Website Design Trends For 2020

WordPress Web Design

Website design is a tool to make your website noticed. It is an opportunity to stand out and beat your competition. If your web design is in line with the latest trends, you are more likely to get better results.

What kind of design do you need to rock? This blog post explains 22 emerging WordPress website design trends for 2020 and beyond.

Continue reading if you want your website to have a killer appearance.

Why Appearance Of Site Matters?

People like to purchase online these days because it can be economical, easier, and simple than going out to a store to make purchases.

That is why businesses and individuals advertise and do search engine optimization (SEO) to sell more by getting better search engine result page ranking.

Hiring a user experience designer or website design services can help you get what it takes to engage users. Some trends must be considered while designing a site.

22 WordPress Web Design Trends 2020

What are the leading WordPress web design trends for 2020? Here are some brilliant WordPress web design trends for 2020:

  1. CSS Grids
  2. Strong User Focus
  3. Microinteractions
  4. One-Page Design
  5. Video Backgrounds
  6. Minimalist Layouts
  7. Asymmetric Design
  8. Big And Bold Fonts
  9. Multi-Purpose Themes
  10. Self-Talking Design
  11. Mobile-Friendliness
  12. Fast Page Load Speed
  13. More Handsome Stuff
  14. Customized Illustrations
  15. Dark Mode Engagement
  16. Emphasis On Accessibility
  17. Usage of 3D In Web Design
  18. Drag-and-Drop Page Builder
  19. Voice And Chatbots Integration
  20. Space For Feedback/Comments
  21. High Saturation and Vibrant Colors
  22. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Aligning Relevant Trends To Make Great Design

You have read some of the leading design trends that can revolutionize your website. You may not follow all of the trends discussed above; just choose the relevant ones.

If you want to know the WordPress web design trends for 2021 and beyond, consider having a discussion session with our lead creative web designer.

The design team at CANZ Marketing is well equipped to make your website design wonderful. Feel free to contact us if you want your website to have a brilliant appearance.

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