PPC Management Services

We help you get more customers through our Google Ads Support and other PPC Management Services. Get ready for high-quality traffic and increased conversion rates on your site, with our top-notch PPC services in the USA.

Everyone wants to be on the first page of Google against their relevant keywords. As you might already know, organic tactics to your link show up on the first page of Google has become harder than ever and it takes a lot of time as well. PPC ads, especially when you use OUR PPC Manager Services, help you get in front of the people instantly and you can start generating traffic within a few hours once your ads have been set up.

Running a successful PPC campaign requires a thorough understanding of the AdWords platform. If you’re not trained in running a PPC Management Services campaign, it is highly advisable to outsource your campaigns. It is one thing to get started with PPC ads, which are rather easy, but to make those ads successful; it takes experience in optimizing for conversions and better performance. Remember, you’re here to make money and not lose money!

Our PPC Management Services Process

Kick-Off & PPC Managers

As soon as you start working with us, you will be assigned a top-notch PPC expert to build and manage your PPC campaigns. Being atop the PPC companies in the USA, our experts are well trained in PPC managers and highly experienced in running successful PPC ads. Your assigned PPC Manager will work with the rest of our team to learn your business, your competition, and your goals and then create a custom strategy that works best for your business.

Keywords Research

Keywords can literally make or break your PPC campaigns. Like any other reputable PPC manager in New York or Washington or elsewhere in the USA, we make sure to do thorough keyword research and find the best possible keywords based on their search traffic, level of competition, and costs associated with those keywords. For the keywords selection process, we use multiple paid tools as well as Google built-in tool to find the best lot for you.

Competitor Analysis

Once we have identified the keywords, we go ahead and do a complete audit for the top 2 competitors and look for potential opportunities for your business. This process also helps us to identify your strengths and weaknesses which help us make smarter decisions.

PPC Ads Creation

In the next phase, we start developing the PPC ads. Our creative assets and the strategy have always helped us stand out and succeed with Google Ads Support campaigns in and around the USA.

For each of your campaigns, we write multiple headlines and copy. You get multiple options to select from and once you approve a particular ad copy, we load it up inside AdWords.

Monitoring & Optimization

Once the ads go live, the monitoring and optimization process starts. We continuously keep a check on the keywords, CTR, Quality Scores, and Conversion Rates, etc. We identify the bad performing keywords as well as the negative keywords on a daily basis. Negative keywords are added regularly to make sure your ad dollars are not wasted.

Weekly Reporting

We keep you in the loop at every step before we launch the ads and keep you informed after the ads have been launched. Your assigned Google AdWords expert will share weekly reports with you with complete analysis and recommendations going forward.

Our 3-Layered PPC Management Service

Being one of a kind PPC management agency in the USA, we have devised 3-Layered PPC Management Services for our client’s success.

Google Search Ads

Google search ads are placed on SERPs (search engine result pages) for your audience who is actively looking for a solution to their problem on their preferred search engine. As among the leading Google Adword service providers in the USA, we specialize in running Google search ads and have generated over 700K high quality leads for several clients in almost every niche.

Google Remarketing Ads

Remarketing google ads are also called Display Ads or Banner Ads. They are used to increase conversions from your recent site visitors. These ads follow your site visitors on the web and increase the chances of converting them. At CANZ MARKETING, the top PPC company in the USA, we run display ads as part of our overall PPC management services for our clients to maximize their ROI.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads are more suitable for E-commerce stores that sell their products online. These ads are more cost-effective and appear in the search results. As an E-commerce focused agency, we have vast experience in running successful Google Shopping Ads for our clients.

So, whether you are looking for the best PPC services in the USA or elsewhere, our top-notch experts can get you high-quality traffic. These experts out-turn more customers and profits with their stellar PPC management strategies and services.

Other Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services help you get higher rankings against top keywords, quality traffic and more results that are measurable.

Social Media Marketing

Don’t know how to navigate the unfriendly & complex Ads Manager? No problem. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Email Marketing

We have copy whizzes, email marketing geeks who write bulletproof email sequences with words that sell like hotcakes.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our conversion rate optimization service delivers measurable performance improvements to grow your conversion rates.

Complete Package

Our complete package includes “digital 360” services and is ideal for medium and large sized businesses.

PPC Ads Case Study


We used Google AdWords to generate 24K leads and increased
the sales by 394% for two small business. In the full case study
below we reveal the challenges we faced, the strategies we used,
and the results we got for these clients.