

To get maximum results for your ad spends, we continuously optimize the ad creative as well as the audiences.

As part of continuous improvements, we ideally create a backup plan while the first strategy is in place and running.

You get a weekly report on all KPIs and we also recommend the changes going forward.

LinkedIn Ads and Management

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Social Media Marketing Case Study


This nationally recognized clothing brand initially came to us
with a negative Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We did a complete
ad account audit and had a long strategy session call with the client
to understand the problems that they were facing. Within 3 weeks
of launching, we were achieving 2.5x ROAS