Recent Changes to Facebook – December 2017

With billions of users, there’s no doubt that Facebook is one of the largest and most popular social media sites today. Changes and Facebook updates are regularly implemented to keep-up with the trend and the latest technology.

So, why does Facebook have to constantly publish updates?

Businesses of all sizes, marketers, and entrepreneurs from all industries, as well as individuals, are using the site for various purposes.

In order to cater to the growing needs of its users, Facebook continues to introduce new updates and enhancements.

There are always Updates for Facebook that deliver better functionality and great features.

The needs of its users are also constantly changing, and so is the platform.

As a result of the change in user behavior, advertisers too have to make sure that their strategies remain effective and up-to-date.

From news feed, videos to Facebook ad guidelines, there are always new changes to look forward to!

Entrepreneurs and advertisers are given an effective and simple way to reach more customers and achieve greater levels of success through the Facebook Website.

It enables them to reach to billions of potential customers from all over the world.

Whether you are using Facebook for business or personal reasons, you will be excited about the recent changes to Facebook.

Though some of these are no longer surprising, it can still be really amazing to see how such changes and updates can affect every user’s experience.

Here are some of the top Latest Facebook updates that the company has announced for the month of December:

1. Giving Users more Control Over their News Feed

If you are tired of seeing the same persons in your News Feed almost every hour or even every minute, then you will be thrilled to learn about this new Facebook update.

The Facebook team now allows you to have more control over your News Feed.

Introducing Snooze, one of the latest Facebook updates you shouldn’t miss. You may get the idea of what it does from its name.

The launch of Snooze allows you to have the option to temporarily unfollow a group, page or a person for thirty days.

To use the Snooze feature, go to the top right corner of the post of your friend to whom you want to use it. Click on the three dots and look for the option “Snooze for 30 Days”. Once done, you will no longer see the content of the pages, groups or people in your News Feed for the set period.

If you are tired of seeing too many photos of your high school friend or your friend’s foreign adventures, you are not alone.

There are actually many people who once wished they could, for a time, not see those photos they’re not concerned about.

You don’t need to unfriend or unfollow your friend.

With Snooze, you can stop seeing your chosen friend’s post for a short time period. They will not be notified of your action when you click the Snooze button.

2. Reinforcing their Commitment to Transparency

The Facebook team has recently released their Transparency Report, which is divided into two categories: Government Request and Intellectual Property.

The team is expanding their transparency reporting system. They now provide a place where data about the reports requested by government entities and stakeholders of intellectual property can be viewed.

They continue to scrutinize every request they receive to ensure that it’s legally sufficient, whether the request is from an authority in Europe, U.S., or elsewhere.

Through this new update of providing better transparency data, Facebook and the team strengthen their honesty to the public.

3. Changes on Facebook Ad Guideline for December 2017

Advertisers on Facebook do a great job to keep up to date to ensure that their practices remain efficient, reliable and updated.

The needs of customers are changing, so they need to adapt to such changes to be able to succeed.

This month, there is yet another essential update to take note of.

If you will remember, Facebook has received attention on a lot of issues related to ad targeting options it allows on its platform.

Just recently, the site quickly got rid of an option to target according to ethnicity or race.

The platform removed this option because they discovered that marketers and advertisers were using it in unlawful ways.

There are strict rules set by the Federal Housing Administration on how housing can be marketed, and they do not allow for discriminatory practices.

However, in spite of the best efforts of the team, many advertisers have continually found loopholes that enable them to utilize the targeting options that should actually be banned.

The truth is, this isn’t the first time that Facebook has encountered this type of issue.

In past, they’ve already had difficulty controlling how people advertise in industries that are bound by legal anti-discriminatory regulations.

For this reason, Facebook is removing these targeting options altogether in order to avoid facing the same problem in the future.

This can have a massive impact in some sectors or industries, but there are also a lot of companies that don’t use ethnicity. Luckily for them, their marketing strategies won’t be affected.

