Top 32 Productive Blog Commenting Sites Ensuring Promising Results In 2020 And Beyond

blog commenting sites

According to OptinMonster, users around the globe publish 77 million comments on blog commenting sites each month.

Despite this massive stat, a debate about using blog commenting (or not) has been an active, rather a hot one, lately.

Some marketers believe that making comments even on the best blogging sites is an obsolete practice. Others are still all for using these sites and the practice of commenting.

The pro-blog commenting side advocates that meaningful comments can lead to greater visibility and better ROI. On the contrary, the anti-blog commenting side argues that comments take massive time to manage.

Both the opponents and proponents have valid points. So, we have decided not to get into the debate.

“So what are we doing here?”, did you ask?

“Ignoring the debate,” we say.

We intend to create a list of the best blog commenting sites that not only welcome discussions but also can leverage visibility.

Leveraging their powers or not is your call!

But if you do, do not forget that achieving this goal can be tricky, in any case.

(No, we are not scaring you away, but preparing you for the responsibility and the need for vigilance that comes along!)

Before moving any further, let’s first take a look at what we’re planning to cover in this post:

Let’s dig into what blog commenting is?

What Is Blog Commenting?

According to RankWatch, blog commenting is a bond between the bloggers, the readers, and the blogs. 

Allowing discussions on a blogging site leads to nurturing many other websites of the same niche. It is a relationship chain created among blogging sites through meaningful talks in the comment section.

Things to remember while blog-commenting are:

  • A blog comment must be well crafted and made after reading the post.
  • It should add value to the blog post
  • Spamming for backlinks is a wrong practice
  • Do not fake it.
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How To Find Blog Commenting Sites?

You can find blog commenting sites in India, for instance, in your niche by searching for recent posts on a blogging platform. You can run a search in the reader’s section of a blogging platform. 

Let’s take an example to understand it better:

You run a digital marketing blogging site, and you want to see which blogs allow commenting in your niche. 

What are you going to do?

You have to search the reader’s section for the current blogs.

There will be a manual search involved to see which current blogs are open for commenting.

When you’re done finding the blog commenting site, the next step is to craft a blog comment that can increase your visibility.

Blog Commenting Tips: How To Make A Blog Comment That Stands Out? 

A nice blog comment has some ethics to follow, whether you want to get comments or give some.

Consider the comments section of an influencer’s blog to be his living space.

Is it a good idea to enter someone’s living space making loud noises?

Definitely not!

Nobody would welcome you if that’s who you are, or that’s what you do.

In the blog commenting world, verbose and irrelevant comments are equal to the loud noises in one’s living room.

A person in a blue shirt busy on his laptop while having his glasses on. Symbols of all the different Social media platforms are circulating the subject.

Avoid causing pain to someone, even if there’s nothing in it for you.

Don’ts of Blog Commenting

A few important things to avoid while making a blog comment include:

i. Commenting Without Reading The Blog:

The idea of bombarding someone’s blog with your blog’s link may be very enticing. But, does it serve a good purpose? Your comment will head straight to the trash. 

Make a conscious effort to add a valuable comment, not only to push your own website’s link.

ii. Camouflaging Behind A Fake / Funky Name:

If you’re George, but your mother calls you Gogo out of love, do not take it very seriously. 

Be George, not Gogo, while commenting. 

You know professionalism. Don’t you?

iii. Using Lengthy And Insubstantial Text:

Blog comment of 500 words is useless if the comment doesn’t flair up the discussion or adds value. 

Write less, but write smart.


Because less is more, as long as you are quality-focused.

iv. Wielding An Unrelated Gravatar Image:

A gravatar account enables you to blog-comment. It requires you to pick a profile image shown as your identity while you make blog comments. 

No matter how attractive a spiderman may look on your commenting profile, it’s a good idea to show your face as a commenter. It creates a sense of identity in the influencer’s mind you’re trying to reach.

Now that we are done with what not to do, let’s see the best practices of blog commenting.

Do’s of Blog Commenting

i. Start With A Greeting:

You enter someone’s house with a poker face. Then, you go and sit in a corner. 

Will the host give you immediate attention? What about a warm response? 

No, they surely won’t, even if they are the nicest people you now on earth. Let’s not get started with when they are not even nice. 

Similarly, when you make a blog comment, the polite way is to start with a greeting (or prepare for the repercussions).

ii.  Be Quick In Commenting:

If you’re targeting a high traffic blogging website for commenting, be quick to comment before other people take all your points. Usually, the traffic would be attracted to the top comments.

iii.  Ask Questions That Spark Discussions:

As discussed earlier, it is necessary to read a blog post before commenting. 

When you thoroughly read a blog post, you can ask meaningful questions. 

Questions spark the discussions, which ensures greater visibility to your comment, leading to quality traffic to your blog.

Let’s sum up all the dos and don’ts here in a single infographic:

Dos and Don'ts of making a comment that stands out.

How To Use Blog Commenting For Getting Quality Traffic?

With a proper backlinking approach, blog commenting can drive traffic to your blog. Commenting on a high domain authority website can lead traffic to your site. The links you use may be no-follow or do-follow, but there’s a fair chance to get noticed with the commenting guidelines stated above. 

Meaningful comments that add to the knowledge of the readers can drive traffic to your website. Although there are many advantages of blog commenting, there can be downsides as well.

A blog that allows blog commenting can face its repercussions, such as spamming. However, it gives a chance of growth to other websites. This builds opportunities for websites operating in the same niche.

Let’s briefly touch 2 important questions about blog commenting for getting useful traction:

Is Blog Commenting Actually Effective?

As said earlier, blog commenting has both its positives and negatives. For users, it provides a chance for visibility and traffic, but the blog owners may have a tough time moderating their comment section. 

What Is Blog Commenting In SEO And Its Uses?

If a user makes a blog comment with all the guidelines shared above, it leads to niche-specific traffic. The ultimate goal of SEO is web traffic that can be achieved by using this technique.

Did we mention a massive glitch of this mode of getting traction? Well, we are now:

Not all blogging websites that allow blog commenting should be used to generate web traffic. There are particular aspects to give a closer look. 

Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Domain Authority:

Domain authority is a metric developed by Moz to analyze the search engine ranking score of a website.

Moz calculates it by taking different factors into account.

The score ranges from 1-100, where one is the least, and 100 is the highest DA score.

But why are we discussing it here? 

That’s because it is pertinent to blogging websites as well.

High domain authority blog commenting sites are ideal for pulling traffic on the blog sites you own.

They have massive audiences and high trustworthiness.

A meaningful comment on a high authority blog helps in backlinks creation.

I know what crosses your mind at this point.

How does a comment create backlinks? What exactly is an authority blog that you have been reading about?

It’s your lucky day. We have both these answers ready for you.

i. How Does A Comment Create Backlinks?

Here’s the thing:

When you comment on a high Domain Authority (DA) blog commenting site with the URL to your blog, people notice you. 

The aim here is to comment on niche-specific blog sites.

Let’s understand this better with an assumption:

Say, you own one of the top fitness blogs in India.

Your web traffic is tremendous, and your fitness blog ranks high on the SERPs. For being the best fitness blogger in India, the website you own comes in the instant approval sites list.

There is no moderation or permission required to post a comment on your blog.

Sounds great? Right?

But it isn’t!

“Why so?” you’d ask, “when we have been endorsing comments and blog comment sites all along”?

That’s because you will see people selling stuff in the comments section very soon.

You will have to face heavy spamming of the comment section now and then.

Does this practice create backlinks for your website?

It does, but it doesn’t create suitable backlinks.

The spammers are taking advantage of your high ranking website. They are creating high authority backlinks through your website by using blog commenting.

So, how do you avoid this situation?

The situation could be avoided mainly in one of the two ways: 

  • By creating either a moderated comment section.
  • Or by creating the comment section that requires the user to provide identity.

As a blog owner, you need to check the high authority blogs related to your niche.

Here comes the next question:

ii. What Is An Authority Blog?

An authority blog is the one blog in its niche, which is the most trusted. In other words, it is the go-to blog of most of the users in that niche. 

Here’ comes the next important question:

Why does a user trust an authority blogging site? 

Because it provides him with all the answers to his questions. 

Does Is sound complicated? 

Let us simplify it for you:

An authority website has almost all the info gathered in one place. 

For example, a digital marketing professional knows which blogs they need to check when they’re in trouble. If it is about marketing data, Ahrefs and Hubspot blogs have almost all the answers. If the aim is to see guides about content strategies, Backlinko or Neil knowledge are the go-to websites.

Now that I have answered the preliminary questions, let’s move on to another concept to understand better blog commenting.

Do-follow links

For someone managing a website, do-follow links can not be an alien term. 

According to backlinks, a do-follow link allows a search engine to track back to your site. This type of off-site backlinks can be created by different methods, one of which is blog commenting. And that is why this term is relevant here.

Here comes the next most important question:

i. How To Get Do-follow Backlinks By Blog Commenting?

A blog comment can create a valuable do-follow backlink for you. Here’s how blog commenting for backlinks work:

1. Using The Right Keywords In The Comments:

Even if you add a valuable comment on the top blog commenting sites, your goal of directing traffic to your website can get faded away. 


You haven’t added the targeted keywords to your comment that can lead the search engines on your search engine optimized web page(s). 

The effort of blog commenting goes down the drain.

2. Picking The Top Blogging Sites That Are Open For Comments In Your Niche:

It is essential to know your niche for creating high DA blog comments to achieve backlink generation. A valuable comment on an irrelevant blog doesn’t serve the purpose of stellar backlink creation.

3. Not Spamming A Blog’s Comment Section:

Keep in mind that blog commenting is a way to create backlinks. 

However, when you drop a comment only to get a backlink without adding value to the target blog, your comment may be trashed by the blog owner.

There’s another question, how to know if a link is dofollow or not?

Let’s see:

ii. How Do You Check If A Link Is Dofollow Or Not?

Check this is a simple two-step process.

  1. Right-click on the webpage you want to check where a dropdown shows ‘view page resource’; click that.

*View page resource* option On Canz Marketing to check if the links would be do-follow or no-follow.

  1. The coding will show either a ’nofollow’ or a ‘do-follow tag.

If the tag is dofollow, it means that the webpage can help you grab traffic.

A nofollow backlink doesn’t serve this purpose.

Alright, so for the ease of understanding, we have also summarized all this information for you in an infographic:

The right way to use blog commenting for getting quality traffic.

Now that we have seen how we can use blog commenting for dofollow backlinks let’s take a look at the top blog commenting websites list.

Also, read this guide on do-follow links and learn how to make do-follow backlinks sites list of even your competitors.

The Best Blog Commenting Sites Lists

We have grouped the high pr blog commenting sites and more into the different categories:

5 Free High PR & Marketing Blog Commenting Sites:

  1. Backlinko
  2. Neil Patel
  3. Yoast
  4. Copy blogger
  5. Pro Blogger

5 Health Blog Commenting Sites:

  1. 100 days of real food
  2. Hive health media
  3. Health Resource 4 u
  4. Fitness vs. weight loss
  5. Diabetes strong

8 Best Blog Sites For Blog Commenting:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Medium
  5. Ghost
  6. Blogger
  7. Tumblr
  8. .Joomla

P.S: Did you know that blogger is also one of the top free blog sites where you can create your own blog? Such free blogger sites/blogs use the domain name.

7 Best Education Blog Commenting Sites List:

  1. Blogs Oregon state
  2. My Carthage
  3. Writing WISC
  4. My SLC
  5. Sites PSU
  6. J Dunn Journalism
  7. Blogs UWW

7 Tech Blog Commenting Sites list:

  1. Trouble Fixers
  2. Tech Last
  3. Shout Me Tech
  4. Tech Republic
  5. Calling All Geeks
  6. Tech Spot
  7. Tech Radar


Blog commenting sites may not attract everyone who wishes to enjoy web traffic.

But, does that mean that blog commenting isn’t a convenient way of generating traffic? The answer varies based on your opinion about using blog commenting sites for SEO purposes.

It is a must to consider all elements while using this technique for building communities or backlinks. There should be no compromise over the quality of comments and their aim.

Should you need more information or help with driving quality backlinks to your site, feel free to write to us. Our SEO experts would love to talk to you and suggest something that can help you with SEO blog commenting and other aspects of SEO of your site. Offering our SEO (including stellar blog commenting services that get you the required traction) to our clients in Australia, Canada, the U.S.A, U.K, and the rest of the world alike, CANZ Marketing is making a difference in how you earn your revenue.

Post your valuable comments here and let us know what you think. May the best comments win you quality backlinks 🙂

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