7 Facebook Marketing Tactics You Should Know

Facebook Marketing Tactics

There is little doubt that Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for digital marketing. A lot of brands and marketers are pouring their money into Facebook Ads and brewing the results.

In reality, success doesn’t happen on the FB platform that quickly though; once you understand how Facebook works, however, you can take your business to the NEXT LEVEL.

It doesn’t surprise folks anymore if we use the term “Facebook Marketing” because people desperately want to know what works on Facebook and how they can get the return on investment.


Unlike what most people think, money isn’t primarily the investment; time matters a lot too.

Sure, Facebook ads require money to make things happen for you, but it isn’t the ONLY growth hack you should learn. Instead, plenty of other things can help your cause too.

As far as Facebook marketing is concerned, the key to success is what you offer the right audience to create the wave.

People are likely to REACT to your content if they learn something new, get entertained, or want to share it with their friends.

This gives a clear insight that if you target the right audience, know how to reach them, offer them something that interests them, and you will be off to a good start.

Let’s dive deep and take a look at seven Facebook marketing tactics that could TURN THINGS AROUND for you:

1. Create Shareable Content

Facebook Shareable Content

Shareable content is the type of content that people are likely to get engaged with and show their interest in; it means they could share, comment, or like it.

Having a complete understanding of your audience demographics is VITAL.

You might have stumbled upon an entertaining video or article on Facebook that your friends liked or commented on. This is precisely what I’m talking about. The secret to getting engagement on Facebook is creating shareable content that offers value or entertainment to the targeted audience.

People react to such content, and therefore, the process of engagement begins right away.

The more you do engage, the better your Facebook marketing gets.

2. Link Your Facebook Group and Page

You might have noticed that Facebook started showing an option to LINK UP your Facebook pages and Facebook groups. It’s a fantastic option from the Facebook marketing standpoint.

The key to taking the benefit from this feature is that you must be linking the related groups and pages.

Chances are, your Facebook page fans would get to know about your Facebook group, and become a part of the group as well.

Meanwhile, the group members would also discover the page.

Marketers and social media experts often complain about the page posts’ reach; I believe that this feature could be a step forward in the right direction, especially when the Facebook pages don’t have the same reach as it used to be in the past.

3. Upload Native Videos on Facebook

Uploading native videos on Facebook means uploading videos on the Facebook platform DIRECTLY rather than sharing the YouTube link.

Still a lot of people upload videos on their YouTube channels and share the links on Facebook. It doesn’t get much reach because Facebook wants to promote the videos that are natively uploaded to their platform.

It’s been a tried-and-tested thing; many influencers understand this and natively upload videos on Facebook.

What happens is that it’s likely to appear in front of more people as compared to the YouTube link.

Sure, it’d double your effort, but it’s worth it.

4. Build a Community in a Facebook Group

facebook community

One of the best Facebook marketing tactics is building a community on Facebook.

The Facebook group is an EXCELLENT TOOL for creating a community.

Some of you might get it wrong; if you’re thinking about the sales, then that’s not what I meant.

A community doesn’t bring you quick sales.

It builds an audience for you if you harbor them properly and keep nourishing it along the way.

The essential aspects of growing a community are niche identification, topic awareness, and audience type.

If you drill down on these things and try to deliver value, you’ll surely be able to build a community over time.

The secret of a successful Facebook group is the participation of the audience.

There is a combination of things such as relevant discussion, right audience, and rules for posting that align together to make it work.

An engaged and growing Facebook group could be a superb marketing channel for business.

5. Maximize Facebook Live

facebook live

Facebook Live is Facebook’s LIVE VIDEO BROADCAST feature. All of you might be aware of Facebook Live.

Now and then, we see people go live on Facebook.

What if I tell you that it’s one of the best Facebook marketing tools out there?

Facebook wants people to stay on their platform, and they’d put you on the pedestal if you’re keeping the users engaged on Facebook.

It means that you can grow a lot on Facebook if you’re using the Facebook tools that are available at your disposal.

Many marketing experts are focusing on Facebook Live and recommend others doing the same.

What fascinates me is that you could post your live video once your live stream is over. It allows others, who couldn’t make it to the live session, to see what you were up to.

6. Mention Others in Your Posts

You might be aware of the importance of posting on Facebook consistently.

You’ve already learned that engagement helps you grow on Facebook.

Mentioning your friends, fans, or influencers could also be a GROWTH HACK.

But be sure though that you understand the difference between tagging people and mentioning them, as it does not have the same effect.

When you mention people in your post or status, it notifies them; they could get engaged with your post or status and respond.

We’ve however seen people mentioning dozens of people at once, pinging them to check their Facebook post. That looks spammy, so don’t do that.

Also always mention people while referring someone to them or admiring their work.

It could start a discussion, and no one knows what magic happens after that.

7. Start a Live Audio Broadcast

Some people don’t want to appear on camera.

Therefore, they don’t opt for Facebook video at all.

The good news is that Facebook has an alternative live audio feature.

It works just like Facebook Live, but the format is audio.

You can GO LIVE in audio and broadcast your live show to your Facebook followers and friends.

If you haven’t utilized this feature yet, test it out right now.

Go to your status bar, click on the Live Video button, then tap on the three dots to change the option, and switch to the live audio broadcast instantly.

Now, you can do a live audio show on Facebook and talk about your services, products, and offers.


Facebook ads are a great tool to reach out to the new audience, but Facebook marketing doesn’t mean only Facebook ads.

YOU should try to incorporate various marketing tactics discussed here, including Facebook to build your community, engage the audience, gather prospects, and win attention.

Here are some case-studies on how we have achieved results for our clients.

Feel free to reach out to us for Facebook ad inquiries; we’ll be glad to help you out!


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