What Marketers Should Learn From Coronavirus Spread


Coronavirus is speeding at a fast pace and it is also affecting the internet businesses. Though traffic has dropped these days, all types of businesses have been affected. Businesses will see some slow period for a while and the situation will get better soon.

This blog post discusses some lessons marketers can learn from Coronavirus spread.

This is what I cover:

Organic Traffic Has Declined

Famous blogs have reported that a decline has taken place across different industries. At the same time, an increase in traffic has occurred in some industries. The travel industry online has been affected the most. Healthcare service providers are receiving more traffic than before.

It Is Going To Be Alright

A reduction in business activity has taken place across the globe. Also, internet traffic has dropped to some extent and it may keep dropping for some time. If we keep taking care, the Coronavirus will stop from spreading very soon. Everything will become normal very soon.

Businesses May See Some Slow Period

The sales of most businesses have dropped and it will keep dropping for a while. The situation will get better once people manage to beat Coronavirus. The main source of spread is believed to be Chine where authorities have managed to control the virus.

Sales Have Declined For Most Industries

Ecommerce was at its all-time peak when the Coronavirus started to rapidly spread last year. The situation of internet commerce is not good these days because a significant reduction in the sales volume has occurred recently.

How Pay-Per-Click Is Doing Right Now

Pay-per-click services from different companies do not appear to be affected much. Ad service from Google and Facebook seems to be working normally. If the situation does not get better for a while, cost-per-click spending across all industries may drop.

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