Mobile-First Update & Mobile SEO In 2020

Mobile seo

More people use the internet from mobile devices than desktop devices. That is why Google prefers mobile-friendly websites when showing mobile search results.

This blog post discusses why mobile SEO has become necessary for online and offline businesses.

Continue reading if you want to dominate mobile search results.

Understanding Mobile-First Update

It is important to note that desktop searches have long been considered important than mobile searches but something unprecedented happened in 2015 – mobile searches surpassed the desktop ones.

This led Google to redefine the way it indexes website pages for mobile searches.

That was the time when Google planned to roll out a mobile-first update which is one of the biggest updates in Google’s search algorithm.

Mobile-first indexing means Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking,” says Google about its renowned mobile-first algorithm update.

Doing Mobile SEO Right and Effectively

Back in the days, your desktop SEO was enough and mobile devices showed the same search results when people searched on Google using mobile devices.

That is not the case anymore. Only a small number of people know that Google has separate crawler robots for mobile search indexing and desktop indexing.

That is why mobile devices now show different results. It is good if your website is responsive to mobile devices but there are many other things to be done to beat the competition.

Here are some core principles to follow if you want to improve SERP rankings for mobile devices:

  • Small Screen and Shorter Elements: Mobile devices have small screens and it is good to have short, visible, and simple items on your website.
  • Fast Speed Will Help A Lot: People that come from mobile devices are in a hurry and fast speed websites do well on mobile devices.
  • Clear and Brief Content: Both written and visual contents should be brief and clear so that your users understand them easily.

Making Sure Your Mobile SEO Is Paying Back

With too many tips on mobile SEO, businesses feel confused when they start promoting their website on smartphones and tablets.

You need to speak to an expert to get it straight.

We are here to answer your queries related to mobile SEO and mobile-first update. Contact today and win a free consultation session.

Looking forward to raising your mobile SERP rankings.

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