Technical Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to make sure your site can be found on Google through an organic search? Our Technical SEO Agency provides service in the USA that blocks all of the on-site factors that may be hurting your chances of ranking on the 1st page of Google.

Our Technical SEO Audit offered only in the USA, is a stand-alone service we offer to every client that comes on board. Technical SEO Audit is the first step towards better search engine optimization for your site.

Our Technical SEO Company in San Diego creates a plan that tackles with all on-site factors that harm your site’s organic visibility on major search engines. A sound Technical SEO strategy allows your audience as well as the search engines to access your site and its content without any difficulty easily.

Why is Technical Search Engine Optimization Important?

Building an attractive looking website that’s interactive and functional is excellent for UI (user experience), but on the other hand, it poses severe threats to the SEO performance of your site.

Google and other major search engines see your site very differently as compared to your audience, so your website must cater to the needs of search engine robots and also your target audience at the same time.

The ranking algorithms of search engines are very complex. They evaluate hundreds or even thousands of site factors before making a decision on which keywords should rand for a search query. Technical SEO Agency caters to the on-site issues that make the crawling process of search engine robots difficult.

What’s covered in our technical SEO?

We cover a range of different factors that mostly influence SEO performance. We cover factors like optimization of the site crawl, crawl error resolution, server configuration, taking out the duplicate content, improving your site’s usability and the speed optimization of your site.

Mobile SEO

Did you know that the number of mobile searches has exceeded the number of searches done on a desktop?

Local SEO

Local search is our core competence. It is the most effective way to get your online potential customers into your offline, physical store.

Content Optimization

Creating Content Isn't Enough! To Create A Buzz, Increase The Visibility Of Your Brand, And engage the audience, Your Content Must Be Optimized.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most important factors in the overall search engine optimization game and we are here to help you win this game.



We helped a SaaS company gain more visibility in the searches
against the top 8 keywords. 
After 8 months of working with them,
we were able to increase their free trial from organic traffic to 37%
from just 9% in the past.
Not just that, they were also able to
convert at a better rate as compared to the past.


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