4. Improved News Feed Relevance Ranking

One of the other recent changes to Facebook is the News Feed ranking feature, which will be beneficial for pages that post videos and publishers who monetize using it.

Facebook makes use of its ongoing survey to understand how the public feels about the content they are having on their news feed. With this, the team is able to show the content that the users are interested in.

The same rule also applies to videos. The ranking has been done to improve the distribution of videos that people want to watch from creators and publishers.

In addition, show creators, including those on the Facebook Watch platform, will be able to share episodes directly with their followers. This is possible if their page is linked to their page on Facebook.

Summary of Facebook Updates – December 2017

These Facebook updates allow advertisers to reach more audiences, increase conversions and boost their revenue. They are able to fully maximize the platform, allowing them to use it for their benefits. Here is a summary of the top 4 updates which will help maximize Facebook’s functionality.

1. Use Snooze to enjoy better control over your news feed.

2. Facebook uphold its commitment to transparency that’s why they now have the transparency report system available to the public.

3. Understand the Facebook Ad Guideline to implement a successful campaign.

4. Facebook has improved news feed generation based on relevance. Related content and videos will be shown on the news feed to ensure user satisfaction.


Recent Changes to Facebook – November 2017

facebook ad guidelines, Recent Changes to Facebook

Facebook has rolled out many new updates this month to cater to the many advertisers and entrepreneurs on their platform.

These recent changes to Facebook allow you to create more eye-catching advertisements and develop a strategy using the tools provided by Facebook to boost the value of your business.

The targeted leads provided by these advertisements allow you to add more potential clients to your list who you can engage with.

Here are the exciting news and top Facebook updates that the team at Facebook has announced this month.

Recent Changes to Facebook in November 2017

Facebook’s Third Quarter Report 2017

Here are some of the major statistics from the recent Facebook’s report.

  • There are  over 6 million advertisers on Facebook, twice than the number that was reported in March 2016
  • 88% of Facebook Ads are placed on mobile now
  • The average ad revenue per user has increased for all regions

With the change in the trend, increasingly advertisers are using Facebook and Instagram as they are struggling to attract more users to their website.

At the same time, Facebook advertising is not what it used to be and the average user is incapable of understanding the ad platform. The Advertisers need to utilize every trick so that they can stay ahead of other advertisers and emerge victoriously.

It is, however, a more complex game than before as advertisers have to stay on top of the game to also compete with the rising ad prices.

As more businesses are embracing Facebook marketing, the prices have been driven higher and advertisers have to put more serious thought into their content to achieve their target goals. This requires additional tracking, reporting and setting a benchmark to get the most out of the money spent on advertising.

Efforts on Advertising Authenticity and Transparency

If you have been following the recent news regarding the use of Facebook Platform by Foreign entities to influence US elections, Facebook is working hard to improve their advertising transparency.

Users have also often complained that the Facebook ads are not clear in their purpose especially those that are political or brand oriented. The efforts made by Facebook to improve the authenticity and transparency include the measures allowing users to be able to query a four year rotating Ad repository providing details such as amount spent by the Ad, the number of impressions and the demographics targeted by the particular ad.

Allowing Groups to Build Communities with New Features

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are now becoming a community because they are an integral part of the social media website. Facebook is helping empower the groups by giving the administrators more powers and increasing their functionality.

An important development is that Facebook groups are now behaving as communities where members interact with each other and share opinion on common interests. This resulted in the addition of welcome posts and group polls.

Group administrators can choose to warmly welcome new members to the Facebook group by the automatic tagging feature. Polls can also be created to understand the member’s better and form a consensus on certain topics of discussion.

Facebook has also added badges for the administrators, moderators and new members of groups to help understand each other’s roles.

The new controls made available to group admins help manage the growing communities. They offer customized insights, let you schedule posts and also recommend the best hours to make posts live to enable the maximum engagement from all members.

