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Several factors make a website successful and design is one of the most important among them. Website design plays an important role in making a website visitor stick to it.

There are some important features of web design that help with SEO. This blog post explains how website design can boost search engine rankings. Continue reading to learn more.

How Website Design Boosts Search Engine Rankings

Website design refers to a specific arrangement of website elements and colors that give a unique look to the website. If it is catchy, it will make the visitor stay on a website and keep exploring or reading.

When a user stays on a website for a long time, good assumes that that website is relevant against a keyword(s). That is why website design plays an important role in search engine optimization (SEO).

What Kind Of Web Design Boosts Search Engine Rankings

Whether it is a single-page application or a multi-page application, the attractiveness of the page matters a lot. After all, the way your website appears is going to affect the user experience.

The aesthetic appeal of your website is determined by the arrangement of content, menus, and other items on a web page. The following points help in making an extraordinary website design:

  • Responsive to mobile devices
  • Small-sized but elegant images
  • Written content is easy to read
  • Perfect arrangement of elements
  • Pages do not look messy/crowded
  • Color scheme as per the color theory
  • Personalization and the human touch
  • No clutter (even music, ads and popups)
  • Suspicious or ambiguous unclear elements
  • Social media integration in a creative way


How To Come Up With Creative and Engaging Website Design?

With more than 200 million active websites on the internet; coming up with a unique design approach is not an easy task. Over the years, CANZ Marketing has developed ways to make creative designs.

Our team of seasoned graphic designers knows exactly what type of design can engage your customers. Over the years, we have crafted extraordinary designs for websites and let’s do the same for you.

Contact us at any time if you want to get our brilliant website design services or if you need to speak to our seasoned web designer.

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