Low on Budget? Here Are 9 Ways You Can Still Promote Your Business

As a business owner, whether small or large, you know that you have to promote your business if you are to make sales, build a brand image, and generate a revenue.

That’s a given.

What’s also true is that most companies at one point or the other, witness a shortage of money.

What is the first thing they do? They devise a cost-cutting strategy and start to implement it straight away.

That’s great! So what’s the problem? A lot of the time, that temporary low budget business strategy cuts down on marketing and advertising efforts immensely because the business just can’t afford it.

But guess what? You can still promote your business inexpensively. All you need is to have knowledge of the tools and channels at your disposal and how you can use them to your advantage.

Whether you want to promote your business on Facebook, in person, or through email, we have you covered.

Here are just a few strategies to get you started. Read on!

Run a useful blog

You don’t need any money to run a blog – unless you’re outsourcing the work to an agency. But more often than not, your marketing team is fully capable of creating excellent content for your blog.

But how does a blog help you promote your business?

Do you try to sell your products through salesy blog posts?

Or does the blog just list your services and their details for people to view?

Neither, actually.

The point of a blog is to engage your customers and potential consumers with content they find useful, interesting, or plain entertaining.

promote business

Once they’re on your blog on a regular basis, you can redirect them to other parts of the site through internal links.

But that’s not all. You can also establish yourself as an authority in the field, resulting in the reader having more confidence in the brand.

You can also occasionally talk about your products or services but not in too much of a salesy manner.

The bottom line? An active and engaging blog will help you promote your business at little or no cost at all!

Not sure what you can write about? Maybe you can pick up a few tips here:

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Before we move on, here are some pointers on creating content that will go viral:

The 3 ‘F’s that Will Make Your Content Go Viral

Aim for perfection with your social media strategy.

Does it cost you anything to post on Facebook?

Or has Instagram ever demanded any money from you when you post a picture of your latest product?

Social media platforms are the perfect way to promote your business for absolutely free!

And what do you get in return?

More than 3.7 billion people use social media on a daily basis worldwide. This is nearly half of the entire population of the world! Crazy, right?

promote your business on facebook

You will agree with us, therefore, when we say with absolute confidence that you will find your target audience also uses social media. And you can reach them through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on, depending on your target demographic and other factors.

Through social media, among other things, you can:

  • Share information about your products and services
  • Post informational content
  • Focus on image building
  • Interact with your consumers
  • Encourage feedback and respond to it
  • Directly sell your products and/or services

Through all these activities, you get to – directly or indirectly – promote your business. Whether you choose to promote your business on Facebook or another platform, as we said before, depends on who you want to reach.

Unsure about how to create your social media strategy and implement it? CANZ Marketing can help – get in touch today!

Brand ALL your correspondence

One very easy way to promote your business and make sure people know about you is to make sure you are visible.

This is especially important if you are a new business (read, low budget business that can’t afford to spend a fortune on marketing and advertising).

So how do you do it?

It’s pretty simple. All communication from your end should be branded with your company name, your logo, and other branding elements.

Sending out an email? Include the name of the brand, as well as the logo in the signature.

Creating flyers or promotional content for social media? Follow your color theme, add your name and logo, and make it visible at first sight.

Important side note: This also means that your logo and other branding elements should be so catchy that they stick with people once they see them.

Don’t believe us? Check out these blog posts to see why you should:

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But that’s not all – you also need to brand yourself and the company when you speak to people.

Which brings us to our next point:

Network as much as you can.promote business

Attend conferences, seminars, and other relevant events that help you connect with people who can benefit your business in one way or the other.

Heck, connect with people who don’t benefit you in any way but would potentially prove to be a useful connection in the future.

Converse with other professionals in your niche through Facebook Live if you have to (such as is the need now due to shelter in place).

You do you. But remember the end goal: you have to bring up the business and put it across in a way that it sticks with the person on the other end.

This is one of the easiest ways to promote your business without – wait for it – spending ANY money at all!

Create a listing for your business on Google My Business.

This is essential for you when you set up your new business.

There was a time when businesses used to list their information in phone directories, hoping consumers would find them if the need arose.

Can you imagine doing that today? Of course not! Online is where search is, and that is where your business listing needs to be.

So, what is a Google My Business (GMB) listing? Think back to the last time you searched for a business on Google. Remember a box that appeared on the right-hand side of the results page, with the brand’s name, maybe a picture of the store, and contact details among some other things?

promote your business on google

Bingo – that is a GMB listing and that is just what you need.

By adding your listing and making sure it is always up to date, you can keep your consumers informed at all times. You can even get in touch with them through Google My Business messaging.

Here is a great resource by the king himself, Neil Patel, on how you can make the best use of a GMB listing:

How to Optimize Google My Business and Leverage It For More Sales


The more you engage with other people, the more information about your business will spread through word of mouth.

We just talked about that, right?

But here, we’re referring to engaging with your target audience – who would actually have use for your products and services.

Interacting with them, showing them you care about them, welcoming and incorporating their feedback, and answering any questions they may have will do you as much good as it will do them.

And there are many ways in which you can do this. The best part? They’re free!

promote your business

Here is an example of a few:

  • Create a group to promote your business on Facebook – always keep the conversation going.
  • Join other groups and be an active participant.
  • Use the Facebook Live feature to have real-time conversations with your followers.
  • Conduct contests and other fun activities.

In other words, you should be the first name that pops into a consumer’s mind when they need a product or service in your niche.

Become known as an authority in the niche

We know we have covered the gist of this in the previous points but it deserves a quick separate mention.

When you choose a brand over all other similar ones, what is your reasoning behind that decision?

More often than not, it will be because that brand is better than all the rest in the niche. Or you think that particular company knows exactly what they’re doing.

Now think about it: do you not want to be the exact same thing for the people you’re serving?

When your target starts to see you as an authority in the niche, as someone who knows the ins and outs of their business, they will trust you enough to buy your products and services.

And that is just what you need.

Here are some things you can do to establish this authority:

  • Create magnificent content and add value to people’s lives through your blog posts.
  • Create guest posts.
  • Be visible whenever and wherever there is a discussion relevant to your business.
  • Accept invitations to interviews and podcasts.
  • Use social media to answer questions and concerns.
  • Collaborate/correspond with other top names in the industry.
  • Be an inspiration to and help newbies in the field.

promote business

There are many other things you can do but this is a start.

Give freebies and samples.

You can talk and market and sell and do everything else in your power but sometimes, your target audience is just not ready to come on board.

They may have any number of reasons for this. Their loyalties may lie with your competitor. They don’t want to spend any extra money at the present time. They may simply not trust you.

At a time like this, you can start to give people samples to show them how spectacular your products and services are.

And this doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.

Launched a new line of frozen chicken products? Set up fry stations at the local supermarket and give out samples to passersby. Came out with a new perfume? Offer people a smell at the mall on a busy day.

Once they experience the actual product or service and like it, they will be more inclined toward buying it.

And while we’re talking about giving out samples to promote your business, you can do this indirectly too by sharing informational or training content to show off your level of expertise.

Let’s say, for example, you are a digital marketer. You put out a free video that teaches small business owners how they can do basic keyword research.

They then optimize their content for those keywords and see instant changes to their website traffic.

What have you done?

  1. You’ve displayed your knowledge and skill.
  2. The person feels indebted to you because they benefited due to you.

So guess what? The next time they need any sort of digital marketing services, they’re going to come to you!

Invest in SEO to rank higher in the SERPs.

budget business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the holy grail of digital marketing in today’s day and age. There’s no denying it.

The only reason we’ve included it this far down the list is because it can be a little more expensive than the other strategies we have talked about.

(You can hire an in-house team to take care of your SEO needs or you can outsource to an agency that specializes in that area.)

Search engine optimization ensures that your website appears at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) as a result of a relevant search. So what you are trying to do is basically to promote your business on Google.

There is much more to SEO than can be explained here but here are some blog posts that will give you a good idea of what it involves – do check them out!

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Think you need a top SEO agency to take care of your optimization needs? Get in touch with one of our experts and learn all about our SEO services!

So, what did you learn?

We’re hoping that the first thing you learned is that you CAN promote your business, even if you are a little tight on budget.

All that’s left now is for you to implement these strategies and promote business like you never knew was possible.

And as always, if you get stuck, get in touch and we will work it out together!


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