How Relevant are SEO services for Any Business in 2020?

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When you sat down at the end of last year to figure out what you needed to do with regard to SEO in 2020, you didn’t know what was waiting for you.

Nothing could have prepared you for the whirlpool of uncertainty that would face your business only a few months into the new year.

Where only a few weeks ago you were trying to determine whether to opt for SEO services or go the DIY route, all of a sudden, you were thinking about ways to keep your business afloat.

SEO services

But did you know that SEO in 2020 actually has a major role in helping you achieve that?

COVID-19 has forced consumers to stay at home and businesses to figure out new ways of reaching them. AND winning them over.

And SEO for your business is the answer.

And even if you wasted five precious months without small business SEO or SEO for your medium- to large-sized enterprise, you can start now! It’s never too late.

But why should you believe us?

What can SEO services do for you when the whole world is struggling?

What is the need of SEO at this time?

We’ll answer all your questions one at a time – read on!

Is SEO relevant to my business?

Many marketers and business owners recognize SEO’s importance for business – just not THEIR business.

They think their business is too big or too popular or too local to need SEO. And we’re just scratching the surface with the list of reasons.

Let’s put COVID-19 to the side for a minute and talk about why your business may need SEO in general.

You need actual customers!

Mere supporters or visitors to your website aren’t enough for your business – you need leads that become paying customers. SEO has a conversion rate of a whopping 14.6%. Need we say more?

Your business relies on an online presence.

If your primary mode of getting customers is through web interactions, SEO services are a must. Getting leads from social media and email isn’t enough – you need to appear in front of potential consumers when they search for the relevant keywords.

SEO in 2020

You want to give your reputation a boost.

When you appear at the top of the results on a search engine, it doesn’t just get you visits and leads. It also tells the searcher that your brand is reliable and trustworthy. Why? Because leading search engines such as Google take reviews and many other elements into account when ranking businesses and results.

You want customers for your brick and mortar store.

People often think there is no need of SEO if you are primarily running your operations out of a physical store. But that isn’t true. Local SEO can point customers searching for the relevant keywords in the direction of your store – just what you need.

Click here to learn all about our local SEO services.

You’re looking for long-term digital marketing success.

SEO services take a while to actually start showing results. But the results, once you achieve them, are there to stay (as long as you keep working on the strategy). SEO for business is, thus, a brilliant long-term strategy as opposed to ad campaigns or limited social media campaigns, for example.

There are many other reasons why your business needs SEO in 2020 but these were some of the most important ones.

Consequently, there are some instances in which you can skip SEO for business success. But for the most part, this is a temporary situation. We’ll give you some examples:

  • Your products or services are yet to be truly discovered by the audience. This would mean that people don’t know such a thing exists, which is why they won’t be searching for it. An awareness campaign through social media and otherwise can build this awareness before SEO services become necessary.
  • You don’t have the funds. SEO services can be a little heavy on the pocket, especially for a new business. And leaving an SEO campaign in the middle will lead to a loss of money without any substantial results. Choose SEO for your business when you are sure you can fund the campaign in the longer term.
  • You need instant results. Search optimization doesn’t work that way – you have to put in time and effort today to see the effect tomorrow…or the day after.
  • Your offer will “expire” soon. If you have a limited-edition product or service that is being launched for just a week or a one-time event, SEO won’t be the smartest of options.

What is the point of SEO in 2020?

Now, coming to the situation at hand:

Are SEO services really necessary for me while my business is closed down or my operations are limited?

The answer is, you need it now more than ever!

Because of partial or full lockdowns in many parts of the world, internet use has gone up. This, of course, includes search traffic, which you want to redirect to your site.

But that’s not all. People are now turning to the web for products and services they would normally go out and buy. Which is why you need to be at the top of search results when someone searches for the relevant keywords.

These are reasons why you need SEO for your business in present times.

But let’s take a minute and think beyond the coronavirus. The pandemic will not last forever. And remember what we talked about earlier? SEO is a long-term, ongoing effort.

SEO for business

You can’t abandon it in the short term and expect to see returns in the long term when we are in the -clear. Which is why you need SEO in 2020 just like you needed it in 2019 and will need it in 2021.

Want to know how a local business can tackle COVID-19 effects with SEO? Read all about it here!

What steps can I take on my own?

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a walk in the park. It’s technical and it takes experience and expertise to master.

But if you don’t have the kind of funds to outsource SEO in 2020, especially with business operations suffering like they are, you can at least get the ball rolling yourself.

Here are some things you can start off with:

  • Read up on SEO as much as you can and learn DIY tactics
  • Understand and learn how to do keyword research
  • Understand your competitors and what works for them
  • Produce top-notch contentevergreen content is a plus
  • Learn how to monitor and analyze your results
  • Discover all the SEO tools that can help you ace the process

small business SEO

Read about doing SEO in more detail here:

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How should I choose the best SEO services?

If you decide that you want to do SEO right, you will most likely have to opt for SEO services from seasoned experts who know what they are doing.

Here are some resources that will ease the decision-making process for you:

Professional SEO Services? Should You Call Them For Help? When?

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Select the Right SEO Agency For Your Business

If you’re looking for top-notch professional SEO in 2020, CANZ Marketing can help too!

Get in touch with one of our experts and devise an SEO plan that works for you.

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