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Without top-notch SEO, you can’t drive traffic to your site. And without traffic to your site, your brand is as good as invisible.

But not when CANZ Marketing, a renowned SEO marketing firm, jumps in to help.

As a top SEO company in San Diego, USA, we help businesses generate more traffic to their website, boost their revenue, and deliver outstanding results. We help brands identify the hidden roadblocks that keep their SEO growth stagnant and show them the most logical way to overcome them. With years of experience, we feel confident that we can boost any brand’s SEO performance. We treat each client differently and believe that there’s no “one-size-fits-all” formula that works for everyone. As a leading SEO optimization company in San Diego, California, USA with ample experience, we have learned that every business is unique and so should be their SEO strategy. We provide SEO services according to your brand’s needs and we never compromise on quality. As experts in SEO, we have to stay in touch with Google's search algorithm changes. Every update in the search algorithm of Google is an opportunity to improve our services.

We have a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced search consultants who will develop innovative and realistic ways to optimize your SEO performance. Whether you want us to focus on a new revenue stream or find a fresh approach for your technical SEO to boost your SEO performance, we are ready to help!

And that is what makes us a top pick – the best SEO company in the USA!

Research & Discovery

Search Engine Optimization is an art and it takes time. At CANZ Marketing, we have spent countless sleepless nights understanding the search engine algorithms, processes, and the way search engines actually work. The hard work has paid off well and we have developed robust SEO strategies, ready to be implemented.

Understanding Your Website & Needs

Understanding your website and your business needs is a crucial part of creating a customized search engine optimization strategy that’s curated just for your brand. That is why we like to spend a lot of time learning from you about your goals, your current and past marketing efforts, and your target customers.

The Heart Of SEO: Keywords

We consider keyword research as one of the most fundamental parts of one's SEO efforts. If you get this right, you will open doors to new opportunities and paths to success, but if you get this wrong, you could be working against yourself from the very start.

Identifing The Perfect Keyword Portfolios For Your Website

We believe in total transparency and like to paint a clear picture for our clients. We take a deep-dive into our keyword discovery process and investigate the following for you: Search queries – short tail, Search queries – mid-tail, Search queries – long-tail, Level of competition, and relevancy

Information We May Need From You

Do the keywords we found fit into your buyer’s journey? Do they have a high, medium or low intent? Are they converting keywords or assisting keywords? Do they match with any stages of your marketing funnel? Are competitors targeting these keywords? This is the kind of information we’ll need from you at different stages of the journey.

Actionable Insights:

The data we gather through our keyword research process is presented in actionable and easy-to-understand formats. It clearly defines the actions required to exploit the opportunities. We also share the same insights internally with other teams so you can benefit from them.

Why Choose CANZ Marketing for SEO?

Canz Marketing is a Top SEO Firm in San Diego, USA. We offer creative SEO solutions focused on generating more revenue for your business. With every decision we take, we make sure that it helps deliver the best results for you.

But that’s not all! We offer you value by providing custom-tailored solutions that fit your budget – that is why we are known as a leading yet affordable SEO company in the USA!

You can explore more about our SEO services in San Diego below.



Want more organic traffic and sales but don't know where to start?

Our Services

Mobile SEO

From preparing a website for mobile devices to generating leads, we are the one-stop service for all of your mobile SEO needs.

Technical SEO

This is by far the most neglected SEO type and you can try it to stand out on search engines. A small investment can grow leads.

Local SEO

Whether you are a local business or a global one, our unmatched local SEO services helps you target potential buyers in a particular area.

Content Optimization

Written and visual content should be the hero of your website should be a hero. If it’s a villain instead, join hands with us to turn things around and exercise its true power.

Link Building

We make it possible for your website to link to high-authority domains and pages. Result? Improved search engine rankings!




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How much does your SEO services cost?

The cost you pay depends on It all comes down to your online promotion requirements. Our fee for SEO services will depend on the unique goals that you want to achieve through SEO. SEO projects are not too expensive if you compare costs with benefits. First of all, you need to see what SEO can do for you.

How early can I start getting traffic or leads?

For some keywords (with low competition), your website pages can get high rankings in a matter of weeks. On the contrary, your website pages can take months to get top-ranked for some keywords (with high competition). We can share the specifics after conducting an SEO audit for your website.

What kind of details do you need to get started?

In general, we need to know about your background, products or services, promotion goals, and budget to kick start SEO services. However, we may also require more details at a later stage. After finalizing terms of service with a client, we can share a list of details we need to start doing SEO.

Is a website necessary for SEO purposes?

Yes, you must have a website before we can start SEO activities. You need to have a particular type of website to get promising results. Therefore, a website may also need to be optimized for search engines and users. Mobile SEO, voice search, and user experience are the key driving forces for website optimization these days.

Do you touch all aspects of SEO?

SEO changes with time. We keep up with the latest trends to deliver promising results. We always focus on the latest SEO trends. There are SEO activities that may not apply in your case. Let’s have a quick discussion session to determine the activities you should try. Contact us and get a free SEO audit.

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