Verifying Domains Through Business Manager

Verifying Domains Through Business Manager

Online domains for businesses can be verified allowing them to claim ownership of certain content. This feature also integrates Facebooks efforts to improve advertising transparency. The domain verification in the Business Manager tool helps businesses have their websites verified without the need to alter the Open Graph tags.

Domain verification protects the integrity of original content and ensures that it is not stolen or misrepresented. Domains are added as an asset to the Business Manager providing added security for the content. Pages can be assigned according to their verified domains using the tool and the domains can be shared with the trusted coworkers and business partners as well.

Mobile Application and Education Website Launched for Video For Creators

Facebook For Creators

Facebook is launching an application for the video creators which allow channels to directly manage their content. The iOS version of the application has been launched worldwide and added to all Page manager and individual accounts. Android users will, however, have to wait for a few months to be able to use this utility.

The Facebook For Creators application has been designed to make life easier for video content creators. They can manage their video channel and upload videos to the social network. This is likely to increase the number of videos posted on Facebook and the ad revenue generated from video advertisements is also expected to grow.

The application can also be used to increase the production quality of the live videos and manage any comments or message received from viewers. It allows pages to post stories on their Facebook pages just like they can be posted on Instagram and the analysis of the video’s performance is also available.

New Tools Added to Help Advertisers Reach International Audiences

One of the other top facebook updates includes four more advertising tools that help brands connect with their target audience from all over the world. These new features help streamline campaigns and help them reach the people who want to see them. The translation tool makes the content relevant according to the region it is being broadcast in.

Language Optimization

The new feature which optimizes the language of the advertisement helps configure one campaign and allows it to feature text in more than one language. In the past advertisers had to edit posts or create separate campaigns for different regions.  Facebook shows the version according to the audience’s preferred language listed on their profile.

Multi-Nation Lookalike Audience

Facebook now allows advertisers to create a campaign that can span over many countries or regions. Earlier one lookalike had to be created manually for each country.

Multicity Audience

This feature allows users to target more than one city. Oftentimes brands are not aware of which cities they should target and just know the size of the population in the areas they want to reach out to. Through multicity targeting, brands can specify population ranges and Facebook automatically sends the advertisement to all the citizens from areas that satisfy the specifications.

Find International Audiences

The previous tools are applicable to brands that know they have an international audience and want to reach them through their campaigns.

On the other hand, there are also brands that do not have any insights and need more data on their target audiences. This Facebook tool presents insights from across the border.

The advertiser can specify the country they are currently advertising in, the industry their business is a part of and the objective of their campaign. Facebook will show a list of countries with similar advertisers experiencing success in conversions and lead generation.

The costs of advertising and competition for those markets are also displayed in the results.

Refunds Given to Advertisers for Videos Ads Played Out of View on Mobile

There is a new and unusual development in Facebook advertising which most advertisers have noticed recently.

Facebook has provided refunds to the advertisers due to some technical difficulties experienced in their Android application. Videos often play when they are not in view and the affected advertisers have been issued reimbursement in the form of credits for their wrongful charges.

On the Facebook mobile app for Androids, the videos are supposed to only play when they are in view and stop as soon as the person scrolls past. However, some videos do not stop and are playing in the background even when the person has switched tabs or scrolled past it. This also affected the videos embedded in articles and blog posts.

People who viewed the articles from within the Facebook Android app have experienced longer loading times on slow internet connections which causes them to scroll past it before the video even starts playing.

The Facebook application is allowed to buffer the video in the background but not play it unless the person scrolls back to it. This error is more pronounced for those videos that take longer than a few seconds to load and they often play when the video is no longer in the screen view.


The updates released by Facebook each month increases the utility provided to the marketers and advertisers. They are able to reach a larger audience and convert more leads into sales. The advertisements are more transparent and authentic since a substantial amount of money is spent on them.

Advertisers use creative and valuable ideas for campaigns and Facebook is helping them distribute their content to people all over the world. Even though the ad prices are increasing, they are more likely to be worth every penny.

So, which new feature from the top Facebook updates, are you most interested in using?

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