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summed up in Three words.


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Whatever needs to happen to take your business to the next stage of profits, we’ll do it. That’s why we only take on 10 clients each month. We want to focus on YOUR success, not meeting our ‘monthly numbers.’ In fact, we have a ‘Client’s Happiness’ on our board in the office. Only if our clients succeed, will we be deemed as a Successful Agency. Making money for our clients aside, we’re driven by Seven Core Values

Wow through experience

The ability to go above and beyond the call of duty. We truly believe in serving whomever it is that we can help. You mentioned you were hungry during one of our calls and a pizza was delivered to your door? That's interesting...


Be cool

This has all kinds of roots in different directions. The traits in people and an agency that will make you say "hey, that person is cool." Whether being funny, attentive or having consciousness, our team and clients are those cool cats.


Have an open mind

We truly believe in dedicating ourselves to lifelong learning. An open mind has the ability to soak up knowledge, experiences, ideas, and more. Keep it open!


Be transparently honest

We don't hold back with anyone. We strive to keep an open, honest, and transparent environment with our relationships. Whether it's hiding dust under the rug or not showing you the metrics of a campaign - that's not what we do. It's just not cool (referring back to #2).


Have the ability to adapt

This can be used to point at civilization in itself. From caveman times to now the 21st century, times have changed. We all need to have the ability to adapt to changes. It's the golden rule to survival too.


Think big, move fast

An entrepreneur and a wantrepreneur can both think big. So what's the difference? A month from sparking the idea, the entrepreneur will have it implemented while the wantrepreneur will still only hold the idea.


Give back

Last but never least. At CANZ Marketing, we believe that we're all human beings. We're all one. That's why we dedicate a piece of our company to charity every year.


So… The question is:

Do you feel your business can make the cut and work with us,